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Semi-pet cat: housemate of Baby, the late Charlotte, and now Chica.

Area1: Ian and his family

Ian is a name that often pops up, especially when the area1 family with free-ranging pet cats is mentioned. His housemates include Indy, Isam, Chica,  the unphoto-ed Baby, and probably Idris and Omi. But we’ve not really said much about him.

He first appeared in 2000, and became the late Charlotte‘s shadow. Charlotte wouldn’t have anything to do with him, and only grew to tolerate him, barely, after a year or so. His adoration for Charlotte continued unabated even after we took his mojo away (minion robbery case no 2 or maybe 3), which had us puzzled for a long time. It was as if they knew each other and Ian was determined to renew and elevate their acquiantance to its previous pinnacle.

As time went by, we got to thinking to on the possible reasons for this interesting situation. There was no doubt Ian and Charlotte knew each other. One is that they were siblings, and another was they were mother and son. It seems that siblings would be more than happy to acknowledge each other and pick up where they left off. It’s more likely in a reunited mother-child situation where the child is the more enthusiastic party.

There was no doubt that Ian adored Charlotte. He deferred to her, but was dominate to every other cat, and combative with males.

When Charlotte died, he seemed so depressed we thought he might follow her.

But he has survived and hopefully moved on.

He has achieved an uneasy truce with Isam, and seen the last of cats like Iggy (thanks to his part-time family). He has also briefly terrorised Samia through her brief stay in area1, and Izzy until we rehomed him. All in all, though he is quite the resident alpha, he does seem to try his best to tolerate the kitties his part-time family brought back.


Idris is friendly-personified tonight


While out looking for Becky whom we’ve not sighted since her return from sterilisation, we met Idris who was milling around with Ian. They showered love on btmao’s legs and then mine.

Tonight, Idris seemed completely different from the last time we saw him. Judging from how friendly Ian is with him, we believe Idris may be the latest addition to Ian’s part-time family. Lucky him… at least he did not get that family’s Iggy treatment. Isam‘s nearby and definitely hissy with Idris, but then Isam’s hissy with every other cat, even the semi-pet alpha, Ian.

Isam’s established… semipet?

Since Isam lost his mojo, and started settling down, something happened that did not surprise us. He’s been hanging out more and more at the home tuft of the other lot of semipets – Ian, Baby’s and Chica. We’re not surprised, the family has a penchant for luring attractive new cats to their flat, as happened with Izzy who was bullied ceaselessly by the resident alpha Ian before we took him out and placed him in fostercare for adoption.

We had to remove Izzy because the ruckus of Ian’s bullying might trigger complaints and cause Izzy and Ian and his housemates’ lives. We explained this to the family before, and they knew and were aware of the dangers and problems because we had asked them to help look out for Bobby when we first moved him to the carpark in Area 1 to save his life. In fact, they had told us of early problems caused by another neighbour’s free-ranging pet cats, who had all disappeared since.

But here we are, with history repeating itself. We had witnessed the confrontations between Ian and Isam before, but since the family is oblivious, we could only watch and hope no one complains. Despite being a semi-pet to the family, Isam, like Ian is always hungry for food. But unlike Izzy, Isam is not a good adoption candidate due to his temper and so we did not remove him into foster care.

Vid: Isam tucks in to btmao’s dinner service

Spot the cats


We went by Ian’s place, and he was, as ever, outside his “home”. You’ll see him and another pair of pointy ears here.

Here’s the new one – the Tortie girl we’ve seen all of 3 times so far. Good thing her ear is tipped.


She’s not in great shape though – but does seem to be less patchy than I remembered from my first sighting. Hopefully she’s improving, and the family has kept to feeding Avoderm/Avoderm-equivalent like we advised them, rather than the Whiskas/Friskies/Purina/raw ikan bilis gunk cocktail they used to give until Charlotte’s death. We’ll keep a watch as much as we can.


btmao and I have decided to call her Chica.

Another surprise today – Tortie girl

Yes, on the way to get Macy, we passed by Ian’s place, and saw his house-mate Baby and the tortie girl we spotted on Sep 24 for the only the second time ever. So this sighting makes it three. Baby was watching the tortie girl from a distance. The tortie was eating out of a food bowl.

btmao and I both suspect the tortie girl is the new household pet of K’s family, joining Ian and Baby, and may be a replacement for the late Charlotte.

I usually pass by Ian’s when I walk home after work, and i’ve not managed to spot the new girl before. Perhaps they let her out only during the weekends. Time to try to find out more… I hate this PR business, but we don’t need a fertile female around to upset the balance. Especially since I spotted that stranger big male in the area recently.

The tortie spotted again.

Well, she/he is still there this morning. Will find a time to go check out her situation with Ian’s family.

Actually, given Ian’s record for territorialism, I’m surprised he’s peacefully sitting nearby instead of running her/him off.

New tortie in the neighbourhood

On my way home, I spotted a new cat sitting outside Ian’s home. Looks to be a girl, ear untipped, sparse fur on the underbelly. Can’t go near to confirm as the cat’s right on the doorstep, and I don’t want to spook it, but definitely a tortie with a long tail, fur looks to be semi-long.

A new “pet” joining Ian’s clan or a new abandonee? Ian’s folks did say people know they have cats (c’mon, with the blatant free entry of Ian, Baby, and the late Charlotte, even the blind would cotton on soon enough), and so deposit cats at their door.

Can’t say I empathise totally with their ‘predicament’ since we’ve talked to them umteen times about the dangers of letting Ian and Baby free-range.