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Suspected semi-pet cat: appears with Sasha at times. Severely cross-eyed siamese cross, blue eyes. Still on de-mojo list. Not sighted since late 2006.

Well, what do you know….

Chrissy’s just been carted off to the vet’s this morning, and just now, in the Area 1 carpark, btmao saw a new one! A large big-headed male version of Macy (Area 3) right where Chrissy was found.

He was scrawny and scaredy and was checking out some food. But the more btmao tried to befriend him, the further he ran! There you go – another guy who needs to be relieved of mojo.

We’ve certainly got our mojo-stealing work cut out for us:

  • Area 1: 2 males – Isam and this new dude (need to, once again, refer to trusty site for possible names).
  • Area 2: 3 males – Benji for sure, elusive Buddy and Benny… idealist perfect aim, 3 females – the equally elusive and seldom sighted Buffy, Bella and Omi

Why the tumbling of cats? It’s probably the spring-cleaning season, plus moving season. Cats are either abandoned or they’re semipets learning new geography, thanks to their families moving into the area. We’re bracing ourselves for more to come.


Strabismus means Cross-Eyed

We got one, crossed-eyed slacker that is. Sometimes we wonder where Kheilly’s eyes are focused on.

Crossed-eyed Kheilly.

Macy has a bit of it too.

Fancy name for a simple thing, huh? Got this from (emphasis mine):

Strabismus (Cross-Eyed)

“Strabismus is a term used to describe the abnormal positioning or direction of the eyeball. Normally, the eyeball is held in place and moves from side to side and top to bottom under the influence of small muscles which attach directly to the eyeball. Occasionally one muscle may be longer or stronger than the muscle located on the opposite side. This causes the eyeball to veer off in an abnormal direction…”

“Strabismus can also occur as a result of injury to some of the nerves going to the eye muscles. In addition, it may be seen if the cat or dog has a disease of the vestibular system.”

“The vestibular system is part of the ear and is what helps the cat (and us) keep our balance. If the vestibular system is not functioning normally, the cat may feel as though he is spinning, and his eyes will move abnormally to try to adjust to that.”

“If it is an inherited condition, no treatment is recommended as the abnormality is generally a cosmetic problem which does not affect the quality of life. If it is inherited, the breeding of affected individuals is not recommended.

“For animals with injury to or disease of the nerves or the vestibular system, the underlying cause needs to be found and treated. Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications are helpful.”

This is why we’re so eager to get Buddy snipped. And this also why we don’t support breeding for specific traits.

Benny guest-stars at Sasha’s

This evening, we went by Sasha’s, as is our evening routine. No Sasha or Buddy, but btmao decided to do a ‘ping’, and lo and behold, Sasha was located and brought to the feeding spot.

Who should appear right then but the elusive Benny! Been a while since we saw him, and as ever, he’s scaredy and not interested in food or friendship.

Pretty girl Sasha (Jun 06)

X-eyed Buddy – still on the mojo-robbers’ wanted list (Jun 06)

Elusive Benny – still on the mojo-robbers’ wanted list too

No Bella, or Buddy today, but there’s Sasha

Sasha was patiently waiting for btmao, and as usual ate with gusto. I really wonder where she goes on the days she miss her appointments. As I shared with btmao, my theory is, she’s ‘owned’ by someone woh works shifts or irregular hours. When this person doesn’t have to work, she’s kept indoors, and turned out when this person goes to work.

While btmao waited on Sasha, I ventured around looking for Bella, since she ate at the same spot yesterday, but nope, no sign of her.

No sign of Buddy, Sasha’s companion/friend either.

She’s back, and she’s now Bella!

I went with btmao on her feeding rounds, The young calico girl whom we’ve only spotted once before appeared this evening, in the same area where we first met – at Sasha’s.

The lady of the void deck wasn’t there, and neither was Buddy. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that both times the pair were away.

As before, she was ravenous, but wary and would not allow contact. That would have been acceptable, if her tummy wasn’t carrying a suspicious bulge. She was still as scrawny otherwise. Now we’ve the headache of anticpating her delivery, and trying to pre-empt it by de-mojoing her. The hurdle tripping us, is of course, her unpredictable schedule and the rarity of her appearance. We’ve been wrong before when we anxiously sent Sara for her op, thinking she was pregged out when her tummy was filling up (obviously with something else), so maybe this time we are too. I hope so.

Highly suspected is also her homelessness – she’s very clean for a homeless cat, probably another semi-pet cat, with a owner and home, but always put out to roam.

The little black girl is now Omi

She’s still around! btmao has fed her, and was pleased to see her, still staked out in her drain.

We decided, or rather btmao decided to call her Omi, because that’s the first thing btmao said for her: “Omi Tor Hood”, a little Budhhist chant for her safety and well-being. It departs from our naming convention of starting Area 2s with “B”, but what the heck, I hope she’ll keep too.

Amusingly, Sasha’s still clueless about what to do with her, and Buddy continues to be tolerant. I hope the peace lasts.

Young black kitten in Area 2

btmao heard the distinctive cries of the lost/abandoned babies while serving Sasha and Buddy dinner.

And guess what? Out from a nearby drain, she lured out a young black female, probably about 3 months old and raveneous. Had a perfect tail, and looked extremely grubby, but is otherwise fine. She was rather jumpy though – a good thing for her self-defense, and something that we’ll need to consider should she stick around for her de-mojoing.
It was amusing that Sasha was spooked by the new young thing, and that Buddy actually didn’t attack. Does he have a hidden streak for nurturing? We hope.

I told btmao to say a little prayer for the little one, and hope she sticks around and stay safe. It is ramadan now, and in our experience, (and that of many cat caregivers) kittens and cats get thrown out during this period.

I also wonder if the newbie might be related to the Post-natal cat with collar on the prowl btmao spotted last night.