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Adopted 18 Nov 06

SOS: Izzy is missing, please help to keep a lookout

Izzy has gone missing since the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, 20 Apr 2008. Though he is well now, he does have a recurring problem with his gums, so he needs his dad’s tlc. Please, if you see him, contact Beng at yeonardo at gmail dot com or HP: 96850465.

Izzy is a large, plump classic tabby with a long tail and a tipped ear. He hangs out in the Oxley Road area.

Izzy_20070224_-13x Izzy_20070224_-05x
(Click here to see more pictures of Izzy)

If you’re around or know of friends living/active in the Oxley Road area, please help to keep a lookout for Izzy. He responds to his name, if the mood suits him. Thank you.

EDIT: Here’s the MISSING poster Beng has put up in the area, with contact details. (calsifer’s note: Izzy is not a Bengal though, but a DSH with lovely classic tabby markings. Bengals have more angular faces, and have differently patterned bodies than the classic tabby markings Iz’s got, and aren’t likely to be plump like him:))

(Filched from here)

EDIT 25 Apr 08: Izzy has been located and positively identified. He’s hiding on the roof of a private property carpark, among some ventilation structure, and is quite scared, which makes it difficult for Beng to get him out and down. Beng and friends are working on Izzy’s rescue.


Isam’s established… semipet?

Since Isam lost his mojo, and started settling down, something happened that did not surprise us. He’s been hanging out more and more at the home tuft of the other lot of semipets – Ian, Baby’s and Chica. We’re not surprised, the family has a penchant for luring attractive new cats to their flat, as happened with Izzy who was bullied ceaselessly by the resident alpha Ian before we took him out and placed him in fostercare for adoption.

We had to remove Izzy because the ruckus of Ian’s bullying might trigger complaints and cause Izzy and Ian and his housemates’ lives. We explained this to the family before, and they knew and were aware of the dangers and problems because we had asked them to help look out for Bobby when we first moved him to the carpark in Area 1 to save his life. In fact, they had told us of early problems caused by another neighbour’s free-ranging pet cats, who had all disappeared since.

But here we are, with history repeating itself. We had witnessed the confrontations between Ian and Isam before, but since the family is oblivious, we could only watch and hope no one complains. Despite being a semi-pet to the family, Isam, like Ian is always hungry for food. But unlike Izzy, Isam is not a good adoption candidate due to his temper and so we did not remove him into foster care.

Vid: Isam tucks in to btmao’s dinner service

Izzy visit

Today we paid a visit to Izzy, our first since he went home with his dad last Nov. He’s grown so much we could not stop gushing! He’s now a very respectable 5 kilos.







And here’s Izzy’s buddy: JJ!

Izzy on the mend

Izzy’s dad also updated us today: Izzy’s gums are looking a more healthy shade of pink. He has 6 more days of medicating to do, and have managed the last 2 rounds by himself. Once I can get the salient details, I will update our medicating kitty page.

Lucky for Izzy that his dad takes his fatherly duties in his stride!

Counting blessings

Izzy getting sick so soon after going home, makes us even more appreciative of responsible adopters.

It would seem a given that adopters are immediately fully responsible for the kitty once they bring the cat home.

But reality is different. A friend who also does rehoming, told us how an adopter called her mere days after bringing home a cat. The adopted cat was sick, and the adopter expected her to do everything on her behalf – bring the cat to a vet, pay the bills, nurse the cat back to health and return the cat to the adopter.

This friend was peeved, to say the least. She was also genuinely concerned – if the adopter is not even willing to be responsible so soon after adoption, what’s going to happen if the cat develops some issues in old-age?

The truth is, cats do get stressed easily, and being adopted is a big scary process – sometimes they can’t cope, and their systems react to the stress by geting some down time aka they fall sick.

We’ve been lucky so far *crossed fingers* – not that the cats we adopt out are all super-healthy, but the fact is, these adopters do understand the meaning of adopting a cat and being responsible cat parents hereafter. They take care of the vet visits and nursemaiding themselves. One adopter informed us about the illness only after the cat is recovered – they were concerned that if they let us know earlier, we might demand the cat’s return because they thought we would accuse them of being neglectful parents for letting the cat fall sick. Another, Sara’s parents notified us and kept us updated (ref: 1, 2, 3).

Izzy’s dad, HB has been great with updates too. In fact, I apologised for Izzy giving him wallet burn so soon. But he was gracious and said it’s his responsibility to ensure Izzy’s health and well-being are looked after.

In both Sara and Izzy’s cases, we were prepared for the kitties to be returned (motto: hope for the best but be prepared for the worst). After all they were still newly adopted, an the bond may not be firmly established yet. That they did not do so, but did what was necessary for the cats’ sake, really helps remind us that there are good people on this earth.

Adopters like the one my friend encountered are not that prevalent, but they do exist, and we hope we don’t encounter any like that – it would be a headache, unfai and stressful for the cat.

So we count our blessings, and hope that all adopters are responsible cat parents like most of the ones we’ve encountered so far.

Izzy update

Amidst the activities on Sunday, we got some updates on Izzy from his dad, HB.

Izzy is settling in well, but in the first days he went home, HB’s friend noticed his gums seemed red. It didn’t seem to affect his appetite much, so we advised HB to give him a bit of time and see if he gets better.

Well, on Sunday, HB brought him to the vet. The diagnosis? Gingivitis.

HB also had problems feeding Izzy his meds, so we referred him to what we do to medicate the sly little ones.

But HB has been taking it all in stride. We’re lucky that Izzy’s got a dad who’s responsible and love him without condition.

Izzy assimilation

Izzy’s been home with his dad, HB, since yesterday, and to date, HB has made an Izzy update everyday. We found that very thoughtful and appreciate his effort v much.

As expected, there was a bit of a freakout on Izzy’s part at the move, but it seems like nothing major. In fact, Izzy’s started to settle in, and has already made a friend, JJ, and met JJ’s mum and other denizens of the neighbourhood. We’ll aim to visit in a fortnight’s time.