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Black female kitten. MIA since Oct 06.

Omi may be converting to an Area1 semi-pet cat. She needs a safer home

This Saturday past, we met up with A, whom we first met during Brina’s family trapping.


Omi, whom we’ve not met since that November encounter, seemed to have been kept as a homepet in her early days, then abandoned, and lured home by Saba‘s family, where A met her.

Omi was allowed to free-range, as usual, and had gotten lost due to her affinity for people and following them like a puppy. The family, in my opinion, exploited A’s kindness and asked her to help them locate and return Omi. A really did find her across 2 roads, about 100-150 metres away. She called to Omi who did follow her back to Saba’s family, in a meandering and time-consuming fashion according to A, and promptly got lost again. The family has unshamedly asked A to help them find Omi again.

We do not know exactly when this occurred, but in mid-January, the same night we met Bradley again after a 2-week interval, I saw a black cat with a fluffy tail walking out of Ian’s home in Area1 from afar. The cat disappeared around the block before I could catch up with it. However, the cat seemed to be about the same size and shape as Omi. Given this new info from A, we’re almost certain it is Omi.

The only bit of good news out of it all is that she does seemed to be sterilised as even A has never seen her pregnant before.

Poor girl, she ought to be in a home, given her penchant for following people! Anyone willing to take this very loving black female cat if we can locate her?


Hello Omi, we meet again

Since we last sighted little Omi one year ago, we’ve not seen her again. We thought her gone for good.



But last night, while out looking for Bambi, we met this cat. From the short-haired body and bushy tail, her sharp small trangular face and her apparent youthfulness, we are almost certain it is the long lost Omi. She seems to be well, except for the usual free-ranging pet cat hunger syndrome and of course the typical browning in her tail.

Well, what do you know….

Chrissy’s just been carted off to the vet’s this morning, and just now, in the Area 1 carpark, btmao saw a new one! A large big-headed male version of Macy (Area 3) right where Chrissy was found.

He was scrawny and scaredy and was checking out some food. But the more btmao tried to befriend him, the further he ran! There you go – another guy who needs to be relieved of mojo.

We’ve certainly got our mojo-stealing work cut out for us:

  • Area 1: 2 males – Isam and this new dude (need to, once again, refer to trusty site for possible names).
  • Area 2: 3 males – Benji for sure, elusive Buddy and Benny… idealist perfect aim, 3 females – the equally elusive and seldom sighted Buffy, Bella and Omi

Why the tumbling of cats? It’s probably the spring-cleaning season, plus moving season. Cats are either abandoned or they’re semipets learning new geography, thanks to their families moving into the area. We’re bracing ourselves for more to come.

Id’d! B&W girl is a boy

Yup, the b&w newbie we saw on 24 Nov in area 2 has family jewels on display!

He was there for brekkie at Sasha’s yesterday morning. (Incidentally, Sasha climbed a tree after breakfast) . I wasn’t there with the camera as I was prepping Cassie for her visitors.

This morning though, I was on call, and we managed to get some pics and vids of the boy at last, at Omi’s side. Too bad, there’s no Sasha today.

Since he’s a boy, we’ve decided to call him Benji.

Lipsmacking after a good meal

Doesn’t he resemble someone?

Especially with that doubled-back tail… we can’t help but suspect he’s related to Snowball.

Before I got there, btmao removed this grubby collar from his neck.

It was very tight, and probably choking him. btmao noticed he was scratching himself and that seemed to have helped tightened this collar which is not choke-proof. It’s possible – Teddy nearly strangled himself on a collar a long time ago, and it’s a simple one like this. Here’s a TLC alert: when buying collars, look for the ones that are cat-safe.

Benji is still wary and frightened. btmao will weave her magic and hopefully we can take way his mojo soon – the boy has BALLS. [EDIT: Benji is mojo-free]

Earlier this evening

The usual suspects in Area 3 came out for dindin. Marty first.

As always, he was prompt and waiting with anticipation. After btmao set out his dinner, she over to Martin’s gangland, leaving footsoldier me on clean up detail. I thought it would be a quick one.

But just as he was finishing, who should come running but Henna. Of course btmao had to come back to set service for her.

After the two are done (Martin helped himself to Henna’s share too), we went over toclean up after Martin’s gang.

It was good to see that Macy’s appetite was phenomenal. Which means the meds are working – RELIEF!

On the way home, we checked Area 2 for Omi, Bella and Sasha. Only Sasha was there, but we were glad to see her. It’s been  days since we gave her food.

Is it her? We think so!

On the way home with Macy, we passed through Area 2.  Lo and behold, a pair of bright eyes, all the brighter for shining out of a black coat, tracked us.


Who was she? btmao saw her, and after a pause went: “Omi!”

I asked if she was sure, and she said she was almost sure. I went nearer, taking pictures, and finally I touched her. Suddenly, she spooked for some reason and scooted into the drain.

I caught a shot of her tail

Long, as btmao remembered, but bushy, which btmao did not remember it being. We followed her through the grills and she replied to btmao for a bit. That was the clincher for btmao – the voice was Omi’s.

She looks ok, except for being scrawny, like all kittens making their way in the world. She also look bigger now than what we expect – chalk it up to poo light since she’s been seen only at night before, and we all know about the famed effects of the colour black.

There was another thing that worries me a bit. She seems to have a plague of mites.

btmao will renew their acquaintance, and hopefully get her mojo off her before she disappears again.

The last we saw Omi was more than a month ago. We had thought her gone for good. But what do you know. Sometimes you just have to wonder at the resilience and strength of these little tykes.

Omi has gone MIA

Little Omi has been missing since btmao last fed her on Oct 5.

We hope she’s ok where ever she is.