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Adult black female first sighted on 7 Feb 08. Appeared with tipped ear.

Area3: Maggie in the flesh

At last, nearly 9 months after her first appearance, I meet Maggie and get her picced and vidded.

First view of Maggie

Tumtum: Anything for a morsel



So long, and thanks for all the grub

Bonus: Maggie tucking in.


Area3: Vacuum effect kicking in already

It’s barely a week since Marcus went MIA, and already the vacuum effect is in effect. btmao reported a new young calico female was distractedly milling around with Mary this morning.

She seemed comfortable and Mary did not harass her unduly, though she was a bit wary of btmao, and wasn’t really impressed with the breakfast service. We hope she at least stay around long enough for us to arrange her mojo-robbery.

Area 3: Elusive Maggie

btmao spotted Maggie this morning, after a long drought.

She’s looking fine and is as willing as before to follow btmao for food. At least she’s keeping well.

And we’re still missing photos from her.

Maggie sighted after a fortnight of absence

We had thought her gone or chased out of the area as it’s been nearly 14 days since we last saw her. But this morning, she was there for breakfast again.

We do need to work out Maggie’s schedule. However, she seemed to have been settling in well. btmao reported that she’s no longer so gaunt, and her sides, previously a little sunk in, has filled out a bit. So she now looks like a sleek cat with access to food.

Need to work out Maggie’s schedule

After her second breakfast, Maggie missed the weekend breakfast services. We were beginning to think she might just be passing through the area, but this morning – the first day of work since the CNY holidays – btmao spotted her again. She’s still ravenous, so we are still sticking with our theory that she’s newly wandered in (or plucked in) and hasn’t got to know the place well, and has not met the ghost feeders haunting the area yet.

Maggie’s hanging around

Seems like Maggie may be joining the clannies of Area 3. She was there at the same place, and got her breakfast from btmao.

I will try to get a photo of her.

Chinese New Year Surprise

A soup-kitchen minion‘s work is never done.

This morning, even though it’s the first day of Chinese New Year, btmao woke up at her usual time and went out on her feeding rounds.

Her first stop were the elders of Area 3, Marty and Henna‘s feeding station.

Out around Marty’s old haunt, which she would pass by to get to the two elders, she discovered a new cat!

It was an adult female, fully black. She was skittish but ravenous. So btmao managed to draw her away from the human traffic and attention. She spotted a tipped ear.