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Orli – at last we follow-up

So nearly after half a year after he got a home, we visited Orli.

He’s got a bit of heft now, but still extremely slim compared to every other cat we know or have encountered. In human terms, he’d be the envy of the world, naturally slim.

The boy was a bit shy at first, but warmed up rather quickly. His mum, T and dad, G, were gracious hosts.

We were told by both beaming parents that he’s an angel – his claws doesn’t come unsheathed in play, and he loves playing fetch! We were of course happy to see both of them so pleased, and were happier that Orli’s got a good home.

We also felt, once again, that the handful of people who did see him and passed him by didn’t know what they missed – the main complaint was his lack of a tail and his funny gait (Orli seem to have hind legs that are a little too long for his body’s proportion but the vets have said this does not affect him in any way). Among them was a family with young kids – but then he wasn’t very keen on them either, and was in fact naughty and uncooperative with the kids’ attempts to snuggle, which surprised us, as he was usually nothing less than sweet and docile, sometimes too docile!

I guess the saying that the cat chooses his human bean is true.

Orli is certainly at home in his kingdom.





A New Hope… ?

We’re going to visit Foster Mum’s early early today, as a couple will be there to visit Izzy and maybe Timmi too.

We’re keeping our fingers. i’ve have spoken with the Mr prior and though they’ve never had a cat, he’s careful and have made preparations which I’m impressed with. While they suss out the cats, we’ll be doing our concluding suss-out of them too.

Poor Timmi, I’m more on edge for her than Izzy, simply because she’s a grown cat and been waiting for a home since early 2005.

But well, you can’t force these things. If they’re not going to click, no point forcing them. I just try to remember Orli’s long wait and believe the day will come for every cat. The only thing we’re almost certain of is some kitty or even kitties will get a home – and that’s something to be rejoicing about, yeah! I just hope the couple will get two cats – they do get lonely so, and it’s much easier to have two at the get-go than to try introducing a second one into the mix later.

Today is also vid day – I’ll be wanting to retake the vid for Booties, and try to take one of Frankie. Corrie should warrant one, we’ll want an update on Snowball and Angel too. Of course, this will include whomever else will deign to grace the camera. Maybe Happy or Sunshine, Foster Mum’s resident poochies.

Busy day! I hope the batteries hold up – both the camera and the human variety.

Now I’m just checking in, in the hopes that the CWS website is up. But nope, still deader than dead. What an inopportune day for the server to die, weekends are the bestest time for adopter visits.

Orli Snuggles

Orli's homecoming – Day Two.

SMS update from his mum:

Hi Orli is getting 2 know me… he snuggless n sleeps w me on bed. But he goes 2 his cage/house 4 the nite. Will keep u informed.

Good progress, don't you think? btmao and I are WooHoo-ing.

Orli Euphoria

Orli, current record-holder of lengthy-stay at Foster-Mum’s has a home!!!

At last!

Is there such a thing as quiet euphoria? Because it seems like we’re overwhelmed, happy, relieved, anxious all at once. And tired – it’s a high-strung business to be chaperoning potential adopters – due to our low success rate.

Now, after waiting for nearly 16 months, Orli has finally gone home with Theresa today, just after noon on —- well yesterday now.

Unlike other visitors – he had a grand total of about 8 enquiries and 3 visits, Orli got himself acquainted with Theresa’s shoes immediately – he usually needs a bit of warming up. A good sign, I thought then, but then the previous Sunday, he had good rapport with his potential little lady too, but the family, a good one I might add, went home with a tabby girl.

I had no idea how good that sign really was. But given that it’s not unusual for potential visitors to leave with another cat instead, btmao and I maintained our usual cautious optimism.

Theresa hung out with him, and the other cats in the cattery. And she decided on Orli!

Being the good boy that he is, he walked into the carrier himself and settled down – no panic, no histrionics, and certainly no drama-queenness.

As of evening, he has decided under Theresa’s bed is a great place to be. Hopefully, he will overcome his shyness soon.

Orli’s adoption gives us MUCH hope for Booties, Timmy and Frankie, who’ve also been waiting for more than a year, and Angel, who’s still missing a home after 4 months, unlike her babies.

I need sleep now, but before that, it’ll be a great pleasure to move Orli from the “In The Market For a Home” section on the homeseekers’ page to the “NO LONGER SEARCHING – HOME IS WHERE THE KNEADING IS” section.

After the little death, we shall think about adoption notices for Booties, Timmy, Frankie, Angel, and the Wunder Duo: Izzy and Samia

Sara is home-free

Sara has just been adopted! Her new mum is YH.

Sara owes it to vegancatsg, and his partner-in-crime, Carol, for adding her to YH’s visit list when they responded to her enquiries about Tutu.

I didn’t talk for long with YH, because Carol has already done the pre-screening, and i wasn’t going to bore her with a similar drill. I did mention the concerns about food, and signing the adoption contract.

YH already had the basics, litter-bin etc, since her 10-yr old just passed recently – he was an only cat. I did mention the need to let Sara have time to settle down, preferably in a room, and she’s even got that factored that in too! Oh, must remember to tell YH that Sara might still be a bit more leery than expected since her old cat’s smell will still permeate the house.

She also mentioned how Sara seemed so at home with humans and her room-mates, which was a testament to her great temperament. I was sure her inital swipey behaviour was just her anxiety at sharing room and board with so many furry brethren.

Sara should be safely ensconced in her new home soon. I know Foster Mum will miss her, but will be extremely happy for her too. Now we settle in and hope everybody pass the trial period, though I’m almost sure both Sara and YH will come out tops.

Kudos to YH and hubby for adopting, and to vegancatsg, and Carol, for their kind mention of Sara to her new parents.

One down, 5 to go! Sure hope this is a start for better things to come. I know Booties/Beanie, Frankie, Orli, Timmy (all passed or looking at their 1st anniversary with Foster Mum), and Angel, are all patiently waiting. Really hope they will be home-free in the near future too.

Homeseeker: Orli


Orli is an adult male, estimated 2-4 yrs old.

He was found with a tipped ear, and only a tiny tuft of tail-hair. Orli has a trusting nature, enjoys being carried like a baby and is a loving lap-cat. He is also an avid shoe/shoelace wrestler. He has a very relaxed nature and is contented to just lounge around while watching people go about their chores or keep himself busy inspecting everything he comes across.

Sterilised, litter-box trained, vaccinated, suitable for single/multi-cat families.

If you or anyone you know is interested to give this polite and calm gentle-bloke a home, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com.

His Story
Near Chinese New Year, 2005, a skinny, scraggy, but friendly orange cat showed up as btmao was serving breakfast to the Clan members in Area 3. He was ravenous. The poor boy was also trying to make friends with the local ‘hoods, who, of course, were having none of his headrubs. Seeing how lacking in EQ he was, btmao called me, and we decided to send him into foster-care.

Worried that he might disappear if she went home for a carrier, btmao made the very gung-ho decision to carry him back. Across an extremely busy cross-junction, and through a large number of apartment blocks, all Orli did was purr and cling to btmao!

It turned out we made the right decision – he had severe diarrhea, which means he had a sudden change in diet, and that he was having trouble adjusting to it, signs of a pet having trouble adjusting to abandonment.

The trusting nature, the low catsociety EQ, the upset tumtum, all confirmed that he was an abandoned homecat.

All Orli wants is a personal lap, and shoestring-wrestling opponents on the side. If you or anyone you know is interested to provide Orli with his lifetime supply of shoestrings, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com.