Handy contacts for the Singapore animal guardian

List of important numbers/contacts to keep at hand:

  • Vet Clinics in Singapore – Listing from the Singapore Veterinary Association.
    (Personally, we advocate consulting a vet with a good track record vs the vet nearest to you.Your choice of vet is VERY IMPORTANT – it could mean the difference between real permanent cures, actual medical costs, and in extreme cases, life and death. As with other professions, there are professional vets, mediocre vets, and some who shouldn’t be vets. How to make sure you’ve got a vet you can trust? 1)Do not choose a vet based solely on distance and/or cost; 2)Network, ask around, keep your eyes and ears open for personal experiences, you will then be able to build up a list of reliable vets and note who to avoid.)
  • Micro-chip registration: petcall.org 6741 8466 (Why micro-chip)
  • Lost Pet: SPCA 6287 5355 . AVA 6222 1277 / 1800 476 1600 . Straits Times Classifieds 1800 289 9988 (Free)
    Do call AVA and SPCA asap. Also call your town council or property management if you’re not a HDB resident. You can also request Cat Welfare Society to post up a Lost cat notice for you on their Lost and Found page.

    And if/when you do get kitty back, do consider microchipping her if you have not done so, and meshing up your windows and doors to prevent her sojourning again. It could be a matter of life and death.

    Generally, it is not safe to allow cats to free-range in Singapore. There have been accounts of pest control rounding up cats for culling at the AVA to make up their contract quota, and they won’t bother to check for collars or tipped ears. Start calling as soon as you suspect your pet cat of being taken or missing, the longer you wait, the worse her chances.

  • Report Cruelty: AVA 6471 7198 / 1800 476 1600.
  • Take note of the points in these posts from Dawn’s blog: Making a police report , Cat Trapping/Lost cats