Hey, can we have a water refill here

Ok, so cats aren’t programmed to want to drink. In the wild, they get their liquid, and hydration from the body fluids and blood of their prey.

So pet cats on commercial food diets may not be drinking enough. Feeding wet food helps to alleviate this lack of moisture. In addition, ways to encourage your cat to drink have to be devised.

Most people will just leave out a bowl of water. But take your cue from your cat. Most cats don’t like stagnant water and will refuse to drink if it’s not fresh. Also, loose fur floats and may land in the bowl. Yucky, yes.

Back in the day, Joey would overturn the water bowl and sit by it, and meow her demands for a fresh change when you approach. We got round it by using one of those anti-topple food dishes. It thwarted her, but it didn’t stop her from asking for fresh water! And who could blame her, it’s not fun trying to drink from a bowl covered with dirt, fur and Bast knows what!

Now we use a cat water fountain (view), and it’s been great! Joey has her fresh water anytime of day, without needing us minions to provide service. The fountain’s successful in enticing even the camel-sque Teddy, 8 now, to enjoy his drink, which is doubly important because he’s prone to FUS – he’s had bladder stones removed at the very young age of 3.

Water fountain availability and choice
The good thing is, water fountains ARE available in Singapore. So you don’t have to pay through your nose to ship one in.

However, do take a model that’s got a filter – otherwise the fountain won’t be much better than your regular water bowl! Also, get a model that uses replaceable filters, and make sure to confirm with your supplier that he/she does carry filter replacements!

(Created:9 Apr 06. Updated: 23 Oct 06)


2 responses to “Hey, can we have a water refill here

  1. Hi Calsifier,

    I’m interested in that 2nd-hand water fountain that you mentioned.

    Is it still available?


  2. Hi Xiuwen,
    That water fountain is no longer available. Apparently, ants kept getting into the water bowl of that cat and so she’s been successfully persuaded to use the fountain instead.

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