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Semi-pet cat, RIP 19 May 2006. Founding member of the clans, original clannie in Area 1.

New tortie in the neighbourhood

On my way home, I spotted a new cat sitting outside Ian’s home. Looks to be a girl, ear untipped, sparse fur on the underbelly. Can’t go near to confirm as the cat’s right on the doorstep, and I don’t want to spook it, but definitely a tortie with a long tail, fur looks to be semi-long.

A new “pet” joining Ian’s clan or a new abandonee? Ian’s folks did say people know they have cats (c’mon, with the blatant free entry of Ian, Baby, and the late Charlotte, even the blind would cotton on soon enough), and so deposit cats at their door.

Can’t say I empathise totally with their ‘predicament’ since we’ve talked to them umteen times about the dangers of letting Ian and Baby free-range.


Farewell, Good Charlotte

Sweet Charlotte (2005)

I want to cry for Charlotte, but I am too angry to be able to shed tears.

Charlotte, the first community cat btmao and I ever sterilised, about 1999/2000, was the founding member of the Tipped-Ear Clan.

Charlotte, the sweet old girl, died this morning at about 8am. She was still weak and emaciated from battling a mysterious bout of jaundice that would have claimed her life if we hadn’t urged her ‘family’ to bring her to the vet asap and not wait for the weekend when the father was free to do so.

Her ‘family’ sms’d btmao about her passing but said little else.

Charlotte’s story is a one that is a confusing mix of emotions and views, and I will try to write it out sometime.

But now, all I want to do is rage against the nonchalance that some people display toward the well-being of cats they ‘own’ and profess to love.

Charlotte, whom her ‘family’ called Manja, to the best of my understanding, didn’t have to die, and she wouldn’t have, if her ‘family’ had heeded our repeated-through-the-years advice about keeping her indoors and feeding her proper food and not the gunky ikan bilis-friskies-purina blend they persistently dish out.

The family still has two cats, Ian, another premiere member of our Street Gangs and another tabby female.

I hope they realise and learn from Charlotte’s plight and treat these two right. I don’t know what I’ll do if I see her ‘family’ right now. Rant, terrifyingly I think. I shall have to keep away until I get a hold, for Ian’s sake if nothing else.

There is no attempt at prettified words, like for Velvet, because it is just too raw, especially when you’ve known sweet sweet Charlotte personally.

Excuse me while I go and try to get a good cry out.