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Area1: Snippety Happy

We thought we had a new kitty in the hood… what do we know.

The kitty we confirmed about 2 weeks was an agouti female – she was sitting right outside our door, on the ninth floor, on a night when btmao returned home late, thus confirming herself to us. Like Isam when he first appeared, and Brenda, she seemed to trying to find her home, going up and down in tireless frenzy the blocks in the ‘hood.

Around the same time, we spotted a new silver spotted tabby male, young but with fullly ripe “grapes”.

Available adult female, add virile adult male. Bad combo. But as ever, they were scaredy-attention seeking (typical of newly abandoned pets), elusive and refused to give us their daily agenga. Talk about guerilla warfare.

This morning, we spotted the female downing some cooked rice strewn on the muddy roots of a tree. She ran off as I approached. So this evening we decided we would try to nail someone, anyone, to some sort of kitty schedule.

We got more than we ask for… different than what we hoped but definitely more.

We met a new kitty. A striped female with a stumpy tail and surprise of surprises – a tipped ear. She’s a carpark denizen and completely friendly.

Then while btmao fed her, I went round the neighbourhood. The silver spotted tabby boy was out and about, up to his usual frenetic search up and down the blocks looking for a home. But at least he was calm enough and friendly. We decided to call V to come collect him, not least because his loudmouth tendency wasn’t doing himself any fabours.

Thankfully V was available to swing by, ETA 9-ish. The silver spotted tabby boy wouldn’t know what hit him. He’s friendly, bright-eyed but definitely putting on the coy. His call even sounded like he’s wanting to show some lucky gal what a lover he was. And his advertisement was being answered. We were standing at the foot of a block. I heard someone responding to him, but it took btmao’s 6/6 vision (she went home for supplies), to spot the furry Rappunzel up on the third floor, upper body clear over the ledge and at the ready to fly down.

I went up to take a look. It was the rice-gulping agouti-female. But she was right on the ledge and let out a very scared howl. So I left her, and btmao to juggle her watch. btmao had to chaparone the loverlorn twosome as I had to go home to finish up some work. I also told her she just missed Brenda trotting by a while.

btmao just got home and gave me the surprise of week. When I went looking for the spotted tabby boy, he had climbed to the second floor of another block (he’s got the Isam’s initial run-up-and-down-every-block bug), where I had spotted 3 young cats in front of a flat (which occpuants refused to open and talk), 1 friendly ginger and 3 SCAREDY dilute gingers. The friendly I could see was a boy. That was in March. Since then I’ve not caught sight of them except for a chance encounter with one of the dilutes at the foot of our block in the compromised position of pooping. So tonight I requested Vincent to see if he can nab any of the threesome as well. Vincent took care of the spoted tabby boy. btmao met a Malay man who said he feeds nightly using styrofoam plates which he clears (he felt sorry for the many cats around and was angry at irresponsible people who dumped them, ostensibly just “downstairs”) and had just left food for some cats at the ginger’s block. He told her the flat where  where I found the ginger and dilutes loitering belonged to a macik who claimed she doesn’t own them, just fed them as they kept appearing at her door. (The macik, had annoyingly, been trying to lure the spotted tabby boy away while btmao was chaperoning him for V’s arrival) Even Brenda is a regular visitor to her kitty soup kitchen.

So btmao went to see and saw…

… the ginger, one dilute/white cat, and 2 more cats!

V grabbed the friendly ginger and was nearly lynched by the Malay man and his wife/relative on the way back to his van. V kept saying “Sterilise, sterilise” and btmao was luckily there to help defuse the situation too. Ultimately, V got 3 boys from there. The dilute/white was a girl who the Malay man said is already sterilised despite the lack of a tipped ear as he had seen the surgery scar on her. Someone besides us were sterilising kitties in the vicinity it seems (and the Malay man agrees), but who we have no idea, and why was the girl’s ear not tipped? Mysteries.

Sadly, the rice-gulper was not to be found. A minion’s work is truly never done. But now that we know a feeder, who seems responsible, we can try to harness the power for good. Entrapment is the key now.

So in total 4 boys are going to lose their mojo tomorrow. The spotted tabby boy, the ginger, a new tabby white, and a new big-headed agouti tabby tux. The Malay man and his family seemed determined to be there to receive the tom kitties when they return from the event of their lives. I too am looking forward to meeting the new kitties, the responsible feeder encik and make arrangements for the area1 kitties, females or otherwise, still at large. Photos to come too.

But for now we have the task of a lifetime – a ton of names to come up with. Anyone with suggestions for names beginning with C and I? We need about 3 for girls, and 5 for boys. F is also another alphabet we’re using for area1.

