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Help needed (click on each picture to read the full story on pawpledge):

1 poor lady, 48 cats, and 1000 cockroaches!!!

3 Deaths in 2 Days

Our Saturday Visits to 2 Shelters

Wawa's mangled tongue
Suffering in Silence…

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Appeal: Please help Fat Fat, the now paralysed cat.

[EDIT 20090603: Fat Fat @ Blessing Home now]

Adorable Fat Fat

Adorable Fat Fat

Please help Fat Fat, the now paralysed cat. She’s an absolutely adorable and super affectionate from the Old Airport Road Killing Fields. Though her spine is broken in three places, she’s still a loving kitty with undampened spirits. Please read about her story here and see how you can help Fat Fat.

Thank you.

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Appeal: Cat hit by car in Jurong area

[EDIT 20090519: Received update on Sunday, 20090517 that the cat has passed away.]

Just got this in the mail. Please help spread the word. Thanks

Subject: Cat hit by car in Jurong area
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 02:57:58 +0800

Attached are the photos.

On the 8th May 09, a cat was hit by a car at Jurong West extention area, near to Xingnan primary school. The cat is a 2 year old tabby white male cat,unsterilise, and was rushed to The Joyous Vet to seek immediate treatment. One of the cat’s eye was swelling heavily due to the impact of the car and vomitted a lot of blood on the way to the vet.

Dr. Grace Heng attended to the cat and mentioned that she had to stitch up the swollen eye which may need to be remove if the swelling does not go down after 2 weeks. There is no other alternatives but to remove the eye.

The lower jaw was badly damaged also, thus the much bleeding on the way to the vet. The lower jaw has cracked and Dr. Heng has stitich up the broken jaw, which may or may not work for the cat to heal.

She mentioned that if the stitches holding the jaws loosen, the cat may need to go for bone surgery that is very costly and only done by certain vets.

A feeding tube also have to be inserted into the cat as force feeding may worsen the condition of the jaw that has cracked. It’s a tube that allows food to flow directly into the stomach, not through the mouth. The cat has difficulty chewing now as the mouth is very swollen and in great pain, at the same time stressing the cat badly when the nurse try to forcefeed him.

We are desperately in need of donations for this cat that had survived the accident as we are doing a lot of animal rescue work. We are trying our very best to raise funds for the cat’s medical bills and all donations will be answered to clearly with receipts from the vet that will be scan and email to kind souls who donate.


Please contact Kahyong @ 98176735 for the account number for donations for this poor cat, and kindly let me know who you are and the amount donated.

Please help to forward the email and feel free to email contact me through this email or hp if you have any enquiries about the cat. Thank you!

IMG_0748 Photo395

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Appeals: Pawpledge’s Project CCK (Choa Chu Kang) – the inspiration for it

Remember this appeal on pawledge we posted on 28 Jan 09?

Please read this, the reason for pawpledge’s Project CCK

Mother cat with 8 cm cut on abdomen

Mother cat with 8 cm cut on abdomen

Suffering at the highest degree…

I don’t know what to say but is vastly saddened by the recent Choa Chu Kang case where this tri-color calico cat was cut open. She was still alive when the caregiver found it, bleeding on the void deck. Her intestines were spilling out but the fighter was still clinging on to dear life. SPCA was notified and she was put down after the painful ordeal. Why does a poor innocent animal have to go through so much pain? And what dysfunction does one go through to bear dishing out so much suffering to a helpless animal? You can look at the SPCA appeal flyer for more information. (http://www.spca.org.sg/SPCAAppeal.pdf)

I can’t stop re-iterating the importance of STERILISATION (TNRM). Sterilisation helps reduce unwanted kittens, pregnant females, territorial behaviour in male cats, cat fights, mating calls, etc etc….everything that sickens and irritates people who don’t like cats / stray animals. Hopefully with less kittens, there’ll be less abuse.

SAYING is not enough, DOING is louder than words. PawPledge is committed to sterilising the cats at Choa Chu Kang. We hope that you will help us as much as you can. We will publish “Project CCK” update on our website for transparency purpose.

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Appeals: Pawpledge’s Project CCK (Choa Chu Kang) Commences

Project CCK (Choa Chu Kang) Commences

Baby for Adoption

Baby for Adoption

SOS: Cat With Rectum Exposed in Toa Payoh

Saw this on the catwelfare society‘s Special Appeals page. To help, please contact the coordinating person directly. (email Lynn at crystal.chakra@gmail.com )

Cat With Rectum Exposed in Toa Payoh – Posted on 4 Oct 2008

An urgent appeal from a volunteer Janet:

Janet saw this cat in the vicinity.  As you can see from the picture, his rectum and part of the intestine is sticking out!  A surgery (maybe a few) is definitely needed save this cat.  And the hospital stay is probably going to kill all of us financially.  Can you please help us post this on the CWS Appeals page so we can save this cat?  This looks very painful. 😦

Please kindly email Lynn at crystal.chakra@gmail.com if you can help in some ways or another.

Note from calsifer: While I welcome comments and am game for discussions, please Do Not post your contact details here as I am merely trying to help pass on the message. It is far more effective and appropriate for you to contact the coordinating as listed in appeal directly if you want to offer help. Thank you.

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