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Pretty and affectionate agouti tabby white female about 8 months old. Sterilised 28 Jan 08 and sent into foster care to await adoption. Adopted Aug 2008.

Mio has a garden to roam in

Mio had her first potential adopter visit on 16 Aug 08. On 23 Aug, she went home to an expat family with 2 children, and experience with cats.

Before she was packed off to her new home, I took some pictures

She was happy enough with the attention but didn’t seem aware of the imminent change to her life.

It was binging as usual for this trusting, and beautiful tabby.

It took her a while but when she realised she was leaving, she started to protest. It didn’t help that Bonnie got curious and explored the carrier while she was inside.

Of course we asked about Mio’s progress thereafter, but the most significant update came on 13 Sep via sms:

Hi calsifer. We introduced Mio to the garden but she comes back inside before we are ready. She seems to prefer inside. We went last night and found her sleepnig withe kids when we came back. She really settled well.

Here’s some lovely photos we got on 4 Oct:

Dear calsifer,

Here is some photos of Mio. Sorry it took so long to send these. She is doing quite well with us. She is getting slightly more adventurous but she mainly stays inside the house.

On Oct 7, this update:

Yes, Mio is eating very often and still acts like she is starving. She eats a lot more than Precious (calsifer: the family’s old cat) but hopefully it will get better. And Yes we decided to keep her name as we like it.

We hope to visit soon of course…


Mio, 13 Jul 08

Mio, homeseeker.



More captivation


Homeseeker: Mio

EDIT: Mio has been adopted since 23 Aug 08.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

( Taken on 13 Jul 08 )

This pretty young cat is a star! She was named Mio by her young fans in the neighbourhood where she roamed since she was 3 months old.

Extremely trusting, she allows all and sundry to carry her like a baby, and loves to sit in laps. Though her fans could not adopt her, they hope that she will find a loving home. Now 12 months old, she has tabby patches and a long tabby tail on a white coat. She is sterilised, vaccinated and litterbox-trained.


Two for one: her two favourite things, sitting in a lap and grooming

Vid: Liveaction Mio (cleaning her tail while sitting in a lap, of course)

Dainty. With a long tail too.

Her cute face

Her cute tabby patch markings

To visit Mio
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

UPDATED: 13 Jul 08

Mio in foster care

After visiting with Mio last Saturday, arrangements were made for Mio’s sterilisation to be done on 28 Feb. It was brought forward to the 26th. Thereafter she was sent to the cattery where we will rehome her. Foster Mum is actually full for this period, but as we found out from Mio’s fans that they had witnessed other school kids tying her with a rope round her middle and jerking her around, an exception was made for Mio to go the cattery as soon as possible.

Vid: Mio and the hand (btmao’s hand that is)

Naked belly

She seemed none the worse for wear.


Loving the chin tickles

Area 2: Female kitten needs mojo relief

I was speaking to a friend who lives in Area 2, who knows about our TNRM of the area. She mentioned that a very friendly young tabby/white has been in the area for a few months already. Her kids always played with it, and even named it Mio. She was not sure but thought the kitten was a female.

She said it was extremely friendly and trusting, and always like to follow people around, and to be carried. Sometimes, Mio would sit at the bottom of their block and meow. She would stop as soon as she saw my friend and her daughters. My friend is not able to take the kitten in but would like to get her sterilised at least. She also asked about putting Mio up for adoption.

I agreed with the importance of getting Mio sterilised, as it seemed like Mio was likely to be 6-8 months already. As for adoption, I told her about our standard operating procedure – that cats for adoption were fostered by Foster Mum until rehomed – and that whether we can proceed with this cat depends on Foster Mum’s capacity.

But we still needed to see the cat for ourselves. So earlier this evening, btmao and I went over for a walkabout. We met a super friendly spotted tabby boy with no tail. He was extremely thin (his sides were sunk in, just like Lizzy). He was also clearly unsterilised. btmao fed him and he, typical of former pets or trusting free-ranging pets, tried to follow us for a bit but stopped as soon as he realised we were ignoring him (and probably because we crossed his territory’s border). This was one cat we needed to sterilise for sure, but we can’t do it immediately – he needed to be padded up before we take his mojo away.

In the distance, at the carpark, we saw a commotion. There were a few kids milling around something. We approached, and realised that it was my friend’s kids, with their dad. There, threading her way around her legs was Mio.

I tried talking to them to ascertain her temperament. Some of the kids’ friends also arrived. Judging from all the kids’ eagerness to interact with Mio, and how relaxed she was, it was obvious she had been in a home if not a free-ranging pet cat. Also, she allowed one of the kids to carry her and walk about. Clearly, she enjoyed the attention she was getting. Clearly, too, we needn’t have to ask about how friendly she was.

We parted with the kids, having an idea of what needed to be done for Mio and the boy.