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Pancytopenia was what killed Dash, the brave, affectionate young cat with deformed paws:

Pancytopenia is generally due to diseases affecting the bone marrow, although peripheral destruction of all lines of blood cells in hypersplenism (overactive spleen) is a recognised cause. Bone marrow problems causing pancytopenia include myelofibrosis, leukemia and aplastic anemia.

Apparently, in some cases, it can be treated:

Bone marrow necrosis in a cat infected with feline leukemia virus.

Sanyo Animal Medical Center, Akaiwva, Okayama, Japan.

A one-year old castrated male cat was admitted to the hospital with vomiting and diarrhea. Laboratory examination revealed pancytopenia and positive for FeLV antigen. A bone marrow examination indicated necrosis of the nucleated cells. Based on these findings, the cat was diagnosed as bone marrow necrosis. Pancytopenia was effectively treated with corticosteroids. Re-examination of the bone marrow confirmed a recovery of normal hematopoietic cells with a infiltration of many macrophages. It is strongly suspected that the bone marrow necrosis in this case could be associated with a bone marrow suppression due to FeLV infection.

PMID: 10676902 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

 Suggested readings on the condition in humans


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