Here’s the list of names already owned by our area1 kitties:

Area 1 (135)


Area1 new cat: Isam lookalike

Isam_20081122_05xYesterday evening, while walking home after work, we saw a new kitty lounging around Isam‘s territory. He looks exactly like Isam, except that he is grey where Isam is a lovely chocolate. As it was late, we can’t tell if he has the same beautiful green eyes as Isam. But he is different from Isam in that he was extraordinarily friendly – he turns tummy up as soon as you call him. He was of course, full-eared with his equipment intact.

Earlier tonight I saw him again, and this time, very surely, he was lounging right outside Isam and Ian‘s “home”. Ian was there but as the alpha was very calm and did not seem to mind him in the least. This time, instead of jumping in quickly to sterilise their new free-ranging pet as we did Indy, we’re going to watch and see if the family sends him for mojo-robbery themselves.

Again, because of the lighting, we can’t be sure, but this new gentleman in town seem to be older than Isam.

Area2: New cat of the week

This happened on 1 Apr… unfortunately it’s no joke.

A alerted btmao that a new cat was sighted around the territory of Brina’s family. The next night it seemed she was sighted around Saba’s home. The new girl was apparently running after people and meowing frantically.. She was also walloped by the now de-mojoed Saba, after which she was spotted running across the road to Area1 after Saba’s attack.

Apparently, Sue, Saba’s part-time owner told A the new girl may be a child of Saba’s that she had given away. Oh, the cheek!

For btmao and me, we’ve no luck sighting the poor girl, either in Area1 or Area2. The frustration is sometimes unbearable.

Last week it was Jenny, this week it’s a child of Saba. I hope it doesn’t get to be a trend.

Area1: Ian and his family

Ian is a name that often pops up, especially when the area1 family with free-ranging pet cats is mentioned. His housemates include Indy, Isam, Chica,  the unphoto-ed Baby, and probably Idris and Omi. But we’ve not really said much about him.

He first appeared in 2000, and became the late Charlotte‘s shadow. Charlotte wouldn’t have anything to do with him, and only grew to tolerate him, barely, after a year or so. His adoration for Charlotte continued unabated even after we took his mojo away (minion robbery case no 2 or maybe 3), which had us puzzled for a long time. It was as if they knew each other and Ian was determined to renew and elevate their acquiantance to its previous pinnacle.

As time went by, we got to thinking to on the possible reasons for this interesting situation. There was no doubt Ian and Charlotte knew each other. One is that they were siblings, and another was they were mother and son. It seems that siblings would be more than happy to acknowledge each other and pick up where they left off. It’s more likely in a reunited mother-child situation where the child is the more enthusiastic party.

There was no doubt that Ian adored Charlotte. He deferred to her, but was dominate to every other cat, and combative with males.

When Charlotte died, he seemed so depressed we thought he might follow her.

But he has survived and hopefully moved on.

He has achieved an uneasy truce with Isam, and seen the last of cats like Iggy (thanks to his part-time family). He has also briefly terrorised Samia through her brief stay in area1, and Izzy until we rehomed him. All in all, though he is quite the resident alpha, he does seem to try his best to tolerate the kitties his part-time family brought back.

Area2: Saba, Scottie, Sumie

Follow-up to the juicy gossip, updates provided by A on 5 Feb:


It has been barely a week since she brought her babies in from the cold. She and her babies were installed outside the family’s flat, as expected, and her litter of 5 cuties are all MIA already. We had just heard her calling for her babies right outside the flat. just before we sighted and took this picture of her. According to A, the kittens defecated at will, often right on the doorstep of the family’s neighbours, a Chinese family which seems to have tolerated the noise and mess so far. But it can only be a matter of time before something happens.

We have worked out a plan with A to get Saba sterilised. Meantime, we will provide A with some of our Wellness canned food to help Saba recuperate, as she is forever ravenous and frequently begs A for food. We also suspect Saba may need to be dewormed, but will wait for a while more to do so as we do not want to risk her kittens’ health should they be still around.


Before Saba appeared, we were saying “Hi” to Scottie. He does not behave like a cat who might have learnt his lesson, approaching us immediately.

Scottie still none the wiser

Scottie’s abuse was suffered at the hands of a bunch of Malay girls who were smoking at the benches nearby. Instead of knife cuts as was previously believed, his tail had been burned with cigarette lighters.

Scottie has the softest fur of any cat I’ve known. His fur is longer than his short-haired look leads one to assume. In fact, the closest comparison, both look and feel, is chincilla fur.

