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Large adult male tabby white with tail stump. Sterilised with untipped ear. First sighted 1 Jan 2009. Tipped and checkup on 23 Jan 2009. Friends with Brina’s family. Sent into foster care 1 Feb 09.

Homeseeker: Jerry

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Jerry: Scritches! Keep them coming, please

Jerry is a cool genteel cat, estimated to be 8 to 10 years old.

A mix-breed with semi-long fur, this old but healthy boy is a large cat with long limbs, which he balances with a cute bunny tail.

He is mostly calm and quiet, but is highly responsive, and will come when called.

He loves people, and he gets along with dogs. In fact, he is fine with anything as long as he’s the only cat.

Already sterilised when found, he has been vaccinated and litter-box trained.

Come read Jerry’s story here

To visit Jerry
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

More Jerry phots
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see my bunny tail


Long limbed




Tummy rub please?




More, please?


Bring me home!


Ah… back rub!


Please don’t stop


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Jerry Update

What’s a Jenny update without a Jerry update?

He is also in foster care. Unfortunately, he stopped eating and got dehydrated. He was sent to the vet on 7 Mar. She determined that he had an infection of some sort, had about 2 teeth that needed extracting and his gums were a bit swollen.

However, cats with gum problems usually stop eating only when the problem is really severe, and his case seemed very mild to have caused him to stop eating. So the vet prescribed medicine for his dental issues. Should he respond well, the teeth will come out, otherwise more investigations would be needed to find out what was bothering him. The upside is that he cleared the FiV/FeLV tests. He will be brought back to the vet for review next week.

As he was vaccinated in early February, the timing of his illness meant that he could not be given his booster. So when he is well, he will still need to get two jabs. We’ll come to that bridge when we come to it.

Since we are planning to find him a home where he’ll be safe from his dog-friendly nature or indulge in it in safety, I’m moving him to the home seekers list.

Jerry needs a home urgently

This email just came in at 10:01pm. Thanks to D, who is mum to Browny, Jerry‘s doggy pal, this confirms Jerry is totally oblivious to the potential danger dogs are to cats, and especially to him. He needs a home so he can be safe from harm. But with Foster Mum’s full now, we have nowhere else to foster him. Any one able to help? We’ll pay for his expenses of course.

Jerry and the stray doggie

Hi calsifer,

This is D, Browny’s owner. We met at blk XXX with Jerry few days back.

Just wondering are you going to find a foster home for Jerry? Today’s encounter made me very worried over him.

I was doing my daily visit to Jerry tonight. While patting him at Blk YYY, he suddenly walk very fast towards the lift lobby. I followed and to my surpirse, saw a black stray dog finding food at the dustin.

I tried to lure him away…but Jerry refused to go. At last, I have to carry him back to Blk XXX which I think is further away from the dog.

I am worried as Jerry seems to be curious/friendly towards dog. I am not sure what will be the reaction of that dog if he sees Jerry. The dog might be friendly too, but I don’t wish to take the risk.

Jerry was not like other kittens that know when and how to hide well into the drain. Jerry is not suitbale to stay outdoor. He needs a home badly.

I really hope you can find a home , if not at least a foster home for Jerry.


D =)

Jerry is every dog’s best friend… it’s just not certain if the dog feels the same way

Area2: Jerry Geriatric

[EDIT 20090130] Jerry needs a home urgently

On the first phot-shoot on 1 Jan 2009 for Brina’s family, we met this cat for the first time.

He just came running

… presented his tummy and started luxuriating in a good ground squirm

A large tabby white with a bushy tail stump, he was gangly with dense mid-length fur. Obviously he has pedigree somewhere in his lineage. He was also sterilised though his ear was untipped.

This boy was so affectionate and yet so calm, so genteel otherwise, we half-expected him to start strolling with a nice cane and a monocle. As he did seemed to be on the further side of geriatric, we decided to call him Jerry.

Jerry was ravenous, and yet very measured even in his hunger

He was totally trusting, and yet even such a social cat as him took care to watch over his back while eating, which was rather unusual for a cat like him.

Two mornings later, we met a boy while out looking for Brina’s family, and he told us this big boy has been around for quite a while, always sitting in the same spot, and that his leg was injured, though he did not specify which leg. We did not notice any limping or distress during our earlier meetings with Jerry, so we observed him while he ate. At about this time, the boy approached. Though Jerry appeared engrossed in his food, he immediately scooted off into the bushes and stayed absolutely still upon hearing the boy. That indicated to us he has had unpleasant experiences with children.


