Cat Litter – So what’s out there

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Well, following our thoughts on Cat Litter – Is Pine A Good Alternative?, and Cat Litter – To Scoop or Not to Scoop, the next question would be, so what’s there?

I think this article, detailing the real-life trial of 4 types of litter over 4 weeks is a good primer – : Hello Kitty: The Scoop On Newfangled Cat Litter

Opening statement
Litter boxes are like feline banks. They’re places where cats make deposits that other people get stuck managing.” … more

What goes down

The Test
Participants: One woman, one cat, one clean litter box, four litters, and one husband laughing happily in the background, safe from litter duty for a month.

Litters: Scoop Away (clumping litter); Fresh Step Premium Clay Cat Litter (non-clumping); Clear Choice Cat Litter (crystals); World’s Best Cat Litter (organic).

Process: I gave Izzy one week with each litter; on four consecutive Sundays, I cleaned and changed her box. In the interim, I followed the package directions (all of them suggest emptying the litter box of its waste at least once a day). They also warn against pregnant women and immune system-challenged folks performing this duty, as cat feces can cause a disorder known as toxoplasmosis. … more

Part of the verdict though, is a good foil of reality to the perceived wonders of litter

If cat litter were compared to toilet tissue, I’d liken the clumping kind to Charmin, the non-clumping kind to one-ply sheets, the crystals to a plush towel, and the organic to recycled toilet paper. For Izzy, I’m sticking with the clumping kind because it is the overall best combination of price and convenience. While the crystals are awfully tempting and very easy to deal with, I’m put off by the price. It just shouldn’t cost that much for a cat to use the bathroom unless the litter literally cleans up after itself. I now believe that the initial cause of Izzy’s boot-related outrage was the type of care her litter was getting, not the litter itself. more

For another look at cat litter: Top Picks of Premium Cat Litters from the About Cats site. Please note key operative phrases “Top Picks” and “Premium”.

If you’re just wondering what’s the difference, here’s a comparison table. Do note it’s from a pet supply business though, and take the positivity in stride: Cat Litter Types

More online opinions/comparisions of cat litter by users: Flippy’s opinion,

(Related: Cat Litter – Is Pine A Good Alternative?, Cat Litter – To Scoop or Not to Scoop)

(Created: 14 Nov 06)


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