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Ms Fix-It

This too too cute for words

(URL source)

I’m particularly taken not with Kitty’s handymeow credentials but rather her penchant for standing up… much like

Prairie Dogs
Prairie dog standing and facing camera
(phot source)

or Meerkats

meerkats information photo facts pictures
[EDIT: I am rather taken with this non-standing phot too]
and Mongooses
Art print: Banded Mongoose Sits Upright To Get a Better Look Things; a National Geographic photograph by Beverly Joubert

Seems like this peculiar trait is specific to Japanese cats:

Japanese Standing Cats

Cats have always been very popular in Japan.

Products like Hello Kitty and famous anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service are great examples of how much the Japanese adore their feline friends.

Cats are cool and all, but nothing weirds me out more than when a cat does something that is very human-like, such as standing upright on its hind legs.

cat-standing Japanese Standing Cats picture

We came across three great videos showing weird cats that can stand for quite some time.

Cute and adorable… sure.

Completely creepy and unnerving… absolutely.

(URL source)

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Filched off Dawn’s blog


tec goes vigilant

We’re using a new theme. The attraction? Having an “Alert box: A special feature just for this theme, the optional alert box appears at the top of the page and can contain an announcement or other notice that you want to keep prominent on your blog” in addition to keeping the customisable header image (new one to come) and 2 sidebars – sorting the text box widgets out was an utter pain though. Please bear with us as we tinkle around with it.

Proposition: Blog for sharing or new ownership

When tec first started, we called it pns and had it hosted on blogspot. It got too spreadout for its own good since we, ok I calsifer-minion, crammed everything on it like the self-respecting annal retentive obssessive compulsive that I am.

Since we moved to wordpress, I had the bright idea to carve out the animal cruelty cases I had been compiling for reference, which was inspired by So was born Casefile: Singapore Animal Cruelty. However, I have not been able to begin the work of moving the cases over, much less keep current of development in the killing fields. So I am looking to relinquish control or share the blog with someone willing to maintain it and allow the cases I’ve compiled to be housed on it. I’ve even thought up a “filing” system for the cases. All I ask is that the person who takes over or co-share it apply some due diligence and keep it fairly current since I am obviously not able to cope myself. If interested, please email me at sephycat at gmail dot com, with “SAC blog” in the title, thanks.

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses

This puts some serious chortle in the brain.

(filched off Dawn’s blog)

Email with link to stray/homeless cat-hating blog

… no, I don’t have it here. But I’ve received 2 emails that essentially said:

A fren sent me this blog of a guy who apparently hates STRAY CATS…….


this is the blog

apparently he only hates stray cats which is sick sick sick. and only STRAYS.

This really reminds me of the case of the bonzai kitten site a few years back. Now, I do not care for such bigotry. But do I need to click on the link? I don’t think so. What does it achieve besides adding a hit to the bigoted blog? I won’t forward the link either. Why help the bigot get traffic?  So if you do get the same or similar, consider stopping the buck right there, won’t you?