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Suspected semi-pet cat or abandoned. De-mojoed by us in Mar 06 after 2 years of trying.

Carlie got to eat today

Carlie, who took such food cover from the battle yesterday that she missed dinner, was at her usual spot this evening.

No sign of Stanley today, Ivan is back to his normal loving self. He was unfazed by the two carriers we brought along.

We did not stay to exchange niceties but quickly made our exit with the carriers, in order to go and locate Becky.


Stanley and Ivan again

There was drama again at Ivan’s carpark.

We decided to go out later for the service and were treated to ring-side seats of the feuding stars.

In a replay of a phenomenon that seems in danger of becoming a regular feature, we hurried over when a hostile cat-squabble echoed. There was nothing on the ground floor and no sound by the time we entered the carpark.

Stanley is leaving the building

btmao and I split up, as she hurried to the second floor and I was to make for the 3rd one. But on a hunch, I decided to comb the ground floor again. I followed the cat screams which have started again, and so through the wire meshing that covers part of each level, I caught sight of Ivan, completely against type, menacing Stanley from under a car. Stanley was about 1.5 metres or so away from him, right on the wire. He slowly made his way to a different part of the mesh in that typical cat stance meant to be unprovocative/submissive, and scrambled onto concrete. Ivan followed.

btmao managed to get between the two of them, and I met her outside the carpark on the ground floor, where Stanley was. btmao used food to lure Stanley away from the exit which Ivan would also use to get downstairs.

Ivan, posturing from his fortress

We ended up being the buffer to the terse situation. Ivan kept throwing verbal abuse at Stanley while the virile one was busy gobbling up food. Blocking his view, and reducing the visual sensory stimulus helped calm Ivan down somewhat.

Skinny strapping boy Stanley binging

But still, we had a few close shaves with Ivan trying to manoeuvre onto Stanley’s path. It was especially hair-trigger when Stanley refused to leave after eating and when he tried to re-enter the carpark, in plain view of Ivan.

Nonchalant Stanley, he behaved as if Ivan wasn’t there. Quite a contrast from his stance on the second level

Finally, we got Stanley going without incident. As usual, he trotted off in the same direction.

Ivan was obviously doing his job to keep Stanley out of his carbon monoxide laced kingdom. Stanley was just obviously adamant about access rights to the prime estate. Looking at how thin Stanley is, and he is that despite his great size, we believe it is the availability of food in the carpark that has him persistently mounting incursions. Once again, good karma feeders created a tense situation, though one which has not resulted in fatal outcomes so far.

By this time, Ivan was too full of machismo to eat, and Carlie was of course nowhere to be found, so we left the carpark and decided to do a bit of a walkabout. We thought the kitty drama was done for the night, week in fact. Little did we know… (to be con’t)

Stanley… again

After the Sunday evening drama, last night was an almost rehash of the face/off in Area1.


Ivan, who was being lovey-dovey with btmao’s slippers, suddenly turned macho and bristled while she was laying out his dinner. We turned around to see Stanley about 5 metres away.


While I watched over Ivan, she quickly lured Stanley away. She came back very soon, saying that he was amendable to scritches once he ate, but that he scooted off quickly too. I think the trick to conning Stanley is to be his friend first. We just hope the process wouldn’t take too long.

While Ivan returned to the concerns at hand and polished off his food, Carlie missed half her dinner as she was spooked by traffic in her dinner stairwell. No sign of Cara, so we’ve still got schedule adjustments to make with her.

Stanley got away again

Last night, as usual, we went to serve dinner to Ivan and Carlie, and to see if we can spot Cara, who has not been seen for the past 6 to 8 weeks.



I had to clean up at home, and so btmao set off first. After serving Ivan on the ground floor, she went up to the second level to get Carlie.

I had just reached the carpark at the same time, when she called me. Stanley was with Carlie, and seemed to trust her intentions – allowing her to get very near.

After the last botched attempt to get him, this was the closest we’ve got to him. Quickly, she called Foster Mum to check if a sterilisation slot was available. Once that was confirmed, I ran home for the carrier.

When I returned, Stanley already had a near scuffle with Ivan on the ground floor, and btmao had lured him further away and was enticing him with food.

However, he started trotted away as soon as he saw the carrier. We followed him for a while but he was obviously having nothing to do with us anymore. So once again, he escaped intact.


