Essential kitty care references for the cat parent


the contents of this page is created by the tipped ear clan minions, and is based on our experience and research. While we’re happy to share – which is why we have it online – we must make it clear everything here should not be treated as a substitute for screening: the onus is on fosters who use this page as reference for potential adopters to ensure that all pertinent concerns or details are duly communicated and/or addressed. Fosters who use this page do not represent us minions nor do we represent them in any way.

Cat Info/Ref
There’s a lot of references available, you just need to commit the time to understand the basics for a start.
– If you prefer to read a book together with your kitties, try the nlb. They have any number of petcare reference books available for loan.
– alternatively, if you’re online alot, these are some good web-based references:

Oh, and check out our Kitty TLC category or the tlc page for other cat-minion requisite education, note especially

If you need help understanding the terms used to describe a cat’s coat patterns and coloures, refer to “My cat is a what what what?

Essentials Shopping
This is a very basic shopping list if you’ve never prepared to fetch a kitty baby home before. As far as possible, do also consider How to Green Your Pet while doing your shopping:

And here’s a list of handy contacts you might find useful.

Also refer to the tec Cat supplies bulletin.

O, and before you go out and filch a kitty, please consider: Introducing a new kit into the bloc: How To Avoid the “Wham! Bam! Hissy-Fits” Syndrome

Readings ref

  • From time to time, tec gets in a bit of education we’d like to share with you. So do check out our book reviews and caterati posts.
  • This blog, started by a new cat-parent offers commiseration, and is a good reference for seeing new cat-parenting in action.

(Created: 4 Apr 06. Updated 10 Dec 07)


2 responses to “Essential kitty care references for the cat parent

  1. very useful info thanks

  2. good job done guys… very nice blog…. very interesting and knowledgeble… hope you will post newer content in coming days

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