Micro-chipping: Cat NRIC

In case of the precious little one getting lost, microchipping should be done, even if your kitty is kept indoors – accidents do happen and you never know when they might slip out of an open gate.

In Singapore, there are 2 steps to micro-chipping:

  • Go to a vet and get the micro-chip inserted into your kitty. It is a small device inserted into your precious one between the shoulder blades. Charges varies.
  • Register the micro-chip info. In Singapore, there’s only one company providing this service: Micro-chip registration: petcall.org Tel: 6741 8466Registration is important as it will activate a search and alert should your cat get lost. IE, the micro-chip by itself is useless unless someone at AVA or SPCA or where-ever your cat ends up is diligent – scans for the presence of a microchip, and attempt to trace it (thus far, there doesn’t seem to be a publicly available database to aid this anyway)

So for your cat’s safety and your peace of mind, do consider micro-chipping.

(Created: 27 Nov 2006)


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