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Clannies area and also cat minion homebase

Area1: Schwinger Central

The Snippety Happy bunch are back. They arrived shortly after 10pm this evening. All looked good, though wide-eyed from the trauma of their abduction and mojo-robbery.

Before their homecoming btmao and I went around the area, hoping to encounter the absentee kitty aka Rapunzel, who didn’t join the happy snippees on Monday. As luck, or probably the kitty deities, would have it, that kitty did appear. So V secured the lucky one before releasing the snippety bunch.

Four schwingers de-mojoed, and Rapunzel in the bag. But is it really over, for now at least? btmao say the new kitty in the hood seemed to be a different one from the schwingers rounded up.

More details, naming headaches and yes pictures to come.


Area1: Snippety Happy

We thought we had a new kitty in the hood… what do we know.

The kitty we confirmed about 2 weeks was an agouti female – she was sitting right outside our door, on the ninth floor, on a night when btmao returned home late, thus confirming herself to us. Like Isam when he first appeared, and Brenda, she seemed to trying to find her home, going up and down in tireless frenzy the blocks in the ‘hood.

Around the same time, we spotted a new silver spotted tabby male, young but with fullly ripe “grapes”.

Available adult female, add virile adult male. Bad combo. But as ever, they were scaredy-attention seeking (typical of newly abandoned pets), elusive and refused to give us their daily agenga. Talk about guerilla warfare.

This morning, we spotted the female downing some cooked rice strewn on the muddy roots of a tree. She ran off as I approached. So this evening we decided we would try to nail someone, anyone, to some sort of kitty schedule.

We got more than we ask for… different than what we hoped but definitely more.

We met a new kitty. A striped female with a stumpy tail and surprise of surprises – a tipped ear. She’s a carpark denizen and completely friendly.

Then while btmao fed her, I went round the neighbourhood. The silver spotted tabby boy was out and about, up to his usual frenetic search up and down the blocks looking for a home. But at least he was calm enough and friendly. We decided to call V to come collect him, not least because his loudmouth tendency wasn’t doing himself any fabours.

Thankfully V was available to swing by, ETA 9-ish. The silver spotted tabby boy wouldn’t know what hit him. He’s friendly, bright-eyed but definitely putting on the coy. His call even sounded like he’s wanting to show some lucky gal what a lover he was. And his advertisement was being answered. We were standing at the foot of a block. I heard someone responding to him, but it took btmao’s 6/6 vision (she went home for supplies), to spot the furry Rappunzel up on the third floor, upper body clear over the ledge and at the ready to fly down.

I went up to take a look. It was the rice-gulping agouti-female. But she was right on the ledge and let out a very scared howl. So I left her, and btmao to juggle her watch. btmao had to chaparone the loverlorn twosome as I had to go home to finish up some work. I also told her she just missed Brenda trotting by a while.

btmao just got home and gave me the surprise of week. When I went looking for the spotted tabby boy, he had climbed to the second floor of another block (he’s got the Isam’s initial run-up-and-down-every-block bug), where I had spotted 3 young cats in front of a flat (which occpuants refused to open and talk), 1 friendly ginger and 3 SCAREDY dilute gingers. The friendly I could see was a boy. That was in March. Since then I’ve not caught sight of them except for a chance encounter with one of the dilutes at the foot of our block in the compromised position of pooping. So tonight I requested Vincent to see if he can nab any of the threesome as well. Vincent took care of the spoted tabby boy. btmao met a Malay man who said he feeds nightly using styrofoam plates which he clears (he felt sorry for the many cats around and was angry at irresponsible people who dumped them, ostensibly just “downstairs”) and had just left food for some cats at the ginger’s block. He told her the flat where  where I found the ginger and dilutes loitering belonged to a macik who claimed she doesn’t own them, just fed them as they kept appearing at her door. (The macik, had annoyingly, been trying to lure the spotted tabby boy away while btmao was chaperoning him for V’s arrival) Even Brenda is a regular visitor to her kitty soup kitchen.

So btmao went to see and saw…

… the ginger, one dilute/white cat, and 2 more cats!