We returned to the carpark to serve Carlie dinner, and to sprinkle mothballs around the very open and accessible area on the second floor where cat poo has been on display for the past days. (We removed it each time, but there’s always a fresh pile greeting us.)

We had been puzzled by the reappearance of the poo piles since Carlie has been in the clear. Also, she is too timid to be marking territory or challenging Ivan’s alpha status so brazenly. Plus if it was her, why was it on the second floor and not on Ivan’s home tuft on the ground floor? We then thought it might be Ivan intimidating Carlie. But then, the oaf always had a soft spot for girls and he has never shown signs of aggression or hostility towards her.

With Stanley’s appearance on the second floor, we feel the light has turned on at last. That is, the poo piles are more likely to be macho posturing between these two.

After feeding Carlie, we went to serve Cara dinner. We were relieved to see her well, as she’s not been sighted for the past weeks.


Juding from the place she appeared at, btmao feels that it may just be a scheduling problem that our sightings of her has been sporadic and few. We’re going to make another adjustment in the Area1 kitchen service schedule, and hopefully include Cara. We also hope to be able to befriend Stanley enough to finally rid him of his mojo.

Area1 cats, Tue, 25 Dec 07

Today it’s the regular felines, Ivan and Carlie who waited for dinner.



At yesterday’s feeding, the same situation as Sunday happened – Stanley entered the carpark from outside Area1 but avoided us, and Ivan. too


But this evening, all was quiet. We wonder if it’s because we went a bit earlier today to serve dinner.

Area1 cats, Sun, 23 Dec 07

Our new night feeding program for the area 1 cats, specifically Carlie, is working out well.

She is learning to trust us enough that she will follow us from the second story down to the ground floor with little cajoling and bribing. Her record for getting down to the ground floor, from the second floor doorway, is 5 minutes.

Ivan has joined Carlie by default, as he would respond and call for us whenever he hears us calling Carlie.

We feed him first before going to get Carlie, as it is the best way to distract him and keep him and Carlie from any unplanned encounters. Last night was the smoothest feeding operation yet. Ivan came flying out, straight at btmao as soon as he heard her.

While I watched over him, she went to get Carlie, who eats in a more secluded spot.

After he finished his dinner, I cleaned up, and went to rejoin btmao. But I had to make a big detour as he spotted me and tried to follow. I had just gone out of the carpark on one side of the secluded Carlie spot, when came the big surprise… a large silver tom was going into the carpark on the other side!

It was, without a doubt, Stanley, whose faceoff with Ivan that fateful Friday, despatched all our efforts to habituate Carlie to eating on the ground floor back to Square 1.

Luckily, Ivan had followed me and was on my side of the carpark or else the War of the Toms version n would have taken place there and then.

Perhaps Stanley still recalled my botched attempt at shoving him into a carrier. Though hungry, and enticed by the remnants of Carlie’s meal (which btmao offered in friendship), he made the decision to retreat further into the carpark rather than accept the peace offering.


The direction that he appeared from, was a totally unexpected one. His range is definitely wider than we had thought. He must be quite an established tom to swagger over such a large at will. For the sake of every cat in the area, we really do need to get him robbed as soon as possible. The headache is how… we do not relish the thought of repeating the LONG LONG process that Ivan put us through. But well, if it has to be that way, that’s how we’ll have to do it.

We have of course, not forgotten the other members of the clan.

Cara, who also appeared for the second and third night feeding, has not attended since. Looks like there’s more schedule adjustments to be done.


As for new cat Chloe, we’ve not sighted her regularly enough to be able to befriend her and recruit her to the feeding programme.

We may try tonight, or tomorrow, to see about getting a signal fix on her, weather permitting. Her situation is getting more worrisome by the day, especially with Stanley marauding the area.

Area1 Cats, Sat, 15 Dec 07

After missing breakfast for 2 days, Ivan finally got his time with btmao yesterday.

Bliss! Ivan after breakfast served with the loving tlc of btmao.

While btmao fed Ivan, I went to check on Carlie and Cara.

Carlie’s still good – both the 2nd and 3rd floor were clean.

Cara was also in the same place. But there was no food remnant, indicating her feeder doesn’t “work” the weekends.

Cara was also fed by btmao and after her meal, she happily tailed us for a while.


That night, btmao also had an easy time with her first dinner service for Carlie.