Hey, is my kibble fresh?

OH yeah, you know how it is, the bigger the cat kibble package the more economical it is for your wallet. But you’ve got a problem – with Singapore’s weather, packaged food lose it’s crispness/freshness faster than you can sneeze. Unless kitty is a bottomless pit, able to clean up food servings in a single slurp, you’re going to have problems keeping the hugest package kibble fresh for him as time wears on.

Well, the answer lies with your pet-food supplier. If you’ve been buying kibble for a while, you should be aware that your pet food supplier offers “pre-packing” service FOC (as in free of charge). What your supplier does is, they open up that hugest package kibble you ordered, divide the stuff out into smaller plastic bags and seal them air-tight. This way, you get your wallet-friendly hugest package kibble, and at the same time keep the kibble fresh.

So always ask for pre-packing. Note that your supplier should include the original package of your kibble together with the pre-packages, as proof that it is the same kibble you bought, and also for info on the original package – eg expiry date, ingredients list, website.

If your supplier doesn’t include the original packaging, request and insist that he begins to do with your next order. After all, if our supplier J can do so, without ever being asked, what can be the reason that yours don’t?

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(Created: 17 Dec 06)


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