Hey, what’s that in my food dish??

[EDIT 20090110: This page due for an update. We’re using Old Mother Hubbard’s Wellness brand (since Sep 07) with happier results. Details to come. For dry food, we’re feeding the kitties Indoor Health, and Complete Health – Salmon, Salmon Meal & Deboned Turkey Recipe. We’d like to use Healthy Weight too but it wasn’t available when we did our (BULK) order, though we’re due to fill the silo again soon. For canned food, we serve a variety of the available flavours. The beef flavours aren’t popular though]

IMP! Please read:

IMPORTANT reads: Pet food recall related blog posts on tec, pet food recall page


(NOTE: Whatever you choose to do about the food, whether you feed your beloved pets or homeless strays, please do try to make your decisions based on knowledge and awareness. You’re reading this, which means you have access to information. “I didn’t know”/”I wasn’t aware” doesn’t cut it. The responsibility is yours, and yours alone.)

OY! Do you know what you’re feeding your resident ingrates? Not, I don’t mean what brand, or formula. Really, what’s inside that can or pack of biscuits, do you know? What about the rice and vegetables you keep giving them – how do you know the mixture is really doing them good instead of harm?Educate yourself on the basics of cat nutrition (Ref: FEEDING YOUR CAT: KNOW THE BASICS OF FELINE NUTRITION)(Especially if you’re feeding commercial petfood, like us) check out this new article: What is Fido really eating? (Alt Link) . And also check this out: What’s Really in Pet Food

What scary thoughts, and BY-Products isn’t the only problem!

Hey, I know we are all busy and do not have much time to read up or research. But please educate yourself – you have home cats or feed the homeless ones because you care for them, so why feed them something that may harm them? A good rule of thumb – would you eat the same thing every meal if you knew it may cause you to develop Urinary Tract Infection… or worse? Another one – would you eat only salted potato chips for every meal? (And if you answer yes to either, I know you’re a fastfood chain spy or a Fritto Lay’s lackey!)

Understandly, some of us may find the prices of “premium food” unaffordable. But consider:

Cheaper Brands are False Economy
Many first-time cat owners, in an attempt to hold down expenses, buy the cheapest foods they can find for their cats. This is false economy for a couple of reasons. First, studies have shown that cats eat as much as they need to get the nutrients they require. Therefore, they might eat twice as much of that generously-carbohydrate-filled store brand to get the nutrients they need in a normal feeding of premium food. Second, the continued feeding of substandard foods over a period of years will heavily contribute to, or even cause, serious medical conditions that will require expensive veterinary care. For these reasons, the old maxim, “You get what you pay for,” is particularly true where it comes to cat food.
(Source: Tips for choosing cat food – learning the basics about cat food labels)

Please take the time to look at the ingredients list of the food you’re feeding your cats. It’s usually on the back of your dry food package, near the bottom. If the label of your pet food has the following, please consider changing immediately!

  • Words such as “By-products,” “meat and/or bone meal,” “animal digest,” most other descriptions including “digest” or “meal,” and added sugars.
  • Chemical preservatives, including BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate
  • Corn meal as a filler
  • Excess of carbohydrate “fillers” (Dry food can contain as much as 50 percent grain)

Also, look for

  • Compliance with AAFCO’s requirements for “Complete and Balanced,” as evidenced by that wording on the label.
  • Named protein source – look for “chicken, lamb, or beef,” rather than “meat.”
  • On canned food particularly, the protein source should be the first listed ingredient
  • Check the expiration date for freshness
    (Source: Tips for choosing cat food – learning the basics about cat food labels)

Once again, educate yourself on the basics of cat nutrition (Ref: FEEDING YOUR CAT: KNOW THE BASICS OF FELINE NUTRITION)

Demoralising, isn’t it, to know that all those proclaimations of “We care for your pets!”, “Your pet’s health is important to us”, etc etc are just so much insincere marketing ploys, in most cases.

