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Agouti old male with semi-tail. Overlord of area 3. Companion: Henna.

Area3: Marty and Henna, 13 Jul 08

It’s been 4 months since an Area3 update (3 since Marcus went missing), so I accompanied btmao to the Sunday morning breakfast service to the area 3 kitties and of course took new pictures of the furries.

Marty, in the midst of his usual fervent (and loud) greetings to btmao

Henna, as usual followed his lead

Best friends: these two are the seniors of area 3 and have been firm buddies for ever. Every time we see them, they’re busy giving each other headbutts and kisses

Of course they make sure to give btmao love and affection, gratitude and hugs too.

After this, we went over to Mary’s (the ex-Martin gangland). Thus far, I’ve not sighted Maggie at all, though btmao has met and given her breakfast a few times.


Area 3 clannies today





Chinese New Year Surprise

A soup-kitchen minion‘s work is never done.

This morning, even though it’s the first day of Chinese New Year, btmao woke up at her usual time and went out on her feeding rounds.

Her first stop were the elders of Area 3, Marty and Henna‘s feeding station.

Out around Marty’s old haunt, which she would pass by to get to the two elders, she discovered a new cat!

It was an adult female, fully black. She was skittish but ravenous. So btmao managed to draw her away from the human traffic and attention. She spotted a tipped ear.

Buddies (Marty and Henna)

The grand old folks, pioneers of the tec soup kitchen, gave us some great looks this Saturday past.

Tortie! Grand dame Henna, the classic tortoiseshell (info on cat coat colours and patterns)

She’s very tolerant of us now that her mojo-s robbed, and will hang around for a photoshoot. Previously, she’d disappear in a blink, before the food was even finished.

Agouti Tabby coat – Marty’s the first one to wear it in the neighbourhood

Tortie-Tum. Marty shows that even though Henna’s coat pattern is named after the craft processed shell-pattern of hawksbill turtles, ( now a major cause of their survival problems), tabbies have the underside of the other chelonia gang, the usually landlubbing cousins of the very endangered turtledom, tortoises (who also need help), in their grasp.

The old boy trotted after us as we left for Martin, now Marcus’ gangland.

Who says cats can’t get along? These two have been best friends from the start.

Area 3 cats today

The Area 3 cats today:
Marty and Henna satiated. The structure they’re in is the tent for the month-long pasar malam.

In the other direction…
Aftermath of the pasar malam

Martin and Marcus

Martin distracted from watching Mary groom (the little lump above his head)

Martin’s gangland, Sun 16 Sep

Despite the rain, or inspite of it, all gangers were present, unlike Marty‘s clique.

Mary had missed yesterday’s breakfast. But today she was first on the scene.

Mary, whiskers curled backwards from crawling through a catchment drain.

Extra eager for food, she was also the first to be done. Immaculate beauty is her hallmark, and grooming is everything

Marty, gang boss. He showed unusual curiosity about the camera today. Usually he ignores it.

Marcus, Martin’s protege. Still skittish around anyone who’s not btmao, he stayed away until food was laid out.

Area3: Marty solo

Henna was nowhere in sight. While Marty was present, unsurprisingly, his appetite seem down a notch without her company, and he seemed a bit blue, like the weather.

Marty a little forlorn, despite successfully filling his tummy. We didn’t stay around to keep him company as there was still Martin’s gangland to serve.