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Adult tabby male first sighted on 7 Mar 09. Ear untipped.

Area1: New cat – tabby male

On the morning of 7 March, on the way out to service the Area3 kitties, we sighted a scaredy boy:

He made straight for the school compound between Areas 2 and 1. From the way he made straight for the entry point, it was clear he knew the lay of the land.

Later that same day, we would find out from D that she had also sighted him the night before in Area2.

We next sighted him well within Area1 in the night of 28 Mar 2008, still as scaredy, but not as unapproachable. Unlike the first time when he scooted all the way into his safe zone, that night he was content to observe us from the bushes he rushed into.

We’re going to try to get him de-mojoed, as usual, if he sticks around. Given his size, I wonder if he was the same scaredy kitten we caught sight of once, within the school compound in January. In fact, I wonder if he might be Bradley‘s sibling.