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Tabby white female less than 1 year as of Nov 07. Semipet. First sighted on 30 May 07 at Sally’s. Mother of Sabia. Housemate of Sunny and Sumie. Trapped on 18 Mar 09 for sterilisation the next day.

Area2: New cat of the week

This happened on 1 Apr… unfortunately it’s no joke.

A alerted btmao that a new cat was sighted around the territory of Brina’s family. The next night it seemed she was sighted around Saba’s home. The new girl was apparently running after people and meowing frantically.. She was also walloped by the now de-mojoed Saba, after which she was spotted running across the road to Area1 after Saba’s attack.

Apparently, Sue, Saba’s part-time owner told A the new girl may be a child of Saba’s that she had given away. Oh, the cheek!

For btmao and me, we’ve no luck sighting the poor girl, either in Area1 or Area2. The frustration is sometimes unbearable.

Last week it was Jenny, this week it’s a child of Saba. I hope it doesn’t get to be a trend.


Area2: Bradley turning putty tat

I sms’d D and A, asking how’s Bradley and Saba doing.

Saba is now apparently hiding inside the flat, mostly. Doesn’t surprise me, I just hope it lasts.


Bradley, though, Bradley is shedding his complex. In D’s words: “Ahbee (Bradley’s nickname) is doing very well. He seems like a diff cat now. He loves human company. Keep asking people to pat him. He allows all of us to pat him, including B (D’s hubby, at whose sight Bradley turns tail without fail, as recently as on Sunday) and Auntie (Benji’s dedicated feeder who he has never allowed to get near). He kept following us when we wanted to go home last night.”

And we thought it was going to take him months to get over the trauma…. who says mojo-stealing has no value? Us minions, our hearts are broken though. But maybe now Bradley will give us time of time when we see him.

Area2: Bradley and Saba joins the tipped ear moggies

Bradley and Saba came back from their initiation, delivered by V of course. They looked well, and were released back into their home tuft at about 7 this evening.

Bradley was released first, and he scooted off without a thought for the food we laid out before his carrier door. We did get some shots of him before he shot off. It’s not apparent from these shots, but he has grown quite a bit. But his paws still seem a bit oversized for him, which means he has still some room to bloom in, maybe reaching his suspected sire, Stanley’s stature.


Then we moved on to Saba’s “home”. She was a loudmouth, and because she was on heat when she was sent in for her surgery, there was a surcharge on her operation.


To avoid attracting attention, I quickly took a few rather un-well-framed shots before she was released.


Like Bradley, she took off without a glance at the food in front of her.

Since the food was untouched and there wasn’t any cat around, we brought the food back for Ivan. He wasn’t around either. But at this time, D called to say she located Bradley, and didn’t have food. So back we went.

Here are some more pics of Bradley, taken the last time we saw him in the daytime about 1.5 months back.


Drain cat instinct

Typical drain cat dining

He had just found and joined Brina’s family then. At this time, btmao and I have tried to get him once too many times and he wouldn’t let us near him.

But his newly adopted family’s acceptance helped him calm down and settle in.



Plus A, D, and J went out of their way to earn his trust, which is why we could finally nap him for his sterilisation. How much more organic can you get with active citizenry, community building? Kudos to community spirit! One for the meowies.


With Bradley and Saba’s induction into the tipped ear clan, all the known kitties we know and are still around in Areas 1, 2, 3 are sterilised. Let’s hope the status quo keeps for a while.

Area2: Saba’s kittens sequestered

As mentioned, there were five kittens in Saba’s latest litter. Feeder A found out they were born 26 Dec-boxing day. However, they started disappearing within a week of Saba bringing them out of hiding in mid February. By the end of the week, three were permanently gone. They are all super affectionate, as all Saba’s previous babies. We have our suspicions and have raised them with the town council. For the two surviving kittens, I decided to find them a real home. So they are now being fostered.

Area2 update

Quick update: Bradley and Saba have been taken earlier tonight… by V for sterilisation tomorrow. At least the situation is starting to get under control.

Brielle and Brenna however have disappeared since 9 Mar 2009. Scottie has been missing since 11/12 Feb 2009.

