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Aaren aka Scratchy’s babies, Dharma and Sanga, born 30 Oct 06. Adopted 17 March 07. Renamed Melo and Sufi.

Visit: Dharma (Melo) and Sanga (Sufi)

Right after visiting with Mango and AC, we went to visit Dharma (Melo) and Sanga (Sufi), and their mum DB, and dad, IB. This was also a first visit, since they were adopted last March. DB made some lovely apricot crumble and treated us to a very nice jasmine tea.

The loan camera we borrowed from our granddad died soon after we arrived, and so I took most of the pictures with my handphone camera.

Sufi refused to have anything to do with us, while Melo took a while to warm up. They have a pair of new siblings – Mecky, a orange tabby and his blue/tortie sister, Hissy.

Melo politely distant

Melo warming up

DB (not btmao as labelled) tickling Melo. btmao would later achieve the same feat.

Work of Art

DB painted this. Guess who’s the model?

Mecky Putty



Spot the kitty
Mecky’s sister, Hissy is very shy. However, even she was also lured out by btmao and gave over to her cuddles (I didn’t take pictures of course, not wanting to spook her)


Dharma and Sanga update

Photo update on Dharma aka Sufi and Sanga aka Melo. Look how they’ve grown! Kudos to D’s patience with these two shy babies.

Melo and shy Sufi


Sufi – pretty ain’t she? She’s outgrowing hr shyness under the TLC of her mum and dad

Dharma and Sanga update

Today I spoke with their new mum, DB, and was glad to learn that since they went home on Tuesday, they’ve been settling in. Dharma of course is shy and needs more time. DB wrapped her in a blanket when she shivers with nervousness. Sanga, is doing fabulously better and has been exploring already.

Sanga is so shy, DB wondered if she had been abused. Of course I told her that’s not the case, it’s just that the poor babies have had very little human contact, despite being born to a mother who had been adopted as a kitten herself. Of course I also voiced my vexation with the adopter of their mother as a matter of explanation.

Anyway, this is about the sisters, not the unpleasantness of their mother’s adopter so I shall not say more about that.

Dharma is now Sufi (Sophie), and Sanga Melo.

Here’s some pictures DB forwarded:


Sufi/Dharma (am glad to see that she is mid-play here, it really shows what a difference a tad of tlc makes)

Sister models

And as a recap, the chronology of their journey can be read here.

The sisters have a home!

We didn’t visit the cattery today – yours truly is not feeling well. But we received wonderful news from Foster Mum earlier this evening – a lovely couple was interested to adopt Dharma and Sanga!

She passed the phone to one of the potential adopters, and I spoke with her. She had been bowled over by Sanga’s affection. As they were rushing off for an appointment, we resumed our chat a while later.

I was happy with their experience with cats and that they’ve already started preparing their home for the kitties.

It was a very fortunate thing that the couple are willing to take both sisters.

The couple will complete preparations and arrange with Foster Mum to send the sisters over.

Meantime, I will forward info on food, vet and pet supplier recommendations.

What a nice ending to a lousy day. I think I will be smiling in my sleep tonight.

Dharma and Sanga

Good news, Foster Mum says Sanga has stopped her bullying. Dharma has an easier time now, though is sitll more shy then her sister.

Dharma definitely is an omega. She looks to Sanga for leadership in everthing she does. When we opened their cage door, she held back, and watched her sister begged for headrubs before she tentatively did the same.

But they were both a bit wary of the camera initially. Later Sanga relaxed and lost interest in the machine. And both of them settled down, as this non-eventful vid shows.

Here’s closeups of the lovelies.


This picture belies the fact that Sanga is the alpha.

Whatever it is, it is clear that they will have to be adopted as a pair., otherwise Dharma will have an extremely difficult time on her own.

Update on Aaren’s babies

Been a few days since the sisters moved in. Foster Mum reported today that Mabel is very much the bully and Dharma the victim. So much so that she has transferred them from their double-storey cage to single-level accommodation to prevent injuries.

Mabel continues to exhibit her boldness, and is very affectionate with people, Dharma follows her every cue, and is very accepting of her roughshodding. Poor Dharma!

We have decided to rename Mabel to Sanga, to go with Dharma. Let’s hope Mabel settles down soon and love her sister instead of bullying her.

Phew, the sisters are moving in after all!

Great news, the sisters will still be moving in tomorrow after all.

Arranged with temp foster and Autumnpiglet respectively to send Dharma and Mabel for their vaccination booster before bringing them to Foster Mum tomorrow.