V grabbed the friendly ginger and was nearly lynched by the Malay man and his wife/relative on the way back to his van. V kept saying “Sterilise, sterilise” and btmao was luckily there to help defuse the situation too. Ultimately, V got 3 boys from there. The dilute/white was a girl who the Malay man said is already sterilised despite the lack of a tipped ear as he had seen the surgery scar on her. Someone besides us were sterilising kitties in the vicinity it seems (and the Malay man agrees), but who we have no idea, and why was the girl’s ear not tipped? Mysteries.

Sadly, the rice-gulper was not to be found. A minion’s work is truly never done. But now that we know a feeder, who seems responsible, we can try to harness the power for good. Entrapment is the key now.

So in total 4 boys are going to lose their mojo tomorrow. The spotted tabby boy, the ginger, a new tabby white, and a new big-headed agouti tabby tux. The Malay man and his family seemed determined to be there to receive the tom kitties when they return from the event of their lives. I too am looking forward to meeting the new kitties, the responsible feeder encik and make arrangements for the area1 kitties, females or otherwise, still at large. Photos to come too.

But for now we have the task of a lifetime – a ton of names to come up with. Anyone with suggestions for names beginning with C and I? We need about 3 for girls, and 5 for boys. F is also another alphabet we’re using for area1.

Here’s the list of names already owned by our area1 kitties:

Area 1 (135)

New kitty in the hood

On this workday morning, as btmao and I were hurrying to the busstop to catch the feeder service, what should we spy but a pretty kitty sitting by a staircase at the foot of our block. It was a little before7am so the lighting wasn’t good and we couldn’t make out the colouring but pointy ears and posture gave the sitter away. We could even see a collar that looked like it had a bell around the tabby’s neck.

Small dainty triangular face with huge eyes and bat ears, just like Brina. Definitely an adult with a longish, padded if a bit thin, body. And a half tail ending in a clubby end. A she for sure. Right now we’re designating her as TabbyClubtailFemale2010 in Area1.

No pictures yet, and investigations will be underway later: whether she’s a new free-ranging home pet or abandoned, we might need to do so mojo-robbing, just to keep from having her go Brina’s way and have a litter of kittens sucking her already thin body dry. A minion‘s duty is never done, even in the most peaceable of TNRM neighbourhoods.

Homeseeker: Josh

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Josh is a young ginger spotted tabby white male cat with lovely amber eyes.

He is very affectionate, calm, and loving. He is not afraid of other cats but is non-aggressive. In fact will try to be friends with the cats he meets.

Of all his paws, Josh only has 1 ginger patch on his left front paw.

Eagerly waiting for his real forever home, Josh is estimated to be about 1 yrs old. He is sterilised and litter-box trained.

More pictures (click to view larger version)
Josh_20100327_004x Josh_20100327_007x Josh_20100327_002x Josh_20100327_001x

Josh’s story

josh_20100316_sideprofile_full_01xJosh was first sighted in Area 1 very late last year, he was probably about 8 months old at the time. Scaredy and scrawny, he would run away when approached and appeared occasionally, when we were not prepared to nab him for mojo-robbing.

It was only beginning in February that he allowed contact, but even then he was a bit wary. Finally, on 16 Mar, he came up to us, approaching us voluntarily for the first time. He was limping and his left shoulder/frontleg/paw seemed to be disabled and he could not put any weight on it.

He was brought in to the vet, and sterilised on 17 Mar while having his injured leg x-rayed. Thankfully, he merely had an inflamed wound on the shoulder as suspected. It was probably inflicted on him by one of the alphas as he scrounged for food. He was moved to Foster Mum’s after discharging on 18 Mar as he needed to be fed a 2 week course of antibiotics, and we were not confident of meeting him regularly. Josh has recovered fully.

He has also turned out to be a calm, gentle and loving cat who wants to be friends with everybody. So we’ve decided to try to rehome him instead of releasing him back to Area 1 where he may very well sustain similar injuries again.


