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This is what makes it worthwhile

This is such a lovely letter by Mr Rob Blizard on the Washington Humane Society’s blog! It strikes such an intimate chord that I’m intermissioning the intermission to once again share some thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps, to Singaporean animal lovers, it seems like such people do not exist here, especially following Carmen and Valentine‘s stories. And truthfully, after setbacks and disappointments (though minor compared to what others have experienced) our minionly hearts die a little in the fortifications against heartaches. While we do get our allotment of Anthony Appolonia, we mustn’t be blind to the Rob Blizards in our midst either.

Because without some smidgeon of hope, no one can sustain the drive to continue. For every setback and disappointment that threw us a loop, a good thing happens in turn, that’s what we tell us orselves to look forward to.

While rare, there are still perfect adopters. At least we think so, and hope never to be disproved. This is not to take away from anyone, but sometimes it is best to be hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

But hope is irrepressible. Take the case of Booties and Timmi, two girls we thought were going to have to spend their lives with Foster Mum or wait until we were able to take them home ourselves.

Or Kolar, whose most recent update on 21 Jan reads:

He still wants to chase the girls but he is not as agressive as before (walking faster instead of running). Hope the medication takes effect sooner 🙂

He didn’t poo for almost 3 – 4 days on Sat, so brought him to Dr XX helping him to loosen his stool 🙂 & the next thing, he poo in the carrier & the whole car smell a bit (luckily it was not too smelly hahaha). We have to monitor him closely ensuring that he will go back to his normal routine. He is eating & drinking well, maybe too heaty liao. I brought him to my mum’s place for weekly gathering & he was so welcome by everybody. My family members have all seen him but didn’t have the opportunity to spend a few hours with him. He was shy at first but when many hands started to massage him (4 ladies was massaging him, so total of 8 hands), he was feeling so “siok”, just sat on the sofa to enjoy 🙂 Just like he was on the OSIM massage chair. He is so cute! We all love him a lot! Just hope the result is negative & he can get along with the girls better – don’t need to be friends just don’t FIGHT!

OK will provide you with more updates later!

Not all adopters will involve themselves any further post-adoption – it is not common to encounter someone like Mr Blizard who said: “ They changed my life and opened my eyes to many animal issues, including the scourge of heartbreaking cruelty and neglect faced by so many loving, unfortunate innocents“. Still, we are content whenever one of the loving, unfortunate innocents we are privileged to help finds a good, loving, responsible home, that someone who would muse: If I didn’t have animals.

Anything more is a bonus.


Working Class Cats

We got linked to this interesting blog: Working Class Cats, via this post: NYTimes 20071221: To Dismay of Inspector.

What’s interesting is the focus of the blog. Putting the words Work and Cats together seem such an oxymoron at first glance. After all there are no seeing-eye cats, nor are there police cats (unless you count this furry one)

But even if mousing is not recognised as a respectable profession, as in the NYTimes piece, surely there are other trades the cat ply? For example: Prison Yard Cats

Is there any denying that the cat, just like the dog, has work cut out?

Lawsuit against LA County’s Department of Animal Care and Control


“From entrenched bureaucrats who are content with the status quo, to uncaring shelter directors hostile to calls for reform; from agencies mired in the failed philosophies of the past to those who have internalized a culture of defeatism”

Somemore it resonates, and you don’t even need a tuning fork to test for pitch synchrony. Click here to read the details.
Found it on Dawn’s blog. Go read her post, especially the comments.