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Black and white female with tipped ear rescued by friend in mid-06, about 8 mths. Relocated to Area1 carpark and put up for adoption. Sent to cattery Jan 07. Adopted 3 Nov 07. Renamed Mango.

Visit: Cassie/Mango

We paid a visit to Cassie, aka Mango, the first since her adoption since last November. She’s settled really well, and AC was all praises for her adaptability and her easy-going nature. It was good to see her Cassie again, and we were heartened that she seemed to recognise us, especially btmao (though AC did say she’s friendly with every visitor).




AC mentioned that Cassie has never sat in his lap or even attempt to, which baffled us all a bit since she was such an avid lapper before. Perhaps it was something between her and btmao, but we rather thought it may be that she need a bit of time before she would try it. It did take her a few months before she first tried to sit in btmao’s lap.

After we bid her and AC goodbye, we went to pay a visit to Dharma (Melo) and Sanga (Sufi) .


Mango photo update

Cassie, now Mango, is settling down with her new dad. He sent these pictures… we miss her! But we’re so happy for her too. She has a personal lap now, and doesn’t have to wait til weekends for that 15 mins on btmao’s.





Cassie adopted

Great news, Cassie was adopted on Saturday, 3 Nov 07… right after we said good-bye and went off.

Grooming herself after a good lap-sit with btmao

Cassie’s last photo in the cattery

Cassie lapping it up

At our cattery visit on Saturday.

Cassie, as usual, made herself comfortable in btmao’s lap as soon as she sat down

Purry happiness is having a human lap to call your own.

On top of the world


Cassie: Love and Affection

(Climbing onto btmao’s lap) Cassie wants love, and she’ll go for it!

Cassie was definitely waiting for us when we visited on Sunday. She came right up to the fence separating cattery 1 and 2 (where she’s at) and meowed at us, tail swishing excitedly. It seems like she was asking “Are you coming over yet?”

She’s such an affectionate cat, and affectionate cats are suppose to find homes easily. Does her black and white coat erode her chances? We hope not, because it would be such a shame that coat pattern prevails over personality.

Vid: Cassie, tail-wagging, purring, and happy to be with someone she knows well – btmao

Cattery visit

Yup, after being absent for most of May, we made it today.

Frankie’s looking good – looks like his condition has stabilised. Lizzy is filling out if slowly, as is April. Cassie is as tail-wag happy as ever. Chrissy looks fine now – we’re hoping she will be well enough to be de-mojo’d soon. Corrie’s still strutting despite her neew fluff-less look. Angel’s not doing so good, and is on a 8-meal-a-day chicken broth and mashed up wet food diet.

A few other kitties were photo’d and we got some updates too, like Foster Mum’s new kitty whom I’ve named Kobe. Photos and details on all to come.

Cassie, difficult model

This time, for some reason, Cassie turned out to be a tough subject. It took btmao and me quite a bit just getting these few shots.


She was quite active, and kept giving us phantom shots. But even phantoms have breaks.