Area2: Saba, Scottie, Sumie

Follow-up to the juicy gossip, updates provided by A on 5 Feb:


It has been barely a week since she brought her babies in from the cold. She and her babies were installed outside the family’s flat, as expected, and her litter of 5 cuties are all MIA already. We had just heard her calling for her babies right outside the flat. just before we sighted and took this picture of her. According to A, the kittens defecated at will, often right on the doorstep of the family’s neighbours, a Chinese family which seems to have tolerated the noise and mess so far. But it can only be a matter of time before something happens.

We have worked out a plan with A to get Saba sterilised. Meantime, we will provide A with some of our Wellness canned food to help Saba recuperate, as she is forever ravenous and frequently begs A for food. We also suspect Saba may need to be dewormed, but will wait for a while more to do so as we do not want to risk her kittens’ health should they be still around.


Before Saba appeared, we were saying “Hi” to Scottie. He does not behave like a cat who might have learnt his lesson, approaching us immediately.

Scottie still none the wiser

Scottie’s abuse was suffered at the hands of a bunch of Malay girls who were smoking at the benches nearby. Instead of knife cuts as was previously believed, his tail had been burned with cigarette lighters.

Scottie has the softest fur of any cat I’ve known. His fur is longer than his short-haired look leads one to assume. In fact, the closest comparison, both look and feel, is chincilla fur.

His tail, from the top, looks ok now. Despite being abused just weeks ago, and the family’s protestations of care and concern, especially to A, we consistently find him still alone, and unsupervised, often right by the spot where his abuse took place.

Later, Sumie also appeared, patiently waiting for succour from A

Nobody in their minds would think it ok to allow young children out of the home, roaming about unsupervised nor that they beg for food from the neighbours regularly. So it should be with pets, especially in Singapore, and even more so in HDB estates. And yet, here is a family who professes love, L.O.V.E., for the cats they have lured to their flat with the food they keep leaving out or otherwise kitnapped, wilfully allowing all these to continue happening despite events that ought to have taught them better.

On a related note. I may have sounded scornful, begrudging the family’s 2 wall-mounted large LCD TVs, expensive looking wall-mounted sound systems, and Hari Raya renovations. It is not judgmentalism with which we view the state of their spanking new palatial home furnishings. Everyone is entitled to aspire to newer, more or better. In fact, we are also getting our first LCD tv, a replacement for our aging 8 year old Sony Trinition, an old style cathode ray tv you will not find easily anymore.

My issue and frustration is not whether the family is able to afford their new possessions, nor do I care if they’re paying in installments (like we are) or cleared it all in full. The bigger gripe we have is that such possessions take some planning and budgetting to obtain or put in place. Still, it isn’t rocket science. Even simpler and cheaper is planning and budgetting for a cat’s sterilisation, 1 cat. And yet, the family has consistently failed to do what’s in Saba’s best interest for the past 15 or 16 months, despite their promise to us initially and now A, allowing Saba to birth 3 more litters, and everytime the excuse is she’s already pregnant, need to wait for her to give birth, need to wait for her to wean her kittens, can’t find her, no money on hand at the moment, need to wait for husband to have time to send her, she’s already pregnant …

What’s even more infuriating is that they have sent a later addition for sterilisation promptly, totally DIY with no one’s help at that, and at the rather high cost of $100 or more at a “specialist” which required a follow-up one week later. So they are being cavalier with Saba’s sterilisation, probably because she’s not anything ‘special’ like their white cat with a fluffy tail.

At last, trapping happens for Area2. And juicy gossips abound

Quick update: It’s now 12.05am, 23 Jan, and we’re just back from another trapping session, and unlike the last round where we targetted Area2 and ended up with 2 Area1 kitties and 1 marauding male, we went to Area2 and got 5 Area2 kitties!

Aside from the torbie calico female kitten, Brielle who remains at large, and the short-tailed agouti who’s been missing since mid Dec, the dilute calico family comprising Mum-Brina, short-tailed and small-sized black kitten with white mittens-Brayden, 2 cream-coloured tabbies-Brenna (long-tail female) and Brennan (short-tail male), are slated for mojo freedom tomorrow. We also got a new adult male Jerry, whose gentle and sweet nature belies his experience. He is sterilised but ear’s untipped, so we’re sending him to get that done and to get him checked for the surgical wound he appeared with. We started out at 9.50pm (22 Jan), and called it a night at 11.30ish.

