Hooligans and Angels – the Terrors running riot at home

Well, this is the one to make or break my heart – will the home bums ever forgive me for showcasing the sordid minutiae of their mundane routines? I tremble, but incorrigible kitty papparazzi that I am, this is going to be exposè galore!

While I get organised, here’s the headcount

  • Bam Bam (littermate of Teddy)
  • Joey (the lone ginger)
  • Kheilly (son of Rheilly, deceased 20070204)
  • Milly (littermate of Philly and Rhielly, deceased 20051025)
  • Philly (littermate of Milly and Rhielly)
  • Rheilly (littermate of Milly and Philly)
  • Teddy (littermate of Bam Bam)

Full list of slacker postings


2 responses to “slackers

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been looking at the home slackers’ photos, and I noticed that the home slackers really enjoy their scratching post.
    Where did you get yours?
    I can’t get my cat to scratch the scratching posts I provide for her.
    Wondering if you could tell me where to get a good one?


  2. Hi Xiuwen,
    Scratchposts are easily available in Singapore. However, you need to shop around to find a good one. I’ve not done it before, but the alternative is to order one online and have it imported.

    You can refer to our Enrichment – Scratchpost page for info on what to look for, and additional ref on scratching, and how to get your cat to use one. Hope it helps.

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