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4-6 mth, very skinny, female torbie tuxedo with semi-long tail, first sighted on 2 March 08. (Formerly TorbieTuxedoGirl2008). Not sterilised. Suspected to pregnant between Aug to Sep 08. MIA since 25 Nov 08.

That kitten isn’t friendly

As btmao and I walked home this evening, we saw the torbie kitten we met while out looking for Becky on Sunday. She was under a parked lorry. Perhaps the mechanical shelter offered her a sense of security. She wasn’t quite so skittish as on Sunday. But she still made sure to be farthest from reach as she could manage without leaving the lorry.

Offers of food were totally ignored. Just like Becky. We suspect she’s another free-ranging pet cat who isn’t used to caregiver overtures. We also wonder if she’s related to Becky, as they are similar in size, and prowl the same area. But unlike Becky, she is certainly not as easy a de-mojo target!

We need to try to figure out her schedule and itinerary before we decide how to proceed. Hopefully, she won’t turn out to be a Benny – absolutely elusive and unfathomable.


Becky stood us up

After serving the carpark denizens, we made a beeline for Becky’s haunt as planned yesterday. But as Murphy would have it, she was not found today. We decided to search for her, as we dearly wanted her to be introduced to the wonders of being mojo-less.

But no, a sweep of the area turned up nothing. On the second pass, we sighted a very slim young torbie/calico with mittens (5-7 mths) eating scraps just outside the eatery in the aread.

We thought btmao could work her piped piper magic and send this new one in place of Becky, but she was too skittish, and disappeared into the adjoining carpark before btmao could even say Hi.

We can’t help but wonder if this kitten is either a relative of Becky’s or a member of that brood we’re brooding over. Speaking of which, the vicinity of that brood is quiet too. Did the kitties all have prior engagements tonight?