Introducing a new kit into the bloc: How To Avoid the “Wham! Bam! Hissy-Fits” Syndrome

Getting a cat to settle down into your home isn’t an exact science. There’s a few things to consider, and these are mainly based on whether you’re getting another cat or just starting out with your first kitty.

Some good pieces of advice:

(very good in-depth look at the Dos and Dont’s)
– More Practical Tips and Considerations:
Welcoming A Cat Into Your Home, Making Room for A New Cat

Remember though, that you’ll need to work with your cat(s), and consider their comfort level and tolerance threshold. For example, aTm, a cat rescued by vegancatsg, was adopted 3 times before he found his permanent home, and that was because his family gave him the allowance to settle down on his schedule and terms.

In any case, please also think about you situation and consider:  How Many Cats is Too Many?

You might want also want to refer to:

Also, consider if you are prepared: I’m a new cat parent, and I’m clueless, HELP!

(Created: 29 Mar 06. Updated: 9 Aug 07)


4 responses to “Introducing a new kit into the bloc: How To Avoid the “Wham! Bam! Hissy-Fits” Syndrome

  1. Any tips/references on how to introduce a kitten/cat into a household with a cheeky and hyperactive 9 mth old puppy?

  2. I have no experience in that area, but I googled “introducing cats to dogs” and got a ton of results.

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