But do not despair! There ARE alternatives other than Friskies, Whiskas, (many UTI victims have a history of being on these two brands!) and popular brands that use by-products and fillers that cause your cat to get indigestion, shed fur prodigiously, among other problems.

For a start, here’s a list of brands that have either by-products, fillers, harmful artificial preservatives/flavourings or combinations:
Alpo, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Mighty Dog, and Ralston Purina products such as Dog Chow, ProPlan, and Purina One, 9 Lives, Amore, Gravy Train, Kibbles-n-Bits, Nature’s Recipe, Hill’s Science Diet Pet Food, Eukanuba and Iams, Kal Kan, Mealtime, Pedigree, Sheba, Waltham’s, Star-pro, Royal Canin.

If you’re using any of the above brands, please consider these alternatives or if you find other alternatives, feel free to add on to the list below! ( NOTE: Both lists are not exhaustive – it is really important that you check the ingredients list of your current cat food, and any new ones you’re considering as well – your supplier’s sales pitch/vet’s recommendation notwithstanding)


(The brands mentioned hereon are what we, tec minions, have trialed. By no means is this an exhaustive or authoritative list. Please do your own research, and use your own judgment. Don’t lay what is essentially the onus of your responsibility on others.)

Basic/economical formulas

  • Back To Basics Cat Food
  • Felidae: Look for the “Felidae For Cats” link on the top navigation bar on this link. Click on the respective formula to see details (NOTE: Felidae may not be a popular choice with your cats due to high lamb content)

Mid-range formulas

  • Avo-Derm (no by-products, but some fillers)

High-end formulas

Premium formulas

  • Natural Balance (Not to be confused with the lower-end Nature’s Balance!). (NOTE added Nov 06: There is an ongoing promotion for NB – collect 10 barcodes from the same size package and exchange them for a pack of NB. Need to sign up for membership with the distributor, ask your supplier for the application form. Do note Membership is free.)
  • Innova Click on the “Choose a Product” drop-down list to see the details for the different formulas

These alternative brands I listed in post 1 are the ones I’ve personally looked at. Out of these, I’ve fed my cats with Avoderm, Pinnacle, and Natural Balance (NB). All of them are tons better over Science Diet, Nutro, Royal Canin, Precept, which we’ve also tried. But NB, by far is the best. I can vouch for my opinions on these brands as we feed both outdoor cats and home cats the same food. Our oldest cats are 8.5 years old, and one of them is fussy as in his system is sensitive and the results are quite obvious. So, if anything’s not good or vice versa, it’s pretty obvious since we get to observe both sets of cats on the same nutrition baseline. Improvements are obvious even though the outdoor cats obviously do get fed other stuff by other people.

As an aside, we’re extremely happy with NB as it is the only pet food maker listed on PETA’s cruelty-free list that is BOTH by-product and filler-free. Other brands are only by-product free. So it is a happy happenstance that our cats all love NB too. We’ve been on NB since aug 2005

This is a personally important consideration due to concerns about animal testing in the pet food industry – that is, cats and dogs are tested on, vivisected etc, in the name of nutrition research. We can never reconcile ourselves with supporting brands that make other cats and dogs suffer. IAMS and EUKANUBA are the worst! Check out these sites: http://www.iamscruelty.com/ , http://www.uncaged.co.uk/iams.htm , http://www.moggies.co.uk/html/iams.html , http://www.iamskills.com/

Here’s another one on animal testing in pet foods: http://www.uncaged.co.uk/petfood.htm

(NOTE: Proctor and Gamble is a known advocate of needless animal testing http://www.mcspotlight.org/beyond/companies/proctor.html , http://www.pandgkills.com/ , http://www.uncaged.co.uk/pg.htm, and also owns familiar toiletries brands like Colgate and Palmolive. Science Diet is a Colgate company, IAMS and Eukanuba are sister companies and belong to P&G… much food for thought!)

