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Clannies area, no human habitats, furthest from cat minion homebase

Area3: Pierre, honorary clan member

Meet Pierre.

He is a community cat whose home range abuts Marty and Henna’s tuft. Like them, he’s been around since before or during SARS.

His home consists of a plaza where members of the public sit and chat. He’s actually a very popular fixture and often sits quietly by chatting couples or groups of friends in the evening. As they chat, people who stroke or pet him, and he enjoys the attention, though he won’t demand it. He’s friendliness and politeness personified. Still we believe that he did not survive this long by being oblivious. He’s hardly ever sighted in the daytime and we notice that once he’s had food, he will hide in the bushes that line the plaza perimeter.

Because of the very high traffic volume of his home, we don’t stick around, to avoid attracting the wrong type of attention to him. So we do not have photos of him, until this encounter when we had a camera good enough to take some viewable pictures.

There used to be another 2 or 3 other cats sharing his home, likely his family as they are tabby white like him. They are all sterilised (but not by us minions). But we’ve not sighted them for a long time. The most recent news we heard from A is that a resident, a very cute and dainty tabby female was found dead nearby, either because of road accident or pesticide.


We don’t feed Pierrie as he’s obviously got his supply line down pat. As it turns out, one of his supplier is A from Area2.

PS: for the curious, he was named Pierre as us minions were going on to names starting with P for the new males appearing in Area 3 at the time. Pierre seemed to suit him as he had an air of an elegant romantic despite being the constant pain in Marty’s side during pasar malams. He has always loved people and was such a gentleman with humans even though he and Marty probably would love to kick the other one 10,000 miles from the area.


Area3: Maggie in the flesh

At last, nearly 9 months after her first appearance, I meet Maggie and get her picced and vidded.

First view of Maggie

Tumtum: Anything for a morsel



So long, and thanks for all the grub

Bonus: Maggie tucking in.

Area3: Mary, 13 Jul 08

After serving Marty and Henna, it was Mary’s turn:

AS soon as she recognised us, she got up from her sitting sentinel position and approached.

Like those two seniors, Mary wound herself around btmao’s legs

Area3: Marty and Henna, 13 Jul 08

It’s been 4 months since an Area3 update (3 since Marcus went missing), so I accompanied btmao to the Sunday morning breakfast service to the area 3 kitties and of course took new pictures of the furries.

Marty, in the midst of his usual fervent (and loud) greetings to btmao

Henna, as usual followed his lead

Best friends: these two are the seniors of area 3 and have been firm buddies for ever. Every time we see them, they’re busy giving each other headbutts and kisses

Of course they make sure to give btmao love and affection, gratitude and hugs too.

After this, we went over to Mary’s (the ex-Martin gangland). Thus far, I’ve not sighted Maggie at all, though btmao has met and given her breakfast a few times.

Area3: Vacuum effect kicking in already

It’s barely a week since Marcus went MIA, and already the vacuum effect is in effect. btmao reported a new young calico female was distractedly milling around with Mary this morning.

She seemed comfortable and Mary did not harass her unduly, though she was a bit wary of btmao, and wasn’t really impressed with the breakfast service. We hope she at least stay around long enough for us to arrange her mojo-robbery.

Area 3: Marcus missing

Today marks the seventh day that Marcus has missed btmao’s breakfast service. This has never happened before.

Last Tuesday, 8 April was the first day btmao reported that Marcus has missed breakfast.


Missing a meal is not alarming in itself, but with ranking members of the gangland disappearing (Macy, missing since June 2007 and Martin, Marcus’ surrogate parent, MIA since late November 2007), we got a bit worried. But we told ourselves he would appear the next day… which stretched into the weekend.

And right on Saturday, btmao called while on feeding duty – a pack of 4 dogs were harrassing first Mary and then Marty and Henny. Luckily all 3 escaped and are are fine. We fear Marcus may have fallen to them or a similar pack.


Mary is the only gangland member left now.


She was always an outcast among the gang (mostly through her own contentious fault), but she has proven herself the survivor.


Take care, Marcus. We think of you, and wish you well, wherever you are.

Area 3: Elusive Maggie

btmao spotted Maggie this morning, after a long drought.

She’s looking fine and is as willing as before to follow btmao for food. At least she’s keeping well.

And we’re still missing photos from her.