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Tortie female with stumpy tail. Appeared with tipped ear in late 2005. Very friendly. Spots a collar since early 2007.

At last, trapping happens for Area2. And juicy gossips abound

Quick update: It’s now 12.05am, 23 Jan, and we’re just back from another trapping session, and unlike the last round where we targetted Area2 and ended up with 2 Area1 kitties and 1 marauding male, we went to Area2 and got 5 Area2 kitties!

Aside from the torbie calico female kitten, Brielle who remains at large, and the short-tailed agouti who’s been missing since mid Dec, the dilute calico family comprising Mum-Brina, short-tailed and small-sized black kitten with white mittens-Brayden, 2 cream-coloured tabbies-Brenna (long-tail female) and Brennan (short-tail male), are slated for mojo freedom tomorrow. We also got a new adult male Jerry, whose gentle and sweet nature belies his experience. He is sterilised but ear’s untipped, so we’re sending him to get that done and to get him checked for the surgical wound he appeared with. We started out at 9.50pm (22 Jan), and called it a night at 11.30ish.

Bradley continues to elude efforts to get him but there may be hope. While waiting for V, we met A and her daughter, J, who feeds the cats nightly. A says Bradley usually waits for her behind the eatery at around 8something. We’ll work with her to get him. For interested readers, since we named him, we’ve not been able to find him until last Wednesday. He’s growing up quite well.

A has also sighted Stanley recently, and we’re glad to have the confirmation that he’s well since we’ve not seen him since his release.

Other interesting bits: A lives in the same block as Saba‘s family, and confirms she has a new litter she’s hiding in the drains somewhere.

Scottie has been claimed by the family’s man of the house due to his super sweet nature. Scottie was found with a knife wound to his tail last week and the family has applied medicine.

They also have a new white cat with a a fluffy tail which they paid more than $100 to get sterilised voluntarily but is still terribly unwilling to sterilise Saba. They told A they wanted to ask us to help sterilise Saba but can’t contact us as we’ve changed our numbers- which is incredible since both btmao and I have kept the same hp numbers.

A has been persuading them to get Saba done, but the same excuses as the ones they used on us were trotted out apparently. They even asked A to sponsor $30… a rather brazen request considering that they now have 2 wall-mounted large LCD TVs, expensive looking wall-mounted sound systems, and even renovated their home for the last Hari Raya.

Now that Saba has kittens, she has also been going up to A’s flat to ask for food too! A provides food outside her door. I told A to stop doing that and to feed in common areas with discretion as she would any other cat. I have also requested A not to let the family know she has made contact with us – I am fed up with them and the case with the white cat shows they are more than able to afford and find their own vet.

On a related tangent, btmao is trying to handle a complaint. The TC has pictures of a cat which an Area2  resident claims is noisy in the early morning but will not share the picture nor reveal the complainant’s contact details. In frustration, btmao asked the TCO why can’t the complainant then talk to the feeder or the cat’s owner since he is able to take the cat’s pictures. The TCO has no answer except that people don’t take ownership of their own problems. The TCO then said he would call HDB, so btmao reminded him that HDB does not allow pet cats, which means it would result in more cats outside which means more potential problems for him. He then said he might need to talk to the MP, and btmao said fine, we’ll go see him first. To be fair, the TCO is a nice person and he does try to work with us, but this was a conversation that really got nowhere fast.

Anyway, from our convo with A today, we believe the cat in question is the family’s white cat as A says it goes into the carpark nearby in the early morning and cries for food. We’ll need to think on how to handle this one.

Sally, whom we thought missing or displaced by Saba and the steady stream of later additions to the family is also on A’s floor. A Malay family allows her in to play with their children and shuts her out when they sleep.

Sunny has died, knocked down at the very busy intersection nearby.

The elusive mother cat and second litter we heard about and have yet to locate is most probably Sarsi. Only 1 kitten from her first litter survived, likely kitnapped for its looks. As for her second known and current litter, no one is sure how many there were nor how many are alive now. We shall try to locate her.

A new male cat we named Robby has been on the prowl for love. Two nights ago, he was after Brina like a greyhound was on to a hare. He was sitting right by the drains Brina’s family called home as we were about to call it a night, so V set the trap for him. Unfortunately, he was not interested in food at all, and eluded capture this time. We can only hope Brielle will remain safe until Brina’s return on Sunday, and that his lust will subside soon.

There is another new male cat we sighted early last month untipped and unsterilised. He then turned up 2 weeks later with a tipped ear and a collar. We call him Jet due to his spraying. From A, we got to know that he belongs to the family’s neighbour. The family DEMANDED Jet be sterilised as he was getting intimate with Saba and they don’t want more kittens. The wonder is that the neighbour complied. The bigger wonder is that the neighbour didn’t demand the family reciprocate with Saba’s sterilisation.

No wonder my head get achesies

We’ve exchanged contact info with A and J and will be sharing more info, esp kitty food info.

Details and of course pictures of Brina and her family, Jerry, Jet to come.