I do not have experience with dogs, but I reckon these alternative brands should also make good dog foods. For more ref on dog nutrition, try the about cats’ sister site, about dogs for a start. Here’s the dog nutrition link on the site: Diet & Nutrition

Back to cat food. The popular brands I listed as doubtful food for your cats are based on checks on their ingredients list and personal experience. For more info, again the about cats‘s references on nutrition is a good start: Cat Food & Nutrition. There are also reviews of cat food, but there’s no index link or page, so just look out for the recommended reading, related links at the bottom of any of the nutrition article pages opened.

I just wanted to add that there is only one difference in the diet of our homecats from the outdoor ones.

Our homecats used to be on pure dryfood – they never fancied wetfood somehow.

For the ones outside, we feed a mix of NB dry and Snappy Tom wet. Snappy Tom is Australian, and it has the AAFCO statement like most other brands, unlike the other brand, Yi Hu, which is Thai-made. and Fussie Cat, which seem to send them into a mealtime frenzy (Snappy Tom is no longer acceptable for them-don’t ask us why).

Then, we also began feeding our homecats NB wet food – this is because one of our 8.5-yr olds, Bam Bam, developed acute renal failure, and doesn’t like the vet prescribed SD k/d which is by-product and filler filled (unfortunately, SD is the only one of two ‘special’ diet options here in SG).

In any case, we then tried boiling fish/chicken but all them refused to eat! So back to the drawing board. So we looked online and found info that recommended NB wet food-venison and pea formula as a viable alternative to the k/d. (Info and links here: Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) – aka Kidney problems)

Now all our homecats are lapping wetfood dinners up. Mornings are still dry food breakfast. The homeslackers still prefer dry to wet food… we’d like to hear your story if you’ve gotten your cats to eat wet or homecooked food.

Here, at the end, I’d like to share some more personal thoughts on the importance of nutrition, and notes on switching your cats over to a new food.

PS… we also bought a cat fountain for the home brood to encourage them to drink and ensure the water is fresh: Hey, can we have a refill here)

PPS… if you’re considering taking on the role of kitty gourmet chef, chek out Hey, are you making my dinner?

PPPS… here’s a Comparison of kibbles ingredients list of the brands we’ve mentioned, in case you’re curious but can’t be arsed to look online for the info yourself.

(NOTE: Whatever you choose to do about the food, whether you feed your beloved pets or homeless strays, please do try to make your decisions based on knowledge and awareness. You’re reading this, which means you have access to information. “I didn’t know”/”I wasn’t aware” doesn’t cut it. The responsibility is yours, and yours alone.)

(Created: 30 Mar 06. Updated: 17 Aug 07)

Additional References

  • A high quality diet will help your cat retain the nutrients it needs to maintain its health, coat condition, energy level, and because it’ll need less in quantity, it’ll also excrete less waste. Many petfoods contain substances that are harmful to your cat, from animal by-products, to diseased animals, to euthanized pets. The reality behind such brands is just chilling: “…Every day, I see the casualties of pet industry propaganda. But the professors in the teaching institutions of veterinary medicine generally support an industry that has little regard for the quality of health in our companion animals….” – Food Not Fit For a Pet, by Dr Wendell Belfield (http://www.commondreams.org/headlines02/0106-04.htm)
  • “…Pet food manufacturers have become masters at inducing companion animals to eat things cat and dogs would normally spurn….” – The Truth About Commercial Pet Food by Tina Perry (http://www.flintriverpremiumpetfood.com/CommercialPetFood.html); reference the book “Food Pets Die For”, by Ann N. Martin (online review-http://cats.about.com/library/reviews/aafprfoodpetsdiefor.htm).
  • Another good primer is “Feeding Your Cat”, (http://www.homevet.com/petcare/feedingyourcat.html)
  • Good list to begin your search for a better commercial cat food (source). However, do take note to supplement decision-making with info with

28 responses to “Hey, what’s that in my food dish??

