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Semi-pet cat: affectionate large-sized young tabby girl. Schedule irregular. Still on de-mojo list. MIA since late 2006.

Well, what do you know….

Chrissy’s just been carted off to the vet’s this morning, and just now, in the Area 1 carpark, btmao saw a new one! A large big-headed male version of Macy (Area 3) right where Chrissy was found.

He was scrawny and scaredy and was checking out some food. But the more btmao tried to befriend him, the further he ran! There you go – another guy who needs to be relieved of mojo.

We’ve certainly got our mojo-stealing work cut out for us:

  • Area 1: 2 males – Isam and this new dude (need to, once again, refer to trusty site for possible names).
  • Area 2: 3 males – Benji for sure, elusive Buddy and Benny… idealist perfect aim, 3 females – the equally elusive and seldom sighted Buffy, Bella and Omi

Why the tumbling of cats? It’s probably the spring-cleaning season, plus moving season. Cats are either abandoned or they’re semipets learning new geography, thanks to their families moving into the area. We’re bracing ourselves for more to come.


Buffy/Buddy face/off

btmao reported that Buffy appeared at Sasha’s, which is a different location from where she was first spotted, and had a skirmish with Buddy.

Hopefully, the complaint-happy human residents didn’t notice it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

New girl in Area 2 – Buffy

Well, it has to happen twice. Another new kitt, an older one, a very friendly tabby girl with a crooked half-tail appeared in a corner of Area 2. She appeared near where Satin used to be found – Satin herself has moved to the other end of Area 2, near Sally’s.

btmao fed Buffy and confirmed she’s not tipped-ear. We’ll have to get her to stick to a schedule and then for the de-mojo!