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Silver tabby white. 2-3 months. Littermate of Lavi, adopted 20051205. Renamed Baby.

There is light after all

Yesterday evening, I finally got to speak with the adopter, N, who said she had to let go of the cat she adopted from us.

To cut a long story short, while we’ve been anxious and I’ve set multiple sms and tried to call her to talk about it without success, we’ve been sort of cautiously hopeful that N would handle it rationally and with the kitty’s best interests in mind. This is from what we know of her – she really had come across as a very nice lady who CARES about her furry babies.

My main concern had been this: rehoming Baby without understanding the cause of her misbehaviour would be disasterous (ref: Book: Is your cat crazy?).

N was finally able to return my call and chat yesterday. After our conversation, I’m satisfied and thankful that the crisis has been resolved with a favouralbe outcome. N is now simply too tied-up with work to give Baby the attention she constantly craves. The change was the trigger for Baby’s destruction of a perfectly fine sofa settee – she peed on it and soaked it so thoroughly with her urine that N threw the sofa away.

The good news is that N rehomed Baby and the new family has a male cat who Baby adores. The family also dotes on her. N said Baby stopped her nonsense as soon as she went to her new home. N is sad to have to let Baby go as she helped Baby through a tough initial period together. But ultimately, for Baby’s interest, she did what was necessary.

I do not have recent picstures of Baby, whom we named Alvi, but here’s her story anyway:

In early October 2005, btmao found a pair of vert pretty three month sisters in Area3, near Martin’s gangland. While Martin was known to be tolerant of kittens, the other members of his gang were not. Also, this pair of kittens were so social with people that they were probably abandoned pets.


We named the silver tabby white Alvi

and the silver ticked tabby tuxedo Lavi

We could not keep them and Foster Mum was full.

We were anxious to get a home for them and they very nearly went home with a young girl whom we discovered was actually adopting by proxy for her neighbours. We were very upset and luckily found out in time to stop them.

We were getting anxious about their prospects and were starting to worry. But luck was on their side. On Oct 6, N adopted them and they joined her brood of 1. She renamed Alvi Baby, and Lavi Love. baby-Love were really attention-needy kittens and they nibbled on her ears until they fall asleep. But though this disruptes her sleep, N was very tolerant and patient with them.

The kittens also promptly fell ill with cat flu and required N’s careful attention for 2-3 weeks. They recovered beautifully and we all heaved sighs of relief (cat flu in kittens can be fatal).

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

On Christmas eve, Love fell suddenly very sick, and could not be saved. N stayed awake and kept Love company until she ended her journey as a cat early on Christmas morning.

Rest in peace, Lavi/Love

Baby/Alvi got even more attached to N after her sister passed away

Since then, N has added 2 more kitties to her brood. And all’s been as they should be. But in recent months, the nature of N’s job resulted in big adjustments in the home routines. While her housemates have coped well, Baby was so stressed by it all that N can no longer be Baby’s mum. It’s bitter-sweet but Baby’s living for two, and maybe, just maybe, she has a special little guardian looking out for her.