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Young adult male ginger spotted tabby, semi-pet living on area 1 borders. Sent for neutering 10 Apr 07.

Ryan’s back, sans mojo

It’ a bit after 10.30pm, and we’re back from a little sojourn.

We just released Ryan on his home tuft. None the worse for wear is he, except for shrunken cojones and a tipless left ear.

He made a beeline for home, a bit further out on the horizon. We thought he’d had enough freaking out for any given 24 hours, and decided to give him his breathing space. One alien abduction a lifetime is quite the limit.

So no pictures today to show off his brand new tipped ear. We’ll check back on him and get a mugshot at least.


Area 1 newbies: Lizzy and Ryan

This morning, btmao spotted a classic tabby/white young female and a larger ginger spotted tabby boy who seemed to be tailing her during the area 1 morning feed. That can only spell trouble.

And the two poor things were starved – they were scrounging at the rubbish dump and wolfing down bread!

So we decided to go look for them after work.

The female was found on the 2nd storey of the carpark, appearing at the same time that Ivan responded to btmao on the ground floor. So I was dispatched to retrieve/lure her down while btmao attended to le terrible.

She was loud, and she’s beautiful and scrawny, not to mention grubby.

At this point, she just kept stalling and refused to follow me down the stairs, so I picked up her, and she purred during the entire journey. She was so trusting… only as a pet could be this guileless.

I brought her to where btmao was pssting. Ivan was there and had finished his food at this time (already!). So btmao came over and started serving the ravenous girl. Ivan followed a ways, and stopped.

The ginger boy was nowhere in sight. Given her affectionate and trusting nature, we decided to rehome her (what’s new) if Foster Mum could take her on, but of course she would be sterilised regardless, it’s just a matter of timing. So btmao went home for the carrier while I waited on her gluttony.

Ever the gentleman, Ivan kept his distance, though he did call, probably as he was still a bit hopeful for more food. Regardless of his name, he is a very sweet, considerate alpha.

When bmao returned, it was just about time to get put the girl into carrier. At this time, who should appear but the ginger boy! He came bounding happily across the road, and up the little slope to where we were, but stopped short when he realised Ivan was there. He then sat on the grass directly in front of Ivan, and was about 2-3 metres away only. Of course, they both postured like gentlemen and only did some vocal strutting (though given the sitting stance of the ginger boy it seemed more like he was unsure and was ready to submit to Ivan’s terribleness).

The ruckus was, needless to say, disturbing to a scrawny omega, so the girl was starting to get spooked and was about to slink under a car. I quickly stopped her by scruffing her and btmao swung open the carrier and we slid her in.

One down!

We were wondering if the boy could be persuaded to give up his mojo. But we were not hopeful.

Then btmao made the call to Foster Mum. While she did so, I was checking out the boy. He looked familiar and was probably a semi-pet from one of the known households from across the road letting their cats roam.

I decided to try my luck and approached him. He actually presented his tummy and allowed me to give him headrubs.

btmao had confirmed the girl’s check-in at Foster Mum then. We exchanged looks and whispers. She hurried home for another carrier while I continued to coax the boy.

Ivan remained under the lorry he had retreated to and continued to posture from time to time. The boy though seemed more interested in the headrubs than reciprocating.

I was gingerly providing scritches to him, and hoped my edginess didn’t spook him before Ivan did.

I took the time to check him out. It’s not often that we see cats from across the road in area1. He’s got a road-burnish clot on his right ear. His face, near the left eye were full of little welts too. He looked like he’s been in a scuffle and was recovering. The large male that we had spotted in Area 1 had lodged himself in the area this ginger boy came from. And we’ve stopped the large male from at least one stand-off with resident semi-pet cats. I wager this ginger boy was a victim of his territory staking. This boy was probably getting displaced and trying to establish another territory. But the poor boy would be making a big mistake to think he can outswagger Ivan. Even the large male that defeated him had to concede to Ivan and retreated across the road. (Incidentally, the large male is another one of those devil cats that turns any tnrm programme into hell simply because he’s the belligerent ruckus in the neighbourhood but refuse to be friends and give up his mojo)

It seemed to take forever but finally btmao returned. When she got in range with the open carrier, I took a deep breath, whispered “good boy” to the ginger one and scruffed him.

Next, nothing happened. Surprisingly. I was braced for a struggle or protest, but he did neither. We slid him into the carrier after a bit of work, as this one was smaller and he’s quite a fair bit of heft on him – we estimate him to be more than 1 year old given the size of his head.

As we sorted out the aftermath of the girl’s dinner, btmao asked if I checked the ginger boy’s balls since he’s a pet. If he’s already done, though we highly doubt, we can save him a trip and us some money. I decided to chance it, and opened the carrier, scruffed him, and flipped him belly-up for btmao to check. As before, no resistance. We were re-stunned.

And the crux of the manoeuvre? Yes, the boy has cojones, fully formed round ones.

I slid him back into the carrier the same way. Then we brought them home and isolated them in the room.

Later, our mum went in to check them out too. The fact that she recognised the boy as one of the semi-pets from across the road sealed it. We’re suckers again, for sterilising someone’s pet again. But for the sake of Ivan, we decided we had to. Plus it’ll do this boy’s health some very wholesome goodness too to give up his mojo too. Take it as community service.

Because the girl’s coat pattern resembles Izzy so much, we decided to name her after him: she’s now Lizzy.

As for the ginger boy, he put us in mind of Brian, a classic ginger tabby boy who had also come to area1 from across the road like him. So we decided to name him Ryan. Sadly for Brian, he was abandoned and was not street-savvy at all. He kept vacillating between area1 and Ryan’s neighbourhood, and that was his undoing. He was killed soon after we got him sterilised ni a hit-and-run. We hope Ryan will fare much better, and with his mojo gone, that he will stay put in his neighbourhood. We’ll also try ot get that dratted big-headed tabby that’s been terrorising his neighbourhood.

So that’s today’s buzz. Lizzy for rehoming, and in place of Kenji, we’ve got Ryan… the balance is not that far out of kilter.

(EDIT: Lizzy and Ryan were a personal first for me. It’s always been btmao who does the carrier shoving since she’s the cat-piper. Never have our roles been reversed before)