  1. I have tried to feed my cats – Natural Balance (no go), Avoderm (am i crazy?) Pinnacle (you must be kidding) Solid Gold (no thanks). They will only eat Nutro. I am feeding them Nutro Light (cos they are a trifle chubby. When Bujang was 6 weeks, the vet recommended Solid Gold, Science Diet or Nutro. I went to the pet store and the assistant sold me Nutro which was what Bujang still eats at 27 months. the other 2 cats follow suit. I have just given them Fussiecat at 98% fat free which they eat enthusiastically. They eat kibble for breakfast and wet food for dinner. I am gald to see you feed your cat Fussiecat too as I have been trying to see their website but am not able to access it.

  2. Hi San,
    Nutro’s not bad in terms of ingredients, just that their filler content is high. Our cats, especially Teddy (who’s the local king of hurl), puked a lot more while on it, so it’s a no-go for us. We also had concerns about animal-testing so we stopped it.

    We just started on Fussie Cat, the reception is very good and it looks good too. We’re trying it as our supplier, who’s supported us 100% on our quest to get NB imported back in the day, recommended it strongly.

    Am trying to get on their website too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. San,
    Also, sometimes it’s really a matter of getting them used to a new food. For eg, Felidae is not a bad food, it’s not that great either. It’s the equivalent of humans eating only rice. But at least it’s not by-product filled saltiness, and it is economical. So it’s good for homeless cat feeders who have budget constraints. However, feeders have problems switching cats over to it because its main ingredient is lamb, and the smell seems to put off cats.

    I have also heard of feeders who used to feed the poorer brands facing problems switching their cats to better brands. Eg Friskies/Whiskas to Avoderm. This is because the inferior brands mask their inferiority with taste enhancers. The better brands do not, and since cats have very sensitive senses of smell and taste, it takes A LOT to convince them to change. Just like a person who’s been living by MSG and salt for taste, he’d very skeptical of non-MSG and non-salty food. It takes time and patience.

    My vet once said, healthy cats won’t knowingly starve themselves to death. I think he’s right. Sometimes a bit of tough love is needed to convince your cats to change to the better food.

    As a point of reference, I know someone who rescues cats and she provides a wide range of kibble choices at every meal. A veritable buffet spread. But since she added NB to the spread, the cats would choose NB over everything else, every time.

  4. My cat eats Nutro Complete Care quite happily, and Frisian canned food once a week. I have been reading up on the ingredients and I don’t know what are the ‘fillers’ you are referring to. May I know how much does it cost for a 3kg pack of Natural Balance?

  5. Barffie,
    I presume you’re asking for the definition of “Fillers”.

    Here it is, from cat.sabout.com’s What cat food ingredients should I look for:

    Specific Carbohydrates aka “fillers”
    Cats are obligate carnivores, i.e., they must have meat to survive, and they do not need carbohydrates.

    In fact, cats have problems digesting some carbohydrates, and many food allergies are triggered by the carbohydrate content of foods. However, most dry foods depend on carbohydrates as the “fillers” needed to hold the other ingredients together for dry cat food. Look for whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, or wheat (wheat may also trigger allergies in some cats).

    To me, I relate fillers to the flour in a nut-flavoured cookie. You need the flour to hold the nut bits and other stuff together into a cookie-shape. The common filler in cheap brands, and some so-called premium brands like Science Diet and Iams, is corn/corn-gluten/cornmeal.

    Hope this helps

    As for your question on NB, I’m sorry that I do not have the price of the a 3kg bag of NB. We buy the bigger pack, and the market rate for a 7kg pack of NB is $79. However, that is the quoted price most shops will give you right off the bat. AS you should know, most will offer discounts and so the final price you transact at will be probably be at least 10% lower. And don’t forget about the ongoing 10-for-1 exchange, which will defray yuor costs further.

  6. Thanks alot! I just went to compare the ingredient lists online of both NB and Nutro and there seems to be quite a bit of difference… Will try New Balance the next time round!

    However, is it ok to keep switching brands? I’m afraid of the kitty turning finicky (ie likes variety). I used to feed her Royal Canin for around 2 weeks before we started on Nutro.