That night we went out again. A couple was feeding him and told us he’s been there at least 2 months, and they also said he’s always sitting in the same spot. He appeared with a bloody forelimb but would not allow anyone to treat it. We also related Jerry’s behaviour of running into the bush that morning. The couple told us they would sometimes observe from the corridor of their flat on a higher floor, and catch schoolkids trying to bully Jerry. As soon as they shout, the cowardly beasts would run off.


Now his contrarian behaviours of trust and wariness made sense.


The next morning, we tried to get a good look at the wound he was supposed to have. Though it has healed, the bigger mystery is that it was a surgical site. He kept squirming, so I took a vid instead to get a clear look at it.

Vid: Surgical site. Wound looks clean but thread still intact.

Since the couple confirmed that they had been feeding him every single night since he appeared, and that they had not sent him for treatment, Jerry must have appeared with the surgical wound already on him.

What happened to Jerry? How was his life like? Why was he treated and then abandoned to fend for himself, with a bleeding surgical wound?

We will never know what happened to this sweet boy before he appeared in Area2. However, we do know he will need to go to the vet’s, to have the surgical site checked. Also, the surgical thread was probably non-dissolvable, which means it has to be removed as well. And since he was sterilised, we want to get his ear tipped, so that if there are complaints in the area, the TC would hopefully call us rather than activate pest control.

The plan was for Jerry to go to the vet’s together with Brina’s family. Meantime, we hoped he and Brina would stay away from each other as they were on opposite sides of the same block, living cheek by jowl in homeless kitty terms. We wouldn’t want either him nor Brina and her brood to sustain injuries or be driven away. But we needn’t have worried. Brina and Jerry knew and tolerated each other. In fact, Jerry often shared his bush home with her babies. Brayden especially, seemed to like chilling with Uncle Jerry.

On that fateful night, we found Brina’s family but Jerry was not home for the first time. As soon as Brina and her kittens were secured, btmao went looking for Jerry and found him in Benji’s territory. The auntie who lived there helped to lure him back (with Benji tagging along).

Given Jerry’s trusting nature, we thought it would be a simple matter to push him into a carrier. So while V was busy with getting Brielle, we got a carrier from his van and started pushing Jerry in. Surprisingly, he resisted frantically and ran a little away. We tried 2 more times and decided to get V.

Though he was obviously affected and didn’t want to be near the carrier, Jerry kept accepting head scritches from the auntie, So while he was preoccupied, V managed to push him into a carrier. Jerry cried and desperately tried to get out. This was the first time we hear him vocalise beyond his usual (and rare) single meow greeting. He had a coarse small voice. But he was crying at the top of it. Obviously, the carrier evoked unpleasant memories for him.

Like Brina’s family, Jerry was back on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Happy to be home

The vet had removed the surgical stitches (which were indeed non-dissolvable), confirmed he was already sterilised and tipped his ear. The surgical site was deemed to be healed and ok, needing no further follow-up. We were relieved.
Jerry’s tip… on the right ear.

The next morning, Chinese New Year’s Day, we went out to check on Brina’s family and Jerry.

Jerry doing well, his newly tipped ear a stylish statement.

His appetite and his affection unaffected by his ordeal

Jerry’s sides are full, and this was not unexpected, since he’s getting quite a few meals everyday it seems.

We will continue to feed him better food, if only to give him some measure of nutrition against the supermarket brands he’s being fed now.

On the evening of 27th Jan, the second night of the new year, we met D who was out walking her nine-year old dog, Browny, with her husband. We got to talking and discovered Browny and Jerry are friends – Jerry nose-kisses Browny and doesn’t always recognise D and her husband if Browny is not with them.

D doesn’t feed Jerry but brings along treats. As she and her husband are dog people who had no prior experience with cats, the first time Jerry came running to them, they thought he was attacking. As time went by, they realised all he wanted was some attention. It was nice and very tolerant of them to let Jerry be though he scared them initally, given the general intolerance of residents in Area2.

Jerry’s friendliness with dogs and his tolerance of Brina and her kittens indicated he may have come from a multi-cat and dog environment. It also got us worried for his safety since there are dog packs in the area, in addition to his tendency to do running approaches at people.

We don’t know who dumped Jerry nor why, but if we can, we will find him a new home… as soon as we can get him into foster care. Unfortunately, Foster Mum’s is full now. We’ll wait and hope.

[EDIT 20090130] Jerry needs a home urgently

At last, trapping happens for Area2. And juicy gossips abound

Quick update: It’s now 12.05am, 23 Jan, and we’re just back from another trapping session, and unlike the last round where we targetted Area2 and ended up with 2 Area1 kitties and 1 marauding male, we went to Area2 and got 5 Area2 kitties!

