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Male, white with small ginger patches. Martin’s gang. Appeared as 2 mth old kit in early 2006.

Area 3: Marcus missing

Today marks the seventh day that Marcus has missed btmao’s breakfast service. This has never happened before.

Last Tuesday, 8 April was the first day btmao reported that Marcus has missed breakfast.


Missing a meal is not alarming in itself, but with ranking members of the gangland disappearing (Macy, missing since June 2007 and Martin, Marcus’ surrogate parent, MIA since late November 2007), we got a bit worried. But we told ourselves he would appear the next day… which stretched into the weekend.

And right on Saturday, btmao called while on feeding duty – a pack of 4 dogs were harrassing first Mary and then Marty and Henny. Luckily all 3 escaped and are are fine. We fear Marcus may have fallen to them or a similar pack.


Mary is the only gangland member left now.


She was always an outcast among the gang (mostly through her own contentious fault), but she has proven herself the survivor.


Take care, Marcus. We think of you, and wish you well, wherever you are.

Area 3 clannies today





Marcus and Mary, still sorting things out

After seeing to the seniors, we tended to the gandlanders.

Looking at him licking his muzzle in satisfaction after eating, it’s hard to imagine that Marcus is not happy. But since Martin’s disppearance, Marcus has been vascillating between taking over management and giving way to Mary.

Mary, menawhile, has also been asserting herself. When Martin was around, she would never have her tail up during mealtime. But here, her pennant is confidently raised.

Area 3 cats today

The Area 3 cats today:
Marty and Henna satiated. The structure they’re in is the tent for the month-long pasar malam.

In the other direction…
Aftermath of the pasar malam

Martin and Marcus

Martin distracted from watching Mary groom (the little lump above his head)

Martin’s gangland, Sun 16 Sep

Despite the rain, or inspite of it, all gangers were present, unlike Marty‘s clique.

Mary had missed yesterday’s breakfast. But today she was first on the scene.

Mary, whiskers curled backwards from crawling through a catchment drain.

Extra eager for food, she was also the first to be done. Immaculate beauty is her hallmark, and grooming is everything

Marty, gang boss. He showed unusual curiosity about the camera today. Usually he ignores it.

Marcus, Martin’s protege. Still skittish around anyone who’s not btmao, he stayed away until food was laid out.

Area 3 cats

This morning’s brekkie takers:

Henna and Martin (carp view)

Mary perfect cat

Marcus in the sun.

Cats in a row – Martin, Macy

Another look at tiny Macy

Checking out the buffet spread

Marcus administer a taste test

Synchonised mowing

Satisfied after a good meal.

Earlier this evening

The usual suspects in Area 3 came out for dindin. Marty first.

As always, he was prompt and waiting with anticipation. After btmao set out his dinner, she over to Martin’s gangland, leaving footsoldier me on clean up detail. I thought it would be a quick one.

But just as he was finishing, who should come running but Henna. Of course btmao had to come back to set service for her.

After the two are done (Martin helped himself to Henna’s share too), we went over toclean up after Martin’s gang.

It was good to see that Macy’s appetite was phenomenal. Which means the meds are working – RELIEF!

On the way home, we checked Area 2 for Omi, Bella and Sasha. Only Sasha was there, but we were glad to see her. It’s been  days since we gave her food.