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Suspected semi-pet cat or abandoned. Unsterilised. Appeared in Mar 06. Refuses food and friendship, schedule uncertain.

Benny guest-stars at Sasha’s

This evening, we went by Sasha’s, as is our evening routine. No Sasha or Buddy, but btmao decided to do a ‘ping’, and lo and behold, Sasha was located and brought to the feeding spot.

Who should appear right then but the elusive Benny! Been a while since we saw him, and as ever, he’s scaredy and not interested in food or friendship.

Pretty girl Sasha (Jun 06)

X-eyed Buddy – still on the mojo-robbers’ wanted list (Jun 06)

Elusive Benny – still on the mojo-robbers’ wanted list too


Benny’s hanging around too.

Well, he’s in a different location of Area 2 than we expected to see him, but he looks ok. I just wish he’d settle down and want for friendship and/or food! His ear is still untipped.

His elusive highness is setting me on edge – anyone un de-mojo’ed makes me nervous. I really wonder if Sadi might still be around too.


Benny spotted at last, but still no sign of Sadi

Well, Benny, the elusive strange-voiced boy we first spotted in March demonstrated our worry for him is unfounded. He’s certainly moving around, still untipped-ear, and as leery of human contact. But he’s probably making Area 2 his tuft, since he seemed familar and comfortable with walking it, a far cry from his scaredy cat first days.

Benny peeps

Benny’s another one of my dream catches. I just hope he and Buddy don’t create the commotion that may end their posturing careers prematurely!

I do wonder about Sadi, the beautiful white and tabby girl we first saw him with – to be fair, they didn’t seem like friends, but just happened to be in the same vicinity. Unlike Benny though, she was spotting a tipped ear already. Like Benny, Sadi was elusive, but infinitely more friendly. She did however, had a penchant for loitering near the coffee-shop. We usually encountered her nearby. Too bad we didn’t get enough of a grip on her schedule to be able to wean her off her dangerous fetish. I still look out for, and hope to see her.