  7. No problem, barffie.

    Actually, i believe the accepted theory is that it is good to feed your cat more than 1 brand/type of food, as it will make it easier to change the food in case of supply problems. This is also to minimise the occurrence of addiction. In the most extreme case of addiction that cats.about.com mentioned, one cat only takes food from a particular brand manufactured in a particular batch!

    But no worries if you’re not planning to rotate. We don’t, because of Teddy’s sensitive system. However, do remember to change the food gradually to minimise tummy upsets in your cat.

    I’m glad you’ve ditched Royal Canin. Going from Nutro to NB is another good move, imho. 🙂

  8. btw, how did you find us?

  9. I was lurking around Cat Welfare, kucingcoast, pawpledge websites and I saw your link 😛
    Thanks a lot for your quick responses!

  10. Ah, i c. No problemo!

  11. I studied cat food labels a few years back and finally evolved into a more educated cat mommy and foster. Conducting cat adoptions every weekend at PetCo, I met quite a few petfood reps who shoved $3 coupons into my hands. First I tried Nutro. A big improvement over Iams. But one cat tossed her cookies immediately after eating. Eventually, my household of cats and fosters settled on Felidae dry ($13 for a small bag in LA) and AvoDerm Chicken canned ($23.95 a case in LA). They share a can of wet in the morning and evening, and always have dry available because I work long hours. That’s not cheap, is it?? I also supplement with braised chicken breast 3X a week so they get pure protein. Since this week’s Menu Food pet food recall, I now must reconsider my cat food selections again as these companies don’t appear on the “No Animal Testing” website listings. Ugh. I am totally against animal testing. Oh, I just remembered. About 3 years ago, our cat rescue had 4 cats hospitalized. They were looking yellow. Two died before it was over. So sad. We think it was the new brand cat food we were given (by that “Eight is Enough” T.V. star), but we never made any waves. We just threw the remainder away. Ann

  12. Hi Ann,
    It’s never cheap. 🙂 But it’s great that your kitties take some home-cooked food. Amd it’s certainly good that you take your cue from your kitties’ reactions to the kibbles you give.

    The basic thing about the cruelty-free list is, I believe, that it’s not exhaustive. If you find a brand that meets your requirements and is not on the list, I suggest writing to them to ask about their processes, and philosophy. But don’t accept grand statements that sound like publicity. I find the dubious ones clam up if you probe and ask for details.

    As for Nutro, I found a bit of inconsistency in their cruelty-free statements. Also, I remember a report somewhere which said that Nutro used a testing lab that was also used by Iams. But i can’t remember the details and I can’t fnid that article now. Anyway, for your info.

  13. Switched to Natural Balance for both wet and dry food. So far she didn’t quite like the canned food unlike the Burp ones she love. Anyway Burp is produced by Pet Lover’s Centre so I guess that’s why they hard sell it a bit. My cat’s poop were quite slushy for that period so we exchanged those for NB… we have the Chicken and Liver Pate, Tuna flavours as well.

  14. Hi there, was wondering if you guys heard of Go!Natural. Cat kibbles. Saw at pet lover’s the other day but i’m not sure how good it is. It’s got chicken, fruits, veges and brown rice. I used to feed my cat nutro but since the recall, i’ve stopped. Having a problem trying to find something he likes. Was gona try pinnacle but found out it was discontinued. Heard anything abt it?

  15. Nope.

    It’s not easy to decide on a replacement, especially in the current recall climate. Do watch out for fillers and stuff.

    One ironic outcome of the NB affected food is that, someone went on a Innova praise spree – but apparently Innova actually make only their own dry food formualas and their food is made by, of all the companies in the US, MENU FOODS! Worse the menu food recall involved mainly wet food formula. So so much for Innova being a “better” choice than NB.

    Anyway, good luck and share what you learn, if you can spare the time.

