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TLC? Well yeah, you didn’t think you just bring the kitty home, and the sum of your relationship/responsiblity is just to provide grub and water, shove litter, did you? btmao and I’ve learnt a fair bit during these 8 years of servitude – that doesn’t make us experts of course, but we’d like to share and learn somemore too. And it’s surprising how some of the simplest things need to be told – we’ve had that plenty of times, and since we’re rather average cat minions, we’re sure our brethren has, like us, gotten surprises over some of the most basic things before too. We don’t know about you, but some of the impact has gotten us thinking about crash-test-dummying as a side career. Anyway, here’s a list of our rants and raves on Tender Loving Care for them-who-lords-it-over-us.

Check out the list of the sub pages under TLC (Also try TEC tag: Kitty TLC)


4 responses to “TLC

  1. hi. i need some advise on cats……currently i have a male cat ragdoll breed . he was very beautiful but now his fur become thiner so how to prevent it from worst. his age is 2yrs now.

    hope u reply back.


  2. Sharul,
    There can be any number of reasons why your cat’s fur is thinning. I can’t judge by your one line. My first guess is poor nutrition. You should really look at what you’re feeding him, vis-a-vis our food post Hey, what’s that in my food dish?? and its companion “hey” posts.

    Also please do remember we’re neither vet or cat expert, the info here is for ref and sharing with fellow cat parents and guardians. So please consult your vet if it’s not a dietary issue.

    Also, if you haven’t done so, please sterilise your cat, the health benefits for him and you far outweighs keeping him intact.

  3. You mention CRF, FIV and many other links to illnesses and problems in the cat population. I was just wondering if Feline Diabetes could be added to this? It’s a great compilment of links.

    I’m mother of two diabetic cats and CRF is related to diabetes also so it links into already some of your current links.

  4. Lauren,
    Thank you for the link. It is a fab site. I will write up something and add it to our TLC pages.

    PS I’ve edited your comment, as the way you listed the link would break it, and instead made the term Feline Diabetes the link instead for easy ref and access.

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