Never crash diet the moggie either

Though Roly poly isn’t cute, unless you’re a whale stocking up for summer, never allow your cat to starve/fast, unless under a vet’s instructions, for example in cases of diarrhea, soft stools or in preparation for surgery.


Because of the risks, like hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease), where the liver starts to function abnormally. This might result even after just a day or two of not eating, and can be life-threatening.

So how do you help your rotund one to lose weight? Patiently.

You could

  • change to reduced calories formulas
  • reduce food portions gradually
  • leave less out for all-day grazing
  • engage in longer playtime

Frankly though, it is not as easy to get cats to lose weight as dogs. Because it’s habitual of them to sleep 16 hours or more a day.

Monitor your cat’s health, and consult the vet. We did all the above, and Joey and Philly are still overweight, though it did help them shed a wee bit.

At least, with the vet’s certification, the two heavies have got their clean bills of health.

Now we do still control food intake, for the sake of helping them maintain their current weight, and to prevent the others from ballooning.

(Created: 24 May 06)


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