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2-year male resembling Joe Yeti. First sighted mid 07. Unsterilised, wanders Areas 1, 2 and the vicinity.

Area2: Kitties galore!

After last week‘s sighting of the emaciated but friendly tabby boy and the cursory sighting midweek, we decided to do another walkabout tonight, and try to track him.

Though we didn’t find him, we did come across a super friendly, young female agouti… who is pregnant. As we were walking past the small road to the Area 2 carpark, btmao spotted the by-now familiar kitty silhoulette trotting toward us from another direction. We decided to approach and lo and behold, it was a ravenous and talkative young female! She barely started begging for food, and already btmao was laying some kibble on the pavement. We estimated that she would be barely 10 months old, and to our dread already pregnant. She was extremely clean, which indicated she was a free-ranging pet cat, but typical of such cats, she was also extremely skinny. That she was ravenous was no surprise either.

Between gorging on the kibbles, and trying to get head scritches, she was a very busy little cat. All in all, btmao gave her 5 big handfuls of kibbles… and it was still not enough.

Because the lighting conditions were too much for my handphone I took a vid instead, recording her voice if not images of her. If it could have been uploaded on youtube, you would be able to listen to her – the sound of a severely starved cat vocalising as she frantically eat as much as she can.

That she was also anxious to be friendly and get head scritches despite her extreme hunger, tells us the probability that she is or was a pet cat is at 100%.

She was still trying to beg for food after her fifth serving, but concerned that she might suffer from digestion issues and diarrhea (which is likely after a long starvation period) , we stopped and began leaving. She tried to follow us for a bit, but gave up dejectedly.

Our hands are tied as Foster Mum has her hands full too. But we will make arrangements with her to have this lovely girl sterilised as soon as possible. This is because sterilising pregnant cats has its attendant risks, she may need temporary boarding to recover before being returned to Area 2, and the best place to do that, that we know of, is the cattery.

We want to get her sterilised as soon as possible, as our experience with Booties tells us that she’s not healthy enough to bear her litter to full-term and even if she managed that, her babies are not likely to survive, either from poor health, poor care or poor nutrition. Looking at how emaciated she is, for a pregnant cat, she will not be able to care for her babies nor provide them nutrition. So it is better to stop her pregnancy rather than let it continue to drain her.

After leaving the young female, we searched but did not spot the tabby male we wanted to get.

btmao and I split up to widen the coverage. Soon she called me. She was very agitated. Behind a ground floor flat and therefore in the unlit night, were 3-5 cats, and they seemed to be warming up for a squabble. To make a long story short, the flat has cats running in and out. we make out:

  • 1 very friendly 1-2 year old tabby/white male with a long tail, who resembles Kobe
  • (picture)

  • 1 Calico kitten, 4 months old. Skittish.
  • 1 black/dark tuxedo kitten, 4 months old. Skittish.
  • 1 silver/grey tabby or white kitten , 4 months old. Skittish.


There was also 1 Joe Yeti lookalike, whom we’ve spotted in Joe’s old haunt, and who we call Little Joe. He’s about 2-3 years old, and also we suspect, unsterilised. He was milling around the vicinity and we determined the commotion was due to his presence.

We were already feeling faint – aside from the resident tabby white, all were unapproachable. We thought it was enough for the night. But no. Immediately after we rounded the corner of the flat, we saw a blue-eyed Siamese cross with mittens sitting on a bench, whom we thought at first glance to be the long-missing Sasha. But on second glance, we realised it was also a kitten , 4-6 months old. Again it was skittish and scooted off into the night as soon as it noticed us approaching. We noticed it had a half tail.

Nearby, in the open, and reacting to this kitten’s escape was another smallish cat, a black and white tuxedo quite apart from the brood behind the flat.

We have our work cut out for us.