Betsy is now mojo-free. Area2 kitties continue to be elusive

Betsy has been sterilised on Thursday, 9 Oct. The four foetuses she was carrying have been aborted in the process. We sent on the little ones with well-wishes and sadness.

Betsy, as she is so friendly, will be prepped for adoption.

As has been mentioned, she was an Area2 kitty.

We had mentioned the frustrating situation with the kitties in Area2. Of the kitties mentioned, we have been sighting Bambi randomly ever since. mostly around the area’s eatery. But we’ve not managed to establish her schedule and have not managed to “get” her. She is now nursing a litter of kittens, as elusive and skittish as ever. In fact, the night we got Betsy, we were trying to find her, as she is super emaciated, probably due to the strain of nursing her babies. The good news is we think we may be getting nearer to a Bambi schedule – for the past week, btmao has managed to find and feed her 3 out of 7 times. The headache though is that we need to wait for her babies to be weaned, and we’re nervous as btmao found Stanley on the night we catnapped Betsy. Also, Bambi needs fattening up before de-mojoing. With an irregular schedule, that’s going to be a challenge.

The shy little white kitten with tabby patches has been sighted only once since, early this month. Also as skittish as ever. However, it seemed to be healthy, and is now a bigger kitten.

Sarsi, the last cat we saw has never been sighted since.

That doesn’t mean things are quiet in Area2. Even before Freda’s discovery in February, we know there are many elusive new kitties around there, due to irresponsible pet owners. We’ve had random distant sightings of a ginger cat, alone and chasing after another one whom we only heard. Between then and now, we’ve had one-off sightings of different cats. The most recent one is a 3-5 mth scaredy, mostly white calico kitten first sighted on 26 Sep 2008 sitting in the drains. It is likely a girl. btmao sighted her a week later, hanging  out near Bambi’s eatery territory.

Saba, as far as we can see is still intact, with the very virile and wanderful Stanley paying court to free-ranging pet cat just yesterday. We have decided to not offer any more help to the family due to 2 reasons: 1) the family shows no concern about the issue nor have them attempted to contact us about arrangements for Saba even though we see Sue, the woman of the house often enough on the way home from work; 2) since our last update on Saba, Sue had only called me once, but was more interested in trying to get the same “deal” for her friends than to make arrangements for Saba even though I had already told her sterilising Scottie, Sunny and Sumie was a one-off deal that we were paying out of our own pocket due to the circumstances.

Scottie was out and about, and as friendly as ever. We also caught a glimpse of Sunny. Though Sumie was not sighted, we believe she is well and about, as we’ve sighted her previously. All three look fantastic, and of course it is being mojo-less that gives them their sleekness.

Benji is still around, and seems to have moved back to his original territory, rather than stay around Saba’s area. But even he seems to have gotten in on the act, and is only randomly sighted. He was most recently sighted and fed on Thursday evening.

All in all, our report card on Area 2 this year has been quite dismal. Things have just not been going well in TNRM terms. But with Betsy catnapped, and Bambi finally letting us get a clue about her schedule, maybe the situation can be remedied soon. Hopefuly, we will not have to make difficult decisions as we did on Betsy’s behalf.

Another new cat at Sally’s

This morning, I responded to another quaint feeling to swing by Sally’s while on the way out to work.

I did not see her or her tabby tuxedo friend, but I saw a friendly stump-tailed dilute calico. It looks clean, well-fed, and the best surprise was that it was tipped-ear. I couldn’t be sure since it was wary and did not allow me near, but I think it’s a girl. My phone cam managed only a blurry fuzz spot due to the lighting. We’ll try to get her another time. Incidentally, I just remembered that I did spot another cat sitting at the boundary of Area 2, near to where this new one was seen. It was a sandy-coloured tabby which I thought looked like a young adult male, but did not have a tipped-ear.

So far, we’ve not sighted either the large silver tabby male nor the younger dilute calico male since that fateful evening in March.

Area 2: NEW semi-pet cat spotted (Update)

After this morning’s failed attempts at vidding and photo-shooting, I had to go back and have another look-see at the new tabby tux. Besides, I wanted to check if Sally’s still there.

I needn’t have worried. She was the first one I as I approached her tuft. She was alone, and as her usual behaviour jumped up and greeted and followed me like a puppy even though neither btmao nor I have seen her for a few months. I botched her vids and pics unfortunately, but here’s one of her friend, who jumped out of the bushes at her in mock combat as she was focused on following me.


They obviously know each other, and the way Sally tolerated her silly fake bites, it was obvious they’re probably more than passing acquaintances. I remember how hissy Sally was with Sara/Mocha when that girl was trying to eke out a stake on the same tuft back in the day.

Area 2: NEW semi-pet cat spotted

Something this morning diverted my feet from their usual route to work. I made a detour and went by Sally’s tuft in Area 2. I thought I might as well verify if the food/drink that caused the complaint might be still there. From afar, I can see the water bowl was shouting out its existence. Qutie apart from that, there was another voice. Yup, a cat shape , hiding among the plants near the water bowl. The shape locked on to immediately and quick-trotted to me, meowing in that begging-for-food-cos-haven’t-been-fed-well desperation key. There was a slight chorus – a bell round the neck.

