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Tabby female, probably abandoned pet. First sighted by Amy, suspected Saba’s child.

Area2: New cat of the week

This happened on 1 Apr… unfortunately it’s no joke.

A alerted btmao that a new cat was sighted around the territory of Brina’s family. The next night it seemed she was sighted around Saba’s home. The new girl was apparently running after people and meowing frantically.. She was also walloped by the now de-mojoed Saba, after which she was spotted running across the road to Area1 after Saba’s attack.

Apparently, Sue, Saba’s part-time owner told A the new girl may be a child of Saba’s that she had given away. Oh, the cheek!

For btmao and me, we’ve no luck sighting the poor girl, either in Area1 or Area2. The frustration is sometimes unbearable.

Last week it was Jenny, this week it’s a child of Saba. I hope it doesn’t get to be a trend.