Hey, is your kitty’s food warm and toasty when delivered?

If you get your kitty supplies delivered, then as you ponder over what’s in the kitty food dish, you might want to try thinking about about your kitties’ grub delivery route too.

Now I can just picture you going: “Excuse me? Did I hear you right?”

Well, think about it. What does most food packaging say? Yup…

Store in a cool dry place


Keep away from direct sunlight

Some such. There must be a reason for it, and yet how does your kitty supplies arrive? Warm and toasty, I’ll bet.

We’ve always thought it part and parcel that cat supply delivery will be done while the sun shines, that it will bake the foodstuff, and that we got to accept that. Barring having our transport to lug stuff home of course.

Of course there’s always a concern about the damage to the quality of the food having it has stewed in the delivery van ALL DAY.

So it was a great joy to find a petfood supplier, who does not sell pets, who actually insists on doing deliveries only after sundown.

After dark deliveries? Why not, it is food safety, and makes perfect sense too.

(Created 3 Nov 06)


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