One is really not the answer you want

So you’ve decided to adopt, and you think that having 1 will be more than enough. But wait, have you thought about it thoroughly enough? Perhaps there may be virtues to adopting a pair instead of 1 solitary baby.

Let us count the ways.

Ten Reasons why Two Kittens Are Better Than One:

  1. You’re saving two lives instead of one
  2. One kitten can become lonely
  3. One kitten can just drive an older cat nuts
  4. Two kittens will “self-train”
  5. They help each other burn off energy
  6. Fewer behavior problems with two kittens
  7. Curiosity overcomes “food finickyness”
  8. They act as pillows for one another
  9. Having two kittens is insanely fun
  10. They will each have a friend for life

(source: About Cats)

Actually, even if you’re thinking of adopting a mature feline, he/she would benefit from the companionship of another too. So think about it, two is really a better answer than 1, unless you’re Neo taking on the Matrix.

One of the keys is in the introduction process. Just remember this though: On the other hand, you don’t want to be the lord-parent of the species either
(Created: 10 Apr 06)


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