Bradley continues to elude efforts to get him but there may be hope. While waiting for V, we met A and her daughter, J, who feeds the cats nightly. A says Bradley usually waits for her behind the eatery at around 8something. We’ll work with her to get him. For interested readers, since we named him, we’ve not been able to find him until last Wednesday. He’s growing up quite well.

A has also sighted Stanley recently, and we’re glad to have the confirmation that he’s well since we’ve not seen him since his release.

Other interesting bits: A lives in the same block as Saba‘s family, and confirms she has a new litter she’s hiding in the drains somewhere.

Scottie has been claimed by the family’s man of the house due to his super sweet nature. Scottie was found with a knife wound to his tail last week and the family has applied medicine.

They also have a new white cat with a a fluffy tail which they paid more than $100 to get sterilised voluntarily but is still terribly unwilling to sterilise Saba. They told A they wanted to ask us to help sterilise Saba but can’t contact us as we’ve changed our numbers- which is incredible since both btmao and I have kept the same hp numbers.

A has been persuading them to get Saba done, but the same excuses as the ones they used on us were trotted out apparently. They even asked A to sponsor $30… a rather brazen request considering that they now have 2 wall-mounted large LCD TVs, expensive looking wall-mounted sound systems, and even renovated their home for the last Hari Raya.

Now that Saba has kittens, she has also been going up to A’s flat to ask for food too! A provides food outside her door. I told A to stop doing that and to feed in common areas with discretion as she would any other cat. I have also requested A not to let the family know she has made contact with us – I am fed up with them and the case with the white cat shows they are more than able to afford and find their own vet.

On a related tangent, btmao is trying to handle a complaint. The TC has pictures of a cat which an Area2  resident claims is noisy in the early morning but will not share the picture nor reveal the complainant’s contact details. In frustration, btmao asked the TCO why can’t the complainant then talk to the feeder or the cat’s owner since he is able to take the cat’s pictures. The TCO has no answer except that people don’t take ownership of their own problems. The TCO then said he would call HDB, so btmao reminded him that HDB does not allow pet cats, which means it would result in more cats outside which means more potential problems for him. He then said he might need to talk to the MP, and btmao said fine, we’ll go see him first. To be fair, the TCO is a nice person and he does try to work with us, but this was a conversation that really got nowhere fast.

Anyway, from our convo with A today, we believe the cat in question is the family’s white cat as A says it goes into the carpark nearby in the early morning and cries for food. We’ll need to think on how to handle this one.

Sally, whom we thought missing or displaced by Saba and the steady stream of later additions to the family is also on A’s floor. A Malay family allows her in to play with their children and shuts her out when they sleep.

Sunny has died, knocked down at the very busy intersection nearby.

The elusive mother cat and second litter we heard about and have yet to locate is most probably Sarsi. Only 1 kitten from her first litter survived, likely kitnapped for its looks. As for her second known and current litter, no one is sure how many there were nor how many are alive now. We shall try to locate her.

A new male cat we named Robby has been on the prowl for love. Two nights ago, he was after Brina like a greyhound was on to a hare. He was sitting right by the drains Brina’s family called home as we were about to call it a night, so V set the trap for him. Unfortunately, he was not interested in food at all, and eluded capture this time. We can only hope Brielle will remain safe until Brina’s return on Sunday, and that his lust will subside soon.

There is another new male cat we sighted early last month untipped and unsterilised. He then turned up 2 weeks later with a tipped ear and a collar. We call him Jet due to his spraying. From A, we got to know that he belongs to the family’s neighbour. The family DEMANDED Jet be sterilised as he was getting intimate with Saba and they don’t want more kittens. The wonder is that the neighbour complied. The bigger wonder is that the neighbour didn’t demand the family reciprocate with Saba’s sterilisation.

No wonder my head get achesies

We’ve exchanged contact info with A and J and will be sharing more info, esp kitty food info.

Details and of course pictures of Brina and her family, Jerry, Jet to come.