Aside from the torbie calico female kitten, Brielle who remains at large, and the short-tailed agouti who’s been missing since mid Dec, the dilute calico family comprising Mum-Brina, short-tailed and small-sized black kitten with white mittens-Brayden, 2 cream-coloured tabbies-Brenna (long-tail female) and Brennan (short-tail male), are slated for mojo freedom tomorrow. We also got a new adult male Jerry, whose gentle and sweet nature belies his experience. He is sterilised but ear’s untipped, so we’re sending him to get that done and to get him checked for the surgical wound he appeared with. We started out at 9.50pm (22 Jan), and called it a night at 11.30ish.

Bradley continues to elude efforts to get him but there may be hope. While waiting for V, we met A and her daughter, J, who feeds the cats nightly. A says Bradley usually waits for her behind the eatery at around 8something. We’ll work with her to get him. For interested readers, since we named him, we’ve not been able to find him until last Wednesday. He’s growing up quite well.

A has also sighted Stanley recently, and we’re glad to have the confirmation that he’s well since we’ve not seen him since his release.

Other interesting bits: A lives in the same block as Saba‘s family, and confirms she has a new litter she’s hiding in the drains somewhere.

Scottie has been claimed by the family’s man of the house due to his super sweet nature. Scottie was found with a knife wound to his tail last week and the family has applied medicine.

They also have a new white cat with a a fluffy tail which they paid more than $100 to get sterilised voluntarily but is still terribly unwilling to sterilise Saba. They told A they wanted to ask us to help sterilise Saba but can’t contact us as we’ve changed our numbers- which is incredible since both btmao and I have kept the same hp numbers.

A has been persuading them to get Saba done, but the same excuses as the ones they used on us were trotted out apparently. They even asked A to sponsor $30… a rather brazen request considering that they now have 2 wall-mounted large LCD TVs, expensive looking wall-mounted sound systems, and even renovated their home for the last Hari Raya.

Now that Saba has kittens, she has also been going up to A’s flat to ask for food too! A provides food outside her door. I told A to stop doing that and to feed in common areas with discretion as she would any other cat. I have also requested A not to let the family know she has made contact with us – I am fed up with them and the case with the white cat shows they are more than able to afford and find their own vet.

On a related tangent, btmao is trying to handle a complaint. The TC has pictures of a cat which an Area2  resident claims is noisy in the early morning but will not share the picture nor reveal the complainant’s contact details. In frustration, btmao asked the TCO why can’t the complainant then talk to the feeder or the cat’s owner since he is able to take the cat’s pictures. The TCO has no answer except that people don’t take ownership of their own problems. The TCO then said he would call HDB, so btmao reminded him that HDB does not allow pet cats, which means it would result in more cats outside which means more potential problems for him. He then said he might need to talk to the MP, and btmao said fine, we’ll go see him first. To be fair, the TCO is a nice person and he does try to work with us, but this was a conversation that really got nowhere fast.

Anyway, from our convo with A today, we believe the cat in question is the family’s white cat as A says it goes into the carpark nearby in the early morning and cries for food. We’ll need to think on how to handle this one.

Sally, whom we thought missing or displaced by Saba and the steady stream of later additions to the family is also on A’s floor. A Malay family allows her in to play with their children and shuts her out when they sleep.

Sunny has died, knocked down at the very busy intersection nearby.

The elusive mother cat and second litter we heard about and have yet to locate is most probably Sarsi. Only 1 kitten from her first litter survived, likely kitnapped for its looks. As for her second known and current litter, no one is sure how many there were nor how many are alive now. We shall try to locate her.

A new male cat we named Robby has been on the prowl for love. Two nights ago, he was after Brina like a greyhound was on to a hare. He was sitting right by the drains Brina’s family called home as we were about to call it a night, so V set the trap for him. Unfortunately, he was not interested in food at all, and eluded capture this time. We can only hope Brielle will remain safe until Brina’s return on Sunday, and that his lust will subside soon.

There is another new male cat we sighted early last month untipped and unsterilised. He then turned up 2 weeks later with a tipped ear and a collar. We call him Jet due to his spraying. From A, we got to know that he belongs to the family’s neighbour. The family DEMANDED Jet be sterilised as he was getting intimate with Saba and they don’t want more kittens. The wonder is that the neighbour complied. The bigger wonder is that the neighbour didn’t demand the family reciprocate with Saba’s sterilisation.

No wonder my head get achesies

We’ve exchanged contact info with A and J and will be sharing more info, esp kitty food info.

Details and of course pictures of Brina and her family, Jerry, Jet to come.