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Suspected semi-pet cat. Migrant from across busy road in 2005 due to population growth and hierarchical struggle. MIA since May 07.

Sasha phots

Here’s Sasha on April 1:



Satiated and aloof again

She’s always stationed there. And so we suspect that’s where she sends off and welcome back her “owner” who brings her home only when he/she returns. On Tuesday evening, btmao met a feeder who confirms this. The feeder has seen a young girl returning and bringing Sasha home late at night.

As you can see, it’s a staircase right by a very very busy road. If someone comes along and spook her, it is conceivable that Sasha might run out onto the road in panic or confusion. Who in their minds allow their pets to be endangered like this daily?


April’s Fools

What an evening.

Good news: Kenji is cottoning on to the fact that btmao is the resident cat-mum in these woods. Earlier this evening, he’s allowed first contact when having dinner, with Benji of course. We’re hopeful, very hopeful, that we can rob his mojo soon.

Sasha was there for dinner too, but of course she still can’t stand having the boys around, and uses her own exclusive suite.

After we cleaned up after the satiated ones, we were making our way back to Area 1, when lo and behold! btmao’s 6/6 eyesight focused on a fluffy lump under a sapling. It was a young cat that she had first sighted 2 sundays ago and lost sight of in the Area 2 carpark. It was newly abandoned we think and was too spooked to respond to friendship. We had not seen it since.

But this time, there it was, in plain sight, for the perfect-sighted,and behaving like it’s been there for ever. We milled around abit with it.

It was a she, a bit too skinny – you can use her spine for a xylophone. But friendly. Even away from good lighting, it was obvious she had a tearing right eye. Other than that, she looked ok. She looked like a miniature Remy, only she still has her eyes intact – which is a huge relief. But she’s not all that tiny, probably is a yearling. She has a very soft voice like him too.

btmao and I looked at each other. We sighed/groaned, and guess who we gonna call? Foster Mum of course. We made arrangements for the kitt to move in after a vet visit for checkup, jabs and deworm tomorrow.

Then I picked her up and we moved her to a void-deck, for feeding and a better look. She purred all the way, and only struggled a little.

btmao opened a fussie cat can – all the goodness of tuna with salmon and she lapped it all up in 2 blinks. The girl was ravenous! btmao left to retrieve a carrier from home and I watched/kept her around. She kept nosing the cleaned paper ‘plate’ and sniffing the can for more. Obviously she’s not had much food for quite a bit. But we did not allow her anymore than the 80g she gulped down to minimise the possibility of diarrhea. She was a bit bewildered too, and was torn between moving off and sticking around for more.

So I did the only thing I could while waiting for the cavalry, As I provided chin-tickles and head rubs, she eventually relaxed and lied down for everything I gave her, her purr is amazing. I looked her over and she seemed parasite-free.

Maybe it’s because both are fluffy and tabby-furred, but from certain angles, she looked like Kheilly too. And yes, I felt pangs when it hit.

Anyway, she seemed a perfect and healthy cat, and I can’t help wondering why she’s been dumped. Was it her less-than-perfect form? She either had a body too long for her limbs or limbs too short for her body length. She also has a gait like Orli’s – splayed and a bit uneven in the hindlegs, which seem too long for her frontlegs. Was she dumped for cosmetic reasons?

Then I noticed her inner right front paw was very wet and matted. Maybe her right eye was an issue (coincidentally, Remy’s blind eye is also the right one). But she can see out of it fine, and it looked clear.

btmao returned with the carrier then. It was a simple thing to get the kitty in. She freaked out for a bit, but only called softy a few times and settled down.

On the way home, where we’re going to house her for the night, I suggested naming her April, for obvious reasons. btmao agreed.

We’re probably to lose sleep tonight – she will be isolated in a room, and the slackers of course will stake it out, and then of course there’s going to be commotion all night.

Oh well, we’ll take it one growl at a time. Our mum looked in on her too – and surprisingly, we felt a bit miffy that she’s already longer than Rheilly.

Last weekend, when Neo found her furrever home, we were relieved to have our cattery headcount down to 3 – Corrie the permanent boarder, Chrissy the liver-failure old girl, and Frankie the supposedly looking-for-a-home cat turned freeloader. (Angel and Cassie have their respective sponsors). Now we’ve got April girl, new kitnapped kitt and our headcount’s gone right back up: i can only thank my portentous big-mouthed self-rib here (and Mama Piggy for cementing the jigamarole with the furrever incantation).

Happy April Fool’s Day.

(Click on their names to see photos and vids of April, Benji and Kenji, Sasha pending)

Sasha also appeared

We had thought to call for Sasha when it was Benji and Kenji who responded.

We only noticed her at her regular staircase spot nearby when Kenji was eating in the safety of his hidey hole. She wasn’t there before. But still, it was great to see her and of course she got to have btmao’s dinner service, the first in a week.

New Tuxedo Girl In Area 2

While serving dindin to Benji, a little head popped out from a little bush in front of the block opposite from Benji’s feeding ground. The little Tux looked somewhat lost and was inspecting the surrounding, hiding behind a pillar when a huge Retriever appraoched while out for his/her evening run.

I quickly cleared Benji’s dinner plate and scooted to entice the little Tux. Benji quickly followed and hissed at his visitor but immediately proceeded to enjoy a fresh serving of canned fish, professionally. I managed to lift the little Tux’s tail to check gender while our visitor was busy mowing through dinner. Tux turned out to be a girl and immediately reminded me of Booties.

She’s on the slim side, like Benji and Sasha, but definitely has a constant supply of food.

Sasha vidded

At last, we’ve got her. She appeared after Benji scooted off.

The colours are a bit washed out, since it is dusk. But the blue of her pretty eyes are still obvious. Someday I’ll get her in broad daylight.

Peeky poo

In your face

So now we’ve got all the living clannies vidded. I’m satisfied.

Benji in the bag

Yup, we’ve got him, waiting on V to come pick him up.. can barely keep our eyes open – but this is so impromptu we’ve got to wait for V to have enough of a breather to pick him up.

After btmao stuffed him in the carrier, who should show up but Sasha. She was a little spooked by Benji’s carrier rock, but soon settled down to finish her meal.

At home, we left Benji in the same room where Isam transited. So here’s another dark, difficult to make out vid ala Isam. He’s silent though, except for a hiss right before ther recording started.

Id’d! B&W girl is a boy

Yup, the b&w newbie we saw on 24 Nov in area 2 has family jewels on display!

He was there for brekkie at Sasha’s yesterday morning. (Incidentally, Sasha climbed a tree after breakfast) . I wasn’t there with the camera as I was prepping Cassie for her visitors.

This morning though, I was on call, and we managed to get some pics and vids of the boy at last, at Omi’s side. Too bad, there’s no Sasha today.

Since he’s a boy, we’ve decided to call him Benji.

Lipsmacking after a good meal

Doesn’t he resemble someone?

Especially with that doubled-back tail… we can’t help but suspect he’s related to Snowball.

Before I got there, btmao removed this grubby collar from his neck.

It was very tight, and probably choking him. btmao noticed he was scratching himself and that seemed to have helped tightened this collar which is not choke-proof. It’s possible – Teddy nearly strangled himself on a collar a long time ago, and it’s a simple one like this. Here’s a TLC alert: when buying collars, look for the ones that are cat-safe.

Benji is still wary and frightened. btmao will weave her magic and hopefully we can take way his mojo soon – the boy has BALLS. [EDIT: Benji is mojo-free]