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Diurnal Starlight

This morning, I was again btmao’s proxy feeder to the area 1 cats.

While Ivan ate, I could not resist resuming attempts at starlight imitation. (I’m a bit of a lapsed astronomy geek.)

I wanted to say Eta Carina for this, but since I can’t find the photo I remember of the star itself, I’ll call this Sirius instead. Starlight burns fuel and Sirius is one of the brightest. Don’t think there’s any named for cats…

Pleiades. Lovely cluster of bright bright stars.

Supernova. No explanation needed I trust?

While I tried to catch the wind’s mood swings through the leaves, Ivan was busy lapping up brekkie.

Alas, no usual after-food zen as he was spooked by a bus (which usually doesn’t even bother him) and ran off. Luckily, he was almost done. I didn’t even get a photo.

Cara was nowhere to be found. I wonder what’s her preoccupation on these days? Shift work?


What is it with mums and baby-fat denial?

I get it all the time from btmao – that I’m very bad and terrible because her preciouses are too fat in the pics I choose to put online.

the Short Bigeye Cat, with oodles of loose lumpy furriness to boot.

What’s a bit of girth, eh?

Sprawl can be comfortable. As long as it doesn’t spill into clinical obesity.

Actually, I say to btmao all the time: serves her right for not taking the pics herself….

But even Mama Piggy is protesting the chubby Twinkle pictures that I recently forwarded.

Isn’t this cute? Pregged-out but cute, right?

Like the House of Pigs‘ resident Mr Hang-belly.

Mama Piggy tells me I should throw away the camera, Canon S2 no good. Soooo, anyone want to donate a new one? Cash substitute also acceptable.

See the light

While Ivan ate, I experimented with the camera. The sun was flickering through the leaves of a tree, as a gentle breeze rustled them. I was reminded of stars twinkling in the sky.

The Ramadan dumping season is ending, that is some relief. But then, year-end’s coming – which means the long school holidays, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year are going to be stumbling over each other. I wonder if we’ll get similarly irked comments should we find ourselves at the cleaning-up end of dumping and give vent again. I sure hope we’ll have a break this time – from the dumping that is and get some relief from irked readers.

Actually, this habit of History to repeat itself is getting mighty irksome. Can someone un-irk it, please?

Dump, dump dump. It’s as if all these people live scrupulously only by the one principle: Say NO to knowledge, say NO to responsibility.

Light and dark


What do you see here? Ending of Light? Beginning of Dark?

This photo was taken at sunset on 7 Oct, near Foster Mum’s cattery/home, while waiting for the bus.

It had been a good day with the cats. We met a nice young couple who were thinking of becoming animal guardians for the first time in their lives, and they were interested to sterilise neighbourhood cats where they live too.

We also met a lovely Malay lady who was there to adopt, quite contrarian to those who seem to ritualise dumping as part of their Hari Raya celebrations. She initially wanted to take the Meowsons. But she was also very amendable, so while we would have been happy to let them go home with her, we knew there were more desperate cases so we suggested if she did not mind, to consider the kittens here – for example the 3 totally lovely 10 week old siblings who’s been there for more than a month. Their ginger sibling had already been adopted. But the three were facing extremely poor prospects as two were black and 1 was a tortie. Despite being totally adorable kittens their chances for adoption were already virtually zero, so we hoped if she liked them too, to take them. The Meowsons would have better prospects despite being older at 4 months, due to their more fortunate genetic lot. Foster Mum and us minions were over the moon when this lady decided to take all 3 siblings!

Yesterday, 8 Oct, though, our euphoria was broken after we received an sms. A cat which we adopted out as a kitten 2 years ago, faced eviction – her mother is thinking of giving her and another cat up because the two have been “rebellious” and are “getting out of hand”. Apparently, they’ve peed everywhere in the home. I sms’d the mother – if she’s giving them up for this reason, who else would want them? I also said that they might be trying to tell her something – they might be having some problem, maybe psychological, maybe health-wise. She did not respond after that.

This morning, I sms’d her again and told her that regardless of whether she want to keep them, it’s only fair that the problem be identified and hopefully resolved or avoided, and offered a listening ear if she needed one. Still waiting on her response.

How to Take Great Pet Photographs

Stumbled on this article, “How to Take Great Pet Photographs“, at It just gives quickie basic tips and nothing specific about how to operate the camera to get that greatly coverted shot of kitty, but for anyone perplexed by the camera, it’ll do nicely for starters. It reminds me… I was suppose to be trying to put together something for btmao in case she has to take over camera duties… oops!