Scratching: A Cat’s Prerogative

Why do cats scratch? Destroy furniture your furniture on purpose may be the first thing to jump to mind. But do your furry babies really care for the state of your favourite couch or prized wood cabinet, you think?

Cat communicate, and one of the ways they do so is, surprise surprise, through scratching as this guest writer on the about cats site discovers.

But well, let’s get the basics right – why do cats scratch and how can we get them to scratch the post and leave the couch intact? The Feline Advisory Bureau sheds some fur on it:

Also refer to Recalcitrant Scratchers

(Created: 5 April 2007)


2 responses to “Scratching: A Cat’s Prerogative

  1. You spelled prerogative incorrectly.

  2. Oops! I hope that doesn’t lose us too many kibble points. How nice to have a Grammar Nazi in these remote parts.

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