I checked out the loudmouth as she half-led me, half-waited for my cue. A young, pretty but very scrawny tabby tuxedo girl, with a lovely long tail. She turned belly-up and continued to plead, lead me around the pillars. Then we neared her destination in this ball-room twirl. A front door – unsurprisingly.

Specifically, Sally’s front door in fact. She sat facing the door, half-expecting it to open, and seemingly asking me for help to open sesame.

But I had to leave her there. I had work to get to. As I left her sitting by her forlorn self, I don’t know whether to be relieved or worried. Where’s Sally for one. How about that dilute calico boy? Or that big silver male with intact piping? (Link for this retro-blog to come here)

Mysteries for the weekend.

(Update: The girl’s pic added)

Area 2: Sally has company

Sometime in early February, btmao talked to the TCO about Sally’s case.

After hearing her out about the difference between responsible feeding and non-responsible feeding, he’s decided to take her suggestion to treat the family’s habit of leaving food and drink outside their home overnight as a case of littering. He’s gone to see the family with an NEA colleague and warned the family to stop or face littering fines. They cooperated and he observed no more food and drink bowls outside. Sally was safe from death for the monent it seems.

We were, as usual, a bit skeptical at the effectiveness of a mere warning but it must be said that the officious visit was more than what btmao and I ever achieved. In fact, we warned the family of Ian, Baby, Chica (and now it seems, Isam as well) about leaving food and drink out, and told them about what’s happening in Sally’s tuft, just across the road. They also cooperated, but good things don’t last – barely two weeks later, the food and drink were outside again. could we hope for any better across the road, at Sally’s? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Wait-and-see was still our modus operandus. After a long wait interval of more than a month, today was a good day to do that see bit.

Lo and behold, Sally came running. The only differences were that she looked slightly rounder and she was wearing a fuschia collar with a bell. Did the TCO/NEA officer visitation spook the family? But it wasn’t enough of a scare to make them make an honest cat of Sally. She was still free-ranging. And she’s as ravenous as we remembered.



Vid: Sally tucks in, just as always

We were relieved that Sally’s ok. As we settled down to wait for her to finish the food, we saw a new cat sitting a little aways, just outside the family’s flat, in fact.

A scaredy dilute calico, a scrawny and wary grubby boy who’snot developed the bigheaded look of mature virile males. He has lovely light blue eyes. We suspect he was newly abandoned.


He was hungry as you can see from this vid – he was trying to approach the feasting Sally, but got hissed away.

Vid: Scaredy dilute calico and Sally

He took big circles around us, he wanted food obviously, but was too scared to approach. Finally, he was far enough to feel safe. btmao managed to push some food at him and he finally ate.

Vid: Dilute calico finally eats

As we wait on both cats to finish their dinners, what should we see but a large virile silver tabby male saunter up and help himself to the buffet outside the irresponsible feeder family’s flat. As Sally and the dilute calico boy both seem afraid of him, we did not draw his attention.

Vid: Silver tabby male tucking into buffet

This night was just full of surprises. But it’s not the end – see Salvi losing fur, and Isam’s established… semipet?

Update: Area 2 cat in trouble


Calsifer has been bugging me incessantly to write about the fateful call regarding Sally so here’s an account of what transpired between TCO (TC Officer) and me *DRUMROLL*

I was buried deep in work yesterday afternoon when I received a call from TCO regarding a repeat complaint about Sally. TCO said that there are complaints about this Indian/Muslim family leaving food outside their groundfloor flat and that “a cat” was poo-ing around the area. So I tried to get more details from TCO regarding these complaints and asked whether Sally was poo-ing regularly in a particular area. TCO was quite vague and inconsistent, I would say shifty, when I asked for specific details. Anyway, what I gathered from our conversation is that the poo-ing wasn’t really a big issue afterall. But TCO was having problems talking to the family and they actually told TCO about a black and white un-sterilised cat they are keeping indoors. Then TCO went on to say that someone (a regular complainant) was unhappy about Sally hanging out at the void deck of his block, a neighbouring block to Sally’s “home” and he has in fact gone to bug our MP twice about Sally hanging out at his void deck. I then asked TCO if he could let me know who this complainant is so that I could try to talk to him and hopefully resolve his “comcerns”. TCO became shifty again and said there’s an verbal agreement about retaining this complainant’s anonymity. TCO was hoping I could relocate Sally and in the meantime he would monitor the situation. TCO later divulged that the complainant, a complain-about-everything king, is now making detours along the sheltered linkway when he spots TCO from afar, presumably from embarrassment at the calls he’s been making to TCO.

That was basically how our conversation went. Calsifer and I have decided to wait and see how TCO’s monitoring of the situation goes before we decide on the next move.