  16. I’m a little confused as all this information, as much as I’ve absorbed, is all very contradictory. We know that “meat-meal” should be avoided as so often repeated, and yet NB’s first ingredient is Chicken Meal, followed by Brown Rice – grains do not belong to cat’s food AT ALL. Or worse, Peas are main ingredient for the other NB formula which completely goes against the needs of obligate carnivores! The other ingredients, including the peas and rice, like carrots and potatoes, simply add to the carbohydrate load of the diet and to the company’s profit margin.

    I believe, if you truly want to advocate a good food for your cat, that the main ingredientS should be meats and simply not subsitutes hiding behind very strong words.

  17. Narcisa,
    Welcome to the club. Who isn’t confused? First, I reiterate again, what food we’re using and our experience with cat food is for reference and info for readers. You are wrong if the message you take from here is that we’re trying to advocate a particular formula only.

    Uitmately, YOU are the one who has to find the balance and make the decisions for your cats. YOU, no one else.

    Face the truth: every commercial formula has some form of herbivore ingredients in it. I don’t like it, but I try to work with what’s available.

    Yes, NB’s ingredient list says chicken meal, but meal is an abused word itself. The truth is: there are commercial diets and there are commercial diets. Show me a formula that doesn’t have meal and veggies in it.

    Holistic formulas has such non-obligate carnivore ingredients. Even alternatives like homecooked petfood recipes have them too.

    I will say one thing though: we’re forever on the lookout for a better food, which is reasonably priced. Perhaps you’d like to share what you’re feeding your pets?

  18. Calsifer,
    There was no implication that you’re peddling for Natural Balance – I was merely pointing out that the following statement is a glaring contradiction to what this page is advocating, ie. nutritious food for a healthy cat: “If the label of your pet food has the following, please consider changing immediately!
    Words such as “By-products,” “meat and/or bone meal,” “animal digest,” most other descriptions including “digest” or “meal,” and added sugars. ”

    It is PRECISELY because your page is used as an information resource that the message should be consistent. For example, you could also state the benefits of a wet food diet, as carbs are used as a binding agent for dry foods.

    We’re all trying to weigh the best pet food against a budget. It would be silly to assume that I was arguing for a completely balanced diet without any carbs/veggies in it (bearing in mind that veggies contain several important vitamins~). For the bang for my buck, I feed my cats Nutra Gold Finicky as it contains more salmon than the regular formula, with chicken (18%) and salmon (18%) as the first two ingredients, not meal or peas (imagine paying for peas!). I believe it is priced the same as NB (my cats did not like this – I think it’s the aversion to duck?) and the other brands like Royal Canin. Wellness’ Core formula also has two meat sources (deboned turkey and chicken) as main ingredients, followed by chicken meal and whitefish meal. As you plainly stated, it is about reading the ingredients list and then weighing that against your budget. Ultimately, as a consumer, you do also want to spend on meat instead of meal.

    As for the transition to Nutra Gold, it was made easier with the Finicky formula, and the community cats love it too. I know they choose this over ProPlan and Whiskers, which other feeders leave out for them.

    Good luck.

  19. Narcisa,
    Ah, I see. I get your point now – your original comment certainly seemed to present an impression of your stance as being “no veg” formulas only.

    About the statement: the caveat with that statement comes with the appeal to “Please consider”. As I’ve said, my main aim is to provide the info and resources to help anyone who feeds cats, whether home pets or community cats, to get started on their research – we defintely can’t be and don’t aspire to be a one-stop resource.

    Before this statement were corresponding verbiage and a number of links which served to augment the message, which I had hoped the reader would have gone through while reading the post. That would have included the link on By-Products. As I’ve said, there is meal and there is meal. It is up to the indivudal to make the choice. (NB: i’ve been trying to find time to do a rewrite of this page anyway, will take this point you’ve raised into consideration… I’m under no delusion about due diligence from readers, despite my best hope otherwise)

    So, we both agree “reading the ingredients list and then weighing that against your budget.” Yes, as you say: “Ultimately, as a consumer, you do also want to spend on meat instead of meal,” but the caveat I see here is only informed and conscientious consumers would do so.