To visit Josh
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

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Area1 new cat: Isam lookalike

Isam_20081122_05xYesterday evening, while walking home after work, we saw a new kitty lounging around Isam‘s territory. He looks exactly like Isam, except that he is grey where Isam is a lovely chocolate. As it was late, we can’t tell if he has the same beautiful green eyes as Isam. But he is different from Isam in that he was extraordinarily friendly – he turns tummy up as soon as you call him. He was of course, full-eared with his equipment intact.

Earlier tonight I saw him again, and this time, very surely, he was lounging right outside Isam and Ian‘s “home”. Ian was there but as the alpha was very calm and did not seem to mind him in the least. This time, instead of jumping in quickly to sterilise their new free-ranging pet as we did Indy, we’re going to watch and see if the family sends him for mojo-robbery themselves.

Again, because of the lighting, we can’t be sure, but this new gentleman in town seem to be older than Isam.

Area1: New baby on the block

Late on 2 May, we came home from our granddad’s 88 birthday celebration, all tired and eyes drooping. But trust btmao to spot a small dark shape slinking along the pavement and entering the common rubbish chute at the bottom of our block, which was of course open.

With the tell-tale pointy ears and kitty-creep, the critter was no rat. We clicked softly to get its attention. But still it disappeared into the darkness of the chute room after pausing for a while.

We approached and tried to entice the kitten out. But we couldn’t see a thing and didn’t have food so we went back up. Thereafter, we were not able to locate the kitten anymore. The only thing we were sure about it was it had a short tail and thanks to btmao, were fairly it was a tabby kitten.

Kittens are rarely sighted in Area1 since we have sterilised all the adults we know of here since 2007 and have continued to mojo-nab any that have entered Area1 since. So it was probably an abandonee or a lost baby.  In any case we thought the kitten was gone for good when 2 weeks later, as we were reaching home after the usual daily office slog, we both heard a single meow. I didn’t see anything, but btmao stopped and pointed. To our left, peering out from a drain was a kitten, piteously wanting attention but wary at the same time.

Looking at the tail and the size, we believed it was the same kitten we saw going into the rubbish chute 2 weeks earlier. btmao had food, so she laid out service and we stood back to assure the kitten. Also, we could clearly see it was an agouti.

The kitten tucked in

But even in its hunger it was careful and was hesitant at first

While the kitten ate, a kid ran past, and caused the little cat to scoot back into the safety of the drain. But it was apparently too hungry as it crept back out after a while and slowly tucked in again. We discussed the situation. I went home to prepare dinner while she would wait for him (he had meta-dongs, shall we say) to finish up.

But I had barely started cutting the veggies when btmao called and say he was friendly and trusting after food. In fact, he approached her after a luxurious stretch and rubbed himself against her. Fancy that. So we called Foster Mum and confirmed a place for him, I went down with a carrier and we hopped into a cab together.

He was the calmest little cat, tucked himself comfortably and waited for his itinerary to unfold itself. We decided to name him Cody, and estimated his age to be 3 or so months.

Cody settled down to community living easily and was well-liked by Foster Mum and her helpers for his affectionate behaviour. However, he was obviously overwhelmed by being among so many cats as he tends to be shy and while ok with being carried by other people, tended to want to get back into his cage after a while. He is by all accounts, definitely trusting and not so anxious to return to his cage when it’s Foster Mum’s helpers who carry him. We had intended to put him up for adoption last month, but he fell ill. Thankfully he is now recovered and ready for adoption.

Area1: New cat – tabby male

On the morning of 7 March, on the way out to service the Area3 kitties, we sighted a scaredy boy:

He made straight for the school compound between Areas 2 and 1. From the way he made straight for the entry point, it was clear he knew the lay of the land.

Later that same day, we would find out from D that she had also sighted him the night before in Area2.

We next sighted him well within Area1 in the night of 28 Mar 2008, still as scaredy, but not as unapproachable. Unlike the first time when he scooted all the way into his safe zone, that night he was content to observe us from the bushes he rushed into.

We’re going to try to get him de-mojoed, as usual, if he sticks around. Given his size, I wonder if he was the same scaredy kitten we caught sight of once, within the school compound in January. In fact, I wonder if he might be Bradley‘s sibling.