His tail, from the top, looks ok now. Despite being abused just weeks ago, and the family’s protestations of care and concern, especially to A, we consistently find him still alone, and unsupervised, often right by the spot where his abuse took place.

Later, Sumie also appeared, patiently waiting for succour from A

Nobody in their minds would think it ok to allow young children out of the home, roaming about unsupervised nor that they beg for food from the neighbours regularly. So it should be with pets, especially in Singapore, and even more so in HDB estates. And yet, here is a family who professes love, L.O.V.E., for the cats they have lured to their flat with the food they keep leaving out or otherwise kitnapped, wilfully allowing all these to continue happening despite events that ought to have taught them better.

On a related note. I may have sounded scornful, begrudging the family’s 2 wall-mounted large LCD TVs, expensive looking wall-mounted sound systems, and Hari Raya renovations. It is not judgmentalism with which we view the state of their spanking new palatial home furnishings. Everyone is entitled to aspire to newer, more or better. In fact, we are also getting our first LCD tv, a replacement for our aging 8 year old Sony Trinition, an old style cathode ray tv you will not find easily anymore.

My issue and frustration is not whether the family is able to afford their new possessions, nor do I care if they’re paying in installments (like we are) or cleared it all in full. The bigger gripe we have is that such possessions take some planning and budgetting to obtain or put in place. Still, it isn’t rocket science. Even simpler and cheaper is planning and budgetting for a cat’s sterilisation, 1 cat. And yet, the family has consistently failed to do what’s in Saba’s best interest for the past 15 or 16 months, despite their promise to us initially and now A, allowing Saba to birth 3 more litters, and everytime the excuse is she’s already pregnant, need to wait for her to give birth, need to wait for her to wean her kittens, can’t find her, no money on hand at the moment, need to wait for husband to have time to send her, she’s already pregnant …

What’s even more infuriating is that they have sent a later addition for sterilisation promptly, totally DIY with no one’s help at that, and at the rather high cost of $100 or more at a “specialist” which required a follow-up one week later. So they are being cavalier with Saba’s sterilisation, probably because she’s not anything ‘special’ like their white cat with a fluffy tail.

Area2: Branden the “lost” semi-pet cat

On the morning of 11 Jan 2009, we went out looking for Brina’s family as usual.

We found Brina, Brenna and Brennan sitting outside their drain home. Then out from the drain popped who we thought at first to be Brayden. But where Brayden had a bit of white on his nose, chest and toes, this cat was pure black and frankly, was just a few sizes too big to be pint-sized Brayden

(Fr left) Brenna, Brennan, Brina, Branden

We decided to call him Brayden XL Branden. He was a friendly black cat btmao sighted for the first time just a few nights ago. The bigger wonder was that Brina not only tolerated him, but in fact allowed him to share her family’s breakfast, as if he was one of her babies. She even allowed him to eat before her, just like she did with her own babies.


We estimated Branden to be about 2 months older than Brina’s brood and were hoping that he would stick around long enough for us to get him sterilised along with Brina and her family.

Unfortunately, we have not seen him since. However, this Saturday past, we learnt more about him from A, whom we met on the night of Brina’s trapping. He is, unsurprisingly, another one of Saba‘s housemates, and of course a free-ranging pet cat. He’s not been returning to Saba’s family, and they have actually asked A to help them locate and return him, as they did with Omi. What a responsible and motivated family of cat-lovers, don’t you think?

Omi may be converting to an Area1 semi-pet cat. She needs a safer home

This Saturday past, we met up with A, whom we first met during Brina’s family trapping.


Omi, whom we’ve not met since that November encounter, seemed to have been kept as a homepet in her early days, then abandoned, and lured home by Saba‘s family, where A met her.

Omi was allowed to free-range, as usual, and had gotten lost due to her affinity for people and following them like a puppy. The family, in my opinion, exploited A’s kindness and asked her to help them locate and return Omi. A really did find her across 2 roads, about 100-150 metres away. She called to Omi who did follow her back to Saba’s family, in a meandering and time-consuming fashion according to A, and promptly got lost again. The family has unshamedly asked A to help them find Omi again.

We do not know exactly when this occurred, but in mid-January, the same night we met Bradley again after a 2-week interval, I saw a black cat with a fluffy tail walking out of Ian’s home in Area1 from afar. The cat disappeared around the block before I could catch up with it. However, the cat seemed to be about the same size and shape as Omi. Given this new info from A, we’re almost certain it is Omi.

The only bit of good news out of it all is that she does seemed to be sterilised as even A has never seen her pregnant before.

Poor girl, she ought to be in a home, given her penchant for following people! Anyone willing to take this very loving black female cat if we can locate her?