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Semi-pet cat: tabby girl. Seldom seen. De-mojoed by us in May 05. Not sighted since late 2005.

New girl in Area 2 – Buffy

Well, it has to happen twice. Another new kitt, an older one, a very friendly tabby girl with a crooked half-tail appeared in a corner of Area 2. She appeared near where Satin used to be found – Satin herself has moved to the other end of Area 2, near Sally’s.

btmao fed Buffy and confirmed she’s not tipped-ear. We’ll have to get her to stick to a schedule and then for the de-mojo!


Satin returneth

She’s back! Except for the usual wide-eyed confusion, she looks none the worse for the wear. Now the mark of the Clan is on her, we can sleep sounder.

Hurray for V and his help!

Satin de-mojoed

V has called to say the deed is done. Satin is doing well in recovery and will be returning to the Clan in two days.

Satin – new girl and mojo-removal bound!

Satin is a pretty long-tailed tabby, very dainty, hence the name. I estimate to be a rather young girl, probably 1-2 years old. She looks well-kept and is very friendly.

She’s been spotted before, a few times, hanging out at Sasha’s. And it also goes without saying that we’ve been plotting her mojo robbery for a while now. But as with many other new honorary clannies on the block, her routine was, well, not routine, and it was difficult to get her to commit to an appointment.

But for the past few days, she’s been settling in, and deciding on a routine. And tonight, we’ve got her! V is picking her up, and we expect her to be mojo-less by this time tomorrow.