    Thanks for sharing, I will check out both brands – I’ve been looking at new foods from time and time, getting feedback and checking online so far, have not found anything that we prefer… on our budget. We have remained on NB for reasons ranging from user feedback (kitty doesn’t like the food, it’s too tough, kibbles too big), to what I group as ethical issues (eg there was a brand that was being mentioned very often for a while but turned out it is owned by Purina and advocates corn gluten… which we can’t square with, think Iams ans SD and Eukanuba)

    Anyway, for ref, our cats, both home and community, love NB… esp the duck flavour. As for Royal Canin, as we’ve said in the post is a big NO-NO for us. THere ought to be a degree in the art (and science) of kitty palette satisfaction.

  20. Please give AZMIRA, a superb holistic brand a try.
    My cats stop shedding after 3 days of being fed with AZMIRA!

    They are more affectionate and would compete each other for a place in my lap when I’m sitting in the living room. This never happened before!

    Costing about $90 for an (approx) 8kg bag, it is money worth spending on my 5 kitties and for delivering what it claims.

  21. Juli Sunuwar,
    Thank you for sharing. I will leave your comment for readers’ consideration. Howerver I do want to add that from our experience, changing food may have that initial effect. Watch out for the long-term effect.

    Also, I would like to add this cautionary note to all considering a food change: Do take note that cat food changes should be introduced gradually to avoid runs and other digestive problems in your precious ones.

    The rule of thumb is a change over 10 days starting with 90% current and 10% new at 10% increments until 100% new on the tenth day. However, if your cat(s) show signs of tummy upsets, apply your judgment to either stop or adjust the changeover rate.


    Ingredients: Poultry Meal, Whole Ground Yellow Corn, Full Fat Soybeans, Ground Whole Wheat, Whole Brown Rice, Poultry Fat preserved with natural mixed tocopherols, Citric Acid, Rosemary Extract, and Ascorbyl Palmitate (a Vitamin C ester), Oatmeal, Whole Dried Egg, Menhaden Fish Meal, Natural Flavors, Flax Seed, Phosphoric Acid, Monosodium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Choline Chloride, Dried Kelp, Taurine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Vitamin Supplements (E, A, B2, B12, D3), Niacin, Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Inositol, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (source of Vitamin K activity), Folic Acid, Biotin, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Oxide, Ferrous Fulfate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Proteinate, Cobalt Proteinate, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite.

  23. Narcisa,
    Thanks for that. I hoped people would make the effort to find that out for themselves and most importantly, take the care to read the ingredients list of ANY formula when making decisions. (to any who wonders how to do this: all refs IN THE POST, do read)

    btw, Narcisa, where do you get your supplies?

  24. Pingback: Area2: Jerry Geriatric « Tipped Ear Clan

  25. My vet has been insisting that I keep my cats on Royal Canin SO Urinary but I notice here that indicates it’s a decent brand. I’ve been wondering because one of the things Royal Canin advertises is the fact that there is no by-products used but by-products are listed right on the package. I asked my vet about this and she said the rep from the company had given them a long speech about “good” by-products and “bad” by-products and Royal Canin only had the “good” by-products. Does this sound like a load of bull to you as it does to me? I’m much more inclined to go with Natural Balance myself but I’d like to give my vet a good arguement against Royal Canin. Can you give me some ammo?

    Thank you!


  26. I adopted eight month old kittens from Rescue House. They were on Nutro,and both were over weight. I switched them over to Blue Spa Select, no-more sensitive tummy’s. I have not seen any comments about this brand. What can you tell me about it? Thank you, Basha

  27. Hi Basha,
    Sorry, I have no experience with this brand. But you should be able to get some info by checking out its contents, googling and reading up the references listed here.

  28. our cat has urinary tract problems, in an effort to do the right thing we bought pro plan urinary tract health for a premium….guess what, friskies urinary tract health is the same thing…..exactly. Just look at the labels!

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