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Ex-honorary clannie who hung out on borders of Area 1. Moved into foster care 9 Oct. RIP 21 Nov 07.

Tally for April and Joe’s Appeal

Here’s the tally for April and Joe’s vet bills.

Bill total: 968.55

  • Joe’s bill: $519.50
  • April’s bill: $449.05 (including $20 transport fee from clinic to cattery)

Received total: $1083.66 from these kind donors specifically in response to our appeal

  • The Spots of Washington DC (who made an additional donation just for April and brought)
  • Mr Edwin Tan
  • Kootoo, Muffin, and Milo
  • Suzanna
  • Dr Tan
  • Jee Meng
  • Julie N
  • Elaine J

Balance: $115.11

Thanks to the Spots of Washington DC who made an additional donation just for April and boosted the received amount up beyond what we needed to cover both bills. We will use this balance for Corrie’s anticipated bill, as April is recovering well.

There are no words that can adequately express how we feel to receive, on behalf of the kitties, kindness and encouragement. So we shall just say once again:

Thank you one and all!

(Apologies for the delay in updating, it was quite a juggling act to disburse the amounts between the two bills, as some were overseas donations and some sent money direct to Foster Mum. Due to the chronology, I kept wondering if I miscalculated or missed anyone out. Evidently, this minion needs a refresher in Principles of Accounts!)


Appeal for help: Joe and April’s vet bills

Joe’s final journey left behind a vet bill of $519.50.

while April’s vet visit on 7 Dec costed $429.05 and a pet-transport cost of $20.

The Spots of Washington DC and Mr Edwin Tan has kindly helped to meet part of the bills. Are you able to help too? No amount is too small. If you are able to help, please write to us at or see this page for info on how to do so. Thank you.

Joe left… before we saw him

Yesterday, I had thought we were going to see Joe sooner. But as it turned out, Joe could not wait for us.

We’re never seeing him again in this life

btmao and I had a suspenseful, apprehensive wait outside the clinic. As soon as the doors opened at 2pm, we asked to see him, and was told he had just passed away.

He was taken out to one of the consult rooms for us to see. He had been so sick that even his nose and pawpads were white. There was no colour in his gums either. His jaws and eyes were slightly open, and he looked to be grimacing in terrible pain. But his body was simply prone, not arched or stretched, which indicated he simply slipped away. He must have been so tired.

Joe, in healthier times, just 1 month ago: pink nose and pawpads.

The very nice vet tech who had been caring for him told us he was still breathing when she checked on him before 1pm. Judging by his still pliant body, she estimated that he had passed away somewhere between 1 and 2pm. While we regret not seeing him one last time, we’re glad that he’s no longer suffering.

May peace be with you, dear Joe.

The vet tech also said it was such a pity, Joe was a really really nice boy. But she also said cancer, especially this type, doesn’t usually manifest until the late stages, and that it was fortunate for him that it was a short battle. The verdict remains: neoplasia (or cancer: part 1, Part 2) of the blood.

To think that this huge strapping boy, this large teddy bear of a cat, who had absolutely no fear of other cats or people, was brought down by such a tiny thing, the enemy within.

Good-bye, Joe. This is how we’ll remember you.

Going to see Joe sooner

The job interview I mentioned has been postponed, by the interviewer, to tomorrow.


So I will be leaving in a minute to meet up with btmao before we visit Joe, as the clinic is closed on Wednesday mornings. Joe’s situation seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. I am apprehensive about the possibility of having to make a drastic decision when we get there. The important questions are: what is his quality of life, and how much pain is he enduring?

Joe has blood cancer and he’s in pain

btmao managed to call the clinic and find out about Joe’s current condition.

She called me to update and was in tears. Joe is terribly dehydrated, is on drip and in tremendous pain. He has blood cancer but everything else checks out fine: FiV/FeLV tests are cleared, his liver, kidney and heart are fine.

Frankly, we’re not sure what we should do now.

I have a job interview this afternoon (the first in 6 months), and will meet btmao after that, to visit him together… I guess any decisions that we need to make will be made then.

As ever, please send a kind thought to Joe as he struggles for his life. Thank you.

Joe update: Not looking good

Just got off the phone with Foster Mum. Joe’s diagnosis is in: he has blood cancer, and the prognosis is not good at all.

Will be calling the clinic in a bit for details. Please send a kind thought for the poor boy.

Joe, Sat, 13 Oct 07

Like the other kitties, Joe Yeti’s super affectionate and loving. He’s calmed down all the way since he was sent to the cattery.

Anyone wants to give this trusting lump of purring love a home?