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Small agouti/white female. Martin’s gang. Appeared 2004. MIA June 2006

Macy, where are you?


Macy’s been missing for a month. We’re worried and have no clue where she went, but as of her disappearance she was healthy and looked fine.

For the past weeks, we’ve been hoping to see her familiar shape again, waiting with the rest for the daily grub. She’s done it before-go AWOL, but her record was slightly more than a week only.

Martin and the others are all still there so it’s not a rounding up/cull. No one bothers anyway since they live in a non-human habited area.

Such is the danger of living a homeless life. We can only hope that she’s safe and happy wherever she is. Please think of Macy and send a kind thought for her safety. Thank you.


Well, what do you know….

Chrissy’s just been carted off to the vet’s this morning, and just now, in the Area 1 carpark, btmao saw a new one! A large big-headed male version of Macy (Area 3) right where Chrissy was found.

He was scrawny and scaredy and was checking out some food. But the more btmao tried to befriend him, the further he ran! There you go – another guy who needs to be relieved of mojo.

We’ve certainly got our mojo-stealing work cut out for us:

  • Area 1: 2 males – Isam and this new dude (need to, once again, refer to trusty site for possible names).
  • Area 2: 3 males – Benji for sure, elusive Buddy and Benny… idealist perfect aim, 3 females – the equally elusive and seldom sighted Buffy, Bella and Omi

Why the tumbling of cats? It’s probably the spring-cleaning season, plus moving season. Cats are either abandoned or they’re semipets learning new geography, thanks to their families moving into the area. We’re bracing ourselves for more to come.

Area 3 cats

This morning’s brekkie takers:

Henna and Martin (carp view)

Mary perfect cat

Marcus in the sun.

Cats in a row – Martin, Macy

Another look at tiny Macy

Checking out the buffet spread

Marcus administer a taste test

Synchonised mowing

Satisfied after a good meal.

Earlier this evening

The usual suspects in Area 3 came out for dindin. Marty first.

As always, he was prompt and waiting with anticipation. After btmao set out his dinner, she over to Martin’s gangland, leaving footsoldier me on clean up detail. I thought it would be a quick one.

But just as he was finishing, who should come running but Henna. Of course btmao had to come back to set service for her.

After the two are done (Martin helped himself to Henna’s share too), we went over toclean up after Martin’s gang.

It was good to see that Macy’s appetite was phenomenal. Which means the meds are working – RELIEF!

On the way home, we checked Area 2 for Omi, Bella and Sasha. Only Sasha was there, but we were glad to see her. It’s been  days since we gave her food.

This morning’s service

At the area 1 carpark, were ravenous Cassie and Ivan, according to btmao, and the irregular scheduled-one, Cally. No sign of Cara.

In area 3, the usual suspects Marty, Henna, Mary, Martin, Marcus, and Macy.

Macy only nibbled, and was more interested to check out Martin and Marcus’ plates, just to be sure she’s getting the same deal.

Macy’s place this evening

I joined btmao on the evening service just now. After she laid the table for Henna and Marty, I watched over them and waited to do clean up.

Meantime, btmao went into Martin’s gangland.

After the venerable ones were done, and my duty is done, I went to look for btmao. Mary was tucking in as usual. But it was a different scene with the threesome.

When I reached the gang, only Martin was eating with gusto. But the grub he had was not the usual staple – just pure natural balance dry food, the wet stuff was missing.

I looked to where the other two sat. Macy was spacing out by her plate, Marcus had no interest in his whatsoever. It was highly unusual. Then btmoa found the plausible explantion – there were containers of water, soft drink cups. Too high for the cats, but the man who left them seemed oblivious to the fact. He’s someone we call the “I see, I understand” encik. And he’s in the same league as the the impervious midnight litter-bug feeder, a “feel good” dumpster feeder. Surprisingly, there were no leftovers attracting vicious agitated ants, unlike his usual aftermath.  While btmao thought it might be that he’s finally learnt to clean up, I was rather more doubtful that he understood the problems of his “feel good” feeding.

Tomorrow, in any case, would be a better gauge of Macy’s appetite, since her lack of interest in dinner was not indicative in itself, thanks to the “I see, I understand” encik, who likes to name-drop too.

Someday, I shall devote a bit of online time to him, just as I did the midnight feeder. Such incredible examples of imperviousness deserve to be on a pedestal for all to marvel.

Not easy to medicate Macy.

btmao came home flustered from brekkie service. Macy’s one tough little kitty to foie-gras today, quite unlike yesterday, when we did it at the vet’s, with a pill-popper thingy we bought. She’s worried about getting Macy to finish her meds now. Change of plans – mix the pill into the food